20 Famous People Who Succeeded Against All Odds

Musicians who faced rejection before great success

succeeded against all odds

 16 – Elvis Aron Presley
Born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi

Elvis Presley has a legacy that lives on as “King of Rock “N” Roll”, and is now considered one of the greatest performers of all time. His charisma, talent, and larger than life attraction has never went away to this day. Elvis Presley is impersonated more than any other icon around the world with millions that try to master his image. Most fail miserably! There’s just something about Elvis Presley that moved people in an odd way. On Jan 14, 1973 Elvis performed a live broadcast from Hawaii that more people watched than when Armstrong stepped on the moon. But as a kid growing up his chances of such great fame, and success were seemingly impossible.

He was no stranger to poverty, and rejection growing up. In school he was considered a shy loner, white trash hillbilly. In 1954 Elvis auditioned to sing, only to find rejection wherever he went. He auditioned to sing for the Song fellows, and was crushed when they told him he can’t sing. Determined not to quit he auditioned for the Eddie Bond’s band and gets rejected.

Eddie Bond tells Elvis to keep driving truck  because he will never make it as a singer. At that time Sam Phillips (Owner of Sun Records) had already auditioned Elvis and was not impressed, but when Elvis joined Scotty Moore (guitarist) and Bill Black (bass player) he was interested in hearing him again.

When Elvis auditioned he was so nervous that he bombed his first few sessions. At that moment Elvis knew this was probably his last chance of recognition …. So he loosened up and started playing a 1946 blues song called “That’s Al Right” with a fast rhythm, and unique style that impresses Phillips. Within a short time this song becomes Elvis Presley’s first hit.

From there he took the world by storm, and popularized rock”n”roll, with his wild body moves, and extraordinary voice. Elvis Presley songs combined have sold more than one billion albums worldwide.

“Adversity is sometimes hard upon a man; but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity”. Elvis Presley.

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