20 Health and Wellness Affirmations For Healing

Using affirmations for healing is highly effective according to science. Especially when there’s faith, and deep emotion involved. Our words have the power to make us healthy, and happier. For this reason alone we should think more carefully before we speak. It’s hard to imagine that words have the power of life, and death: Proverbs 18: 21. We can use our tongue to build each other up, or destroy one another.

Behind every good man is usually a wife who has the capacity to love him, encourage him to do better, be better, think better, and do more than he could ever do otherwise. And behind every good wife is a husband who loves, and adores her. Both can make their spouse feel either beautiful, and whole, or unworthy, unappreciated, and useless without any physical touch at all.

Verbal abuse is horrible for those who become a victim of it. The words we speak have a detrimental effect on not only ourselves, but those around us. Encouraging words are like an antidote that brings health, and wellness back into our bones with a deep sense of well-being. Learning to use positive affirmations can literally change your life.

Affirmations for healing

There has been thousands of studies on using affirmations for healing around the world from many cultures, Here Dr Phil Shapiro explains more insights.

The science of affirmations teaches us how to send powerful positive thoughts to our conscious and subconscious minds and to the cells in our body as chemical, electrical, and magnetic waves. Through a simple maneuver involving free will and choice, we learn how to deploy our own thoughts to break through limitations, transform bad habits, turn failure into success, and activate our healing powers.

Our thoughts have leverage in the inner workings of our cells having to do with transforming disease into health. By using affirmations to cultivate spiritual qualities, we stimulate healing power. When we align our thinking with such qualities as peace, compassion, and understanding, we set up harmonious conditions for the healing power to do its work. The right condition for healing is a mere thought away.

The discovery that we are both the problem and the solution in the intimate proximity of our own minds is of enormous importance. A new level of responsibility and work is assumed when we learn how to apply the power of thought to affect any need or condition.

“Life is a battle between negative and positive forces. In the mind, this battle takes place between positive and negative thoughts. Following is a description of how practicing affirmations can help us transform our subconscious and conscious minds into a powerful, positive force”.
Dr Phil Shapiro

We do this by speaking encouraging words into our mind, body, and spirit. If you’ve never tried using affirmations for healing start practicing now. Words of encouragement can heal a broken spirit faster than any drug, or pill. When we feel depressed it affects our health. It’s the way we are designed. When we feel anxiety, and fear come over us it affects our mind, body, and overall health. That’s why it’s so important to speak positive words over life, and your family.

Health and wellness affirmations

“Here are a few things to do for comfort”.

  • Find the most comfortable place to relax.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Read slowly, and repetitious.
  • Focus on the words.
  • Develop a new habit of using affirmations every day.

Affirmations are an effective way to restore your mind, body, and spirit. “Applying positive words to your inner being has been scientifically proven to help our health, and well being when used properly”.

20 Affirmations to heal 

  1. I have complete power over my health, wellness, and well-being.
  2. Daily in every way, I’m feeling more energetic and restored.
  3. I have the energy, vitality. and willpower to live a healthy whole life.
  4. I am healthy in every aspect of my being.
  5. I have complete power over my mind, body, and spirit.
  6. My energy vibrates radiant light, love, and power.
  7. My personal power is in complete harmony with my health, and wellness.
  8. I embrace my new vibrant body with joy, and gladness.
  9. I know my health is being completely restored back to its original state.
  10. I am calm, composed, and confident about my health.
  11. Every single moment that passes, I’m feeling better, stronger, and healthier.
  12. I am relaxed, centered, and refreshed in my present state of mind.
  13. I’m healthy, happy, and transformed.
  14. I give myself permission to heal.
  15. I’m filled with energy to do all my daily activities.
  16. I love and care for my body, and my body cares for me.
  17. My health is excellent, and I am perfectly fit.
  18. I have abundant energy, vitality, and a great sense of well-being.
  19. I know my life is in God’s power of grace and restoration.
  20. I am now increasing all levels of energy – mentally, physically.

Using affirmations for healing

Start using these affirmations every day and claim your right to be healthy and whole. Then be grateful for your healing. For example:

“I am so grateful for my health and wellness , and for the life that I now have”.

Practicing health and wellness affirmations can  improve self esteem, happiness , and encourage a positive way to handle illness conditions. We can speak healing into our body, mind, and spirit.

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