3 Ways to Get Rich Systematically

Taking time out to get rich is a secret that most never experience. Time is something we can never get back, or change. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you do what you do everyday? Is it working? Or are you just spinning in circles hoping for the best and getting nowhere. When we take timeout to think about the direction of our life it can be a wake up call.

The only point of power we have to make positive change is now. The question is are you ready? The answer depends on your desire. When we get to a place where nothing seems to work, or we feel disconnected from our work it could be a sign that some changes are needed. Taking time out to think, and clear the mind can do wonders when you feel stressed, and unsure about your next move.

In order to win big in life  we must learn to focus on what we want instead of constantly absorbed in what we don’t want. We must have a vision, dream, or deep desire with a relentless organized plan to succeed in whatever we set out to do. This pursuit, or plan should also help other people succeed, as well as yourself. Ask yourself what’s influencing your fears….or holding you back? This can cause an inward shift in your thinking. It is a powerful transition to go from rags to riches. To go from barely getting by paycheck to paycheck to making more money than you ever dreamed. This is where a new life can be decided, and changes will be necessary.

Evaluating your life is the starting point for new beginnings. Taking time out of your busy schedule to think, and gain a new perspective can bring more quality, and purpose into your projects, and your family life,  among many other things. For example your happiness, health, relationships, friends, business/careers, and hobbies.

Time is constantly in motion turning, and changing everything within us, and around us. We have no power to slow it down or manipulate it, but we can use it wisely. Taking a step back in life, and consciously opening our eyes and heart makes us see things that should have been so obvious before. Sounds weird, and bizarre but this knowledge of time, and change holds some core principles to get rich. 

“All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination; Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.”  Napoleon Hill.

1. Get rich with absolute certainty

Is there truly a systematic way get rich with absolute certainty? You can’t change time but you can change the way you use it. Most people are uncomfortable with change even though it’s desperately needed for a better life. Before anything can change on the outside change must first take place on the inside. The part of us that wants to succeed must overcome the part of us that wants to do nothing.

Average people only dream to get rich. Then they get distracted, and caught up in the noise of everyday life. You have to grow to expand your life to new horizons. And even though growing pains are necessary they are not comfortable. It’s like going to the gym exercising muscles you never knew you had. The natural thing for all of us is to look at outward circumstances instead of inward potential. It’s great to get motivated, but without an avenue, or systematic way forward success becomes unlikely. We must get past the hype, make positive changes, and systematically use time to get ahead, to get rich, and make ourselves successful,

2. Take time out to think big

To think big and believe anything is possible sounds unrealistic to several people. Maybe even “wishful thinking”. But what truly causes success? At a passive glance it seems obvious but it’s not. Imagine the possibilities if both your conscious mind, and your unconscious mind worked together seamlessly as an organized synchronized system granting you the ability to use parts your mind you’ve never used before.

After years of careful case study the most popular answers are far from the truth. The reasons drove Napoleon Hill on a twenty year journey to find answers. What was found had nothing to do with being smarter or working harder than anyone else. These successful entrepreneurs simply had a belief level with systematic elements of time, knowledge, and action working together systematically which enabled success.

It’s not a matter of luck that takes people from rags to riches, but an unstoppable belief. Most average people go through life being creatures of habit not searching whats desperately needed in life. Many have a hard time believing that opportunities, and possibilities are within their reach.

Even small changes could add major benefits in life. Taking time out to figure out what you want can bring new ideas, innovation, and hope back from the dead. This is what separates the rich from the poor many times over.

We only use 5% of our brain’s capacity to think so there’s untapped treasure in our mind. Successful entrepreneurs have a track record! They take time out to think big, and believe it’s possible. There is a power to change and get rich systematically.

3. Develop a deliberate mindset

Getting rich requires a deliberate mindset. Studies show, that an “average person employed” spends more time “planning their vacation” than getting out of debt. Yet hundreds of millions are spent every year on motivational seminars or anything else that would bring breath and new hope back in people’s lives.

Inspiration without understanding time, knowledge, and action is like an inflated balloon that reaches a certain altitude and pops. People have disappointments, and lost dreams because they only had part of the equation. Take some time out of your busy schedule and plan to get rich with deliberate systematical precision.

The opportunities are endless and it’s never too late to start using time wisely: make some adjustments, and put together a life plan blueprint for a new direction.


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