The 5 Habits of People Who Win In Life

 Do you consider yourself to be a winner in life, or a loser? Contrary to popular perceptions winning has nothing to do with luck. Below are the 5 habits that separate winners from losers along with some practical techniques that will position you to win in life.

  (1) Learn to win without compromise

People who win in life never compromise their character for gain. From early on we develop a competitive nature to win big in everything we do. This inner drive is what compels us to reach higher, and push harder whether it’s in sports, having fun, or serious business. We all want to win, but how do we define true winners?  Is it standing in the spot light with a trophy, or standing behind your values without recognition even when it hurts.

When we have to compromise who we are to win we will lose everything in the end.  This is perhaps one of the greatest lessons to consider before putting these powerful techniques below into action.  Always stay true to yourself, and others regardless of the cost, and you will win more in life than you ever thought possible.

(2) Increase your win factor

There is a universal law that increases the win factor enormously. Most of us growing up were not taught to consider the law of probability. We were taught to think more in terms of alternatives. If you don’t do this you won’t get that.  Don’t eat your vegetables, and you will not get dessert. These concepts teach us to be responsible, and that there’s a reward at the end of the rainbow.

The problem is these same concepts carry over into habitual thinking patterns as adults, and put limitations on everything we do. We think in order to win in life we have to punish our-selves. The gold is always on the other side of the rainbow, and never on the journey along the way. These concepts are flawed at best, and very deceitful.

To increase your win factor realize that the probability is not about how lucky you are, or how much pain your willing to put yourself through to win. It’s about mastering the ability to think, act, and react to your daily circumstances. This is what puts the success factor in your favor.

(3) Use the law of probability

The law of probability takes a complete different approach than just alternatives. With probability winning becomes more of a science than luck, or sacrifice. You can master winning with precision using strategies where you’re most likely to come out ahead. This means that with all probability you can win in life by putting the odds in your favor.

There is a cause, and effect to every thought, and action we do, which creates both positive and negative results. This determines whether we lose or win in life. One of the most powerful ways to increase probability is through energy. Yes energy.

Our entire mental, physical, and spiritual state is all produced by energy. It takes energy to think, move, and breathe. The martial art expert takes the energy from their opponent and uses it to win. Your opponent is your mind, and your mind holds the key to an extraordinary life. It takes just as much energy to be negative about your life as it does to be positive.

If we have to think to survive we might as well use the energy to work in our favor. Positive energy is everything if you want to win in life. It brings health, hope, and success into everything we do.  It also puts the win factor in our favor with all probability.

(4) Form habits of a winner

There are two habits that both winners, and losers do that keep them on the opposite side of life. People who lose in life usually have a habit of magnifying their problems. People who win find solutions to their problems, and view the problem as something that enables them to do things better the next time around. This habit takes negative energy (problems) and uses it to become stronger, smarter, and more efficient.

The habit of solving problems helps build self- confidence, while increasing the probability to win in life. Winners do it now: Successful People have a habit of getting things done now. This habit helps eliminate problems while making things happen systematically which ultimately makes them successful.

People who lose in life are procrastinators, and usually have all the time in the world to do nothing. This is what creates insecurities, depression, and feelings of hopelessness. If you want better results start doing things that you’ve put off for a long time. Start planning each day with tasks you want to accomplish. Do whatever it takes to get things done now. The habit of now will put the law of probability in your favor.

Winners have a habit of being accountable. When you study the lives of successful people you will find that many have a tendency to hold themselves completely accountable for whatever happens in their life.  If you want to win in life then make your thoughts, and actions accountable to you only.

This will position your life for more happiness and success. Accountability puts you in complete control regardless of the outcome. When you’re not in control of your life you have no authority over what happens to you which means your powerless. The habit of accountability is a huge factor that separates winners from losers.

 (5) Develop the art of strategy

Developing a strategy that works is an art that’s not always easy to master. Successful people usually develop skill-sets shrouded around a strategy. They fine tune their strategy with consistency until eventually something works. They are willing to fail over, and over, until they find something that takes them to the next level. Once this happens it elevates them to newer strategies that make them successful.

Winners are not easily discouraged from obstacles. In fact some of their most successful investments started out as an obstacle. They learn to take negative energy (obstacles) and make it work in their favor.  Losers usually never have a strategy, or simply quit before it has a chance to work. Not all strategies work, but finding the ones that do is an art that people who win in life learn to master.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is how do you define a winner? Is it to have more money, cars, and a fancy lifestyle, or to be a better mom, dad, husband, or wife? Maybe it’s to grow closer to God. Maybe it’s all of the above. Having money does not always make you a winner, nor does being poor. Being a winner is when you can look inside your-self and know you’re doing your best for your family, others, and yourself.


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