7 Things You Should Do to Improve Your Life

When you factor in the top reasons to improve your life where do you end up? Usually it’s money, relationships, or some big dream you’ve put off for years. If you’re anything like most people, you don’t make a conscious effort to prepare for each day. You grudgingly roll out of bed, shower, eat breakfast, and head off to work. All your actions are automatic, and come natural from years of repetitious, doing the same thing over and over. You don’t have to think about your next step because you’ve done it a thousand times before.

While routines can make our lives easier, they can also prevent us from growing, and experiencing new ways of doing things. For this reason many choose a life of mediocrity, and never realize their full potential. Overtime their childhood dreams begin to fade, and reality sets in as they learn to tolerate a life they hate. Here are 7 steps that you can do “now” to improve your life.  

#1- Live in the now 

It’s hard to imagine that most of us are so preoccupied that we never learn to live in the present moment. All our life we are taught to put off happiness for another time at another place. We constantly seek fulfillment in people, places, and things. When we are not present we lose focus on what really matters.  Living in the “now” will dramatically boost your happiness, and sharpen your focus. It brings fresh ideas, and a deep rich quality of living that can only improve your life in every way.

Living in the moment naturally makes us more empathetic, and compassionate for people. We can actually hear what their saying without being preoccupied over the next words out of our mouth.  Developing this new skill will cause peoples trust factor, and perception of you to elevate.  They will love and trust you with their life. This is the first step to improve your life. Take time to smell the coffee, and learn to enjoy every moment that you have breathe. I highly recommend reading: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  Learn the art of living in the now.

# 2- Find your passion

Many people go through their whole life, and never find their true passion. Without a passion life becomes tasteless with no meaning. People who never find their passion usually don’t get far in life.  If you haven’t found your passion in life there’s several things you can do to find it. Sometimes our passion is hidden in layers of the past. What did you love doing in the past that you are not doing now? Another way to find your passion is to take time to test your life, and the direction it’s going. Are you moving toward things you love,  or are you drifting farther away. You need passion to fuel the energy it takes to live out your purpose. Without a passion it’s will be much harder to improve your life.

#3- Set goals

Once you have a passion you’re ready to start setting some realistic goals. Staying motivated is not always easy. Even people who have achieved great success find it hard at times to stay motivated on their goals. Setting goals allows you to fix your mind on a single idea. Something you truly want to do. Here are some areas to help set some goals: relationships, career, finances, friends, health, self-esteem, appearance, possessions, recreation, travel, spirituality, accountability, and personal growth.

Determine exactly what you want and make it time bound. Your mind will do its magic when there’s a deadline attached to your goals. Always make sure your goals are relevant with any particular goal. Your goals may cost you your friends, respect from family members, and even your sanity at times. If goals are not realistic, or relevant you will never get past these barriers. If you want to  improve your life learn the art of making goals happen successfully.

#4- Dream big 

Without a dream your day-to-day life will be more about survival than success. On the other hand any dream worth having will always come with challenges. Either way everyone pays their dues in life. If you’re going to pay your dues you might as well make the best of it. In other words learn to dream big even though there are challenges that come with it.

Let’s face it there are times when things don’t work out as planned, but that doesn’t mean we give up on our dream. You take past mistakes and learn from them so each time you’re faced with new challenges you’re more equipped to do things better, smarter, and efficient the next time around. This is the exact method that successful entrepreneurs have used throughout history. Having a dream is the foundation principle to happiness, success, and an amazing life. Do everything in your power to develop a dream, and it improve your life in every way imaginable.

#5- Reward your-self

Life is a busy place, and when we don’t take time out to reward our-selves we become less enthusiastic,and more robotic.  The best way to solve this problem is to start providing yourself with gifts to enjoy.  If you work on commissions set aside 15% to splurge on yourself. This might sound like bad advice, but think again. By encouraging yourself to make more money you become richer, which motivates you to succeed. We should take care of our-selves mentally, physically, and emotionally so life is more tolerable, fun, and joyful. Rewarding yourself is a great way to improve your life, and spice things up a bit. You don’t have to buy a yacht. Sometimes a great movie with someone you love is perfect.

#6- Let it go

Simply learn to let go, and let it happen. This is one of the best things you can do to improve your life. This is not about letting go of responsibilities, but the things you just can’t control. For example not every person is going to like you. Learn to except what you can’t change, and do your best in what you can. Let go of bitterness, hatred, and regret, and life will be a much better place to live. Not for the one who did you wrong, but for yourself. When we try to force things on people everything we do creates friction. We attract what we focus on.

With a goal you’re attached to the outcome. You measure your progress with determination to meet your objections. When you let go you detach yourself from the outcome, and focus your attention on being happy, alive, and alert, regardless of the outcome. Letting go will keep you incomplete control of your life whether you succeed or not.

#7- Learn the art of happiness

One of the most effective ways to happiness is gratefulness. There’s a deep yearning for happiness in us all that money just simply can’t buy. The art of happiness is to live present, and be grateful for everything. No matter who you are there’s always something you can be grateful for. As long as we measure our happiness with our stuff it will always be limited.

Make your happiness internal  regardless of your surroundings or circumstance. Focus on nothing except what you want your life. Then meditate on it day, and night. Happiness is a choice that we all can make in our life. The more we try to buy happiness the more obvious it becomes that no amount of money will fulfill our true desires. These seven things will improve your life , and bring more happiness, and success then you can imagine.

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