7 Ways to Increase Your Mind Power

Increasing your mind power can open up a whole new world you never knew existed. How many energies are there in the mind of man that we have yet to discover? The mind is man’s most mysterious wonder with untapped energy, power,  and imagination.

mind power

The greatest think tanks in history have marveled the inconceivable capacity to uncover them all. Imagine the limitless potential you would have if you could harness the infinite sources of your mind. Your life would suddenly take on new meaning with new ideas, and endless possibilities that would transform a new way to think. Here’s seven things you can do to increase your mind power.

#1 – Sharpen your focus

Everything your mind sees in the physical elements are made up of energy. Here’s the good news. When you focus on your desires with certainty it creates a powerful energy source that manifests these desires into reality.

This determines the outcome of your life. The bad news is our point of focus can also work against us. This is why it’s so important to use your mind power correctly. There is a law that is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow morning. Just remember when you change the way you look at things the things you look at will also change. Your mind power holds the secrets to everything you need.

These are the laws of God in the universe and they are accurate, dependable, and never fail. What you focus on will bring both positive and negative results with precise accuracy. The creative mind has no limitations, and because of this the possibilities in your life are limitless.

#2 – Remove limitations 

We are the only one’s who put limitations on our life. These limitations originated from childhood, and society which conditioned the mind to believe what it can and cannot do. When you’re not aware of this you can easily set up road blocks and limitations around every corner of your life unintentionally. Your mind is energy.

Every thought you think releases energy, and manifests your daily circumstances in real-time. Our mind has the capacity to think things into existence. It’s as sure as gravity! Your mind has the power to create the life you focus on by design. So remove any doubt, fear, and anxiety from your mind by focusing more on what you want in life, rather than what you don’t want. ( below is more details on exactly how to do this)

#3 – Use your mind power intelligently

Increasing your mind power can be a double edged sword if not done properly. Everything we need or desire already exist, but not everything is beneficial. Many people will spend a lifetime trying to fit circles into squares and wonder why nothing works out.

The laws of the universe never fails! You can’t keep planting lemons and expect oranges.When you only know how to use a hammer everything starts to look like a nail. Increase your mind with wisdom, and intelligence so you can really help others, and create the life you truly want.

mind power

#4 – Don’t be a victim of circumstance

When we become a victim of circumstance it takes away our power and energy to create a better life for ourselves. Many of us can’t see the connection between our thoughts and our circumstance. This makes things seem that they just happen by chance without understanding we are the cause.

#5 – Take charge of your life

Accountability is a positive transition because it puts you in charge of your life. When you’re not in charge of your life you have no authority over what happens to you which means you’re powerless.

What good is it to have all the tools and techniques to better yourselves without the power and authority to use them? Take action now to be accountable regardless of the positive or negative results. This will put you in the driver seat, while giving you complete access to a more powerful mind tools with energetic life.

#6 – Speak positive words into your mind

The words we speak influence our limitations, self-confidence, and overall life. Your words stems from your thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has power of life or death and those who love it will eat from its fruit.

What’s the solution? Simple! Choose your words wisely because you are designed to speak things into existence.

You can either choose life or death with what comes out of your mouth. This is another powerful tool that once mastered puts you in control of your life.

Try to speak words that strengthen you, and others in your life.


#7 – Focus on what you want in life

Focus your mind to see the positive side of things instead of the negative. This takes practice if you’re conditioned with negative thought patterns. Our words are more powerful than we think. This is why speaking positive words into our life are so effective.

mind power

You can also use affirmations to speak positive words over your children, and your marriage. If you do this you’ll be amazed at the results. Make a new habit of repeating these positive affirmations below before going to bed. You will start to notice a change within 2 or 3 days when done properly.

I am in control of every aspect of my life.

I draw abundance to myself and others.

I’m successful in whatever I do.

I am now altering my life for the better.

Each day I’m developing new and positive habits.

I am forever thankful to finally be free from negative habits.

My mind is at peace.

I’m now perfectly healthy in my body, mind, and spirit.

Each day I’m drawing closer to my desires.

I have the will and the energy to do all the things I love.

I’m at perfect peace with myself and others.

I’ve all levels of energy – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Everyday I’m feeling more energetic and enthusiastic about my life.

 Final thoughts

Make a list of everything you would like your life to be. Then appreciate it as if it already exists. The universe will work in your favor when you use your mind to better yourself, and the world around you.