7 Ways to Put Your Dreams Into Action

Anyone who is willing to put their dreams into action with intensity, and consistency will experience success in whatever they set out to achieve. The problem is that many of us spend more time talking about them then acting upon them. After careful research I’ve realized a pattern between those that experience their dreams, and those that don’t. So I’ve decided to uncover some key principles that many successful people have used for centuries. Maybe your dreams seem unattainable because like many you’ve tried and failed at many things in your life. You’re not alone. Most highly successful people failed miserably before obtaining success. How bad do you really want your dreams to manifest in your life? The answer will likely determine your success in whatever you do. Here are seven tips & techniques below to put your dreams into action.

 1 – Define your dream

Those who never define a dream will not get very far. Not because they don’t have the talent, but because they don’t have the direction. It takes direction to get somewhere. If you drive a car in circles eventually you run out of gas. Without clarity it makes it much harder to develop the determination it takes to put your dreams into action. If you don’t have a dream then make it your passion to find one. Without a dream life becomes repetitious, boring, and meaningless.

This makes it easy to give up on yourself, others, and any hopes to achieve your dreams. In fact the power of a dream is only possible when it is so definite, so determined, that nothing can withstand it. Anything less is only fabricated wishful thinking. This means our will to do any certain dream, must overpower the will to do nothing.

When a dream is half-hearted, it becomes a sugar high emotion that can never become a reality. Wishful thinking only weakens your inner power potential to win. It is one of the leading factors for frustration, confusion, and  shallow dreams that can never sustain the determination to obtain positive results. Defining exactly what you want makes it much easier to put your dreams into action.

2 – Avoid negative people

When your exited about a dream don’t expect others to have the same enthusiasm. Have some wisdom, and avoid as much as possible negative influence. This means people, places, and things that cause you to feel emotionally drained.

If certain people drag you down make an effort to avoid them. Overall try to shift your activities and relationships so you spend more time with those you feel good around.

Prepare yourself mentally to ignore negative feedback from all types of people. Store your dreams in a safe place within your mind. This is a private place only you have access to. No one can open it or close it. Only you know the combination. One big reason many fail their dreams is because they listen to negative people going nowhere in life. Learn to protect your dreams like a Mama Bear protecting her cubs at all cost.

3 – Develop the desire to win

Put your dreams into action by developing a relentless desire to win. Everyone knows that the most successful people are extremely motivated, and posses that strong inner desire it takes to achieve any goal. For average people it’s a lot harder to keep that same level of intensity. They go through certain times in their lives where they find themselves in a rut with a loss desire to achieve a certain goal.

Desire is a huge factor for success in every ambition we have in life. Without desire there is no need to set goals, or have a plan of action. Without a deep rooted desire any goal we have is dead on arrival. It simply will not happen. Here’s a few examples below on how to develop a desire to win.

  • Develop your dream life: What do you desire for your life right now? How strong these desires are will determine your success, or failure in what you do. When we decide to abandon certain dreams there’s usually an unintentional consequence we don’t anticipate.  I’ll explain this a little more in detail. The result of weak desires is a life of poverty with no reflection of our true potential. The good news…our desires can still develop us to win, no matter how many times we’ve failed. But it’s easy to overlook the fact that our success, or failure in anything we do also impacts those around us. Weak desires produce weak results not only in our life, but in our family’s as well.
  • Put consequence behind your desires: Whenever you have a particular dream, always put reason, and consequence behind it. What will be the result for me, and my family if I don’t accomplish this dream? When you put consequence, behind a dream something magical happens. You become determined. This is one of the core principles in creating the power of a dream. When you put consequence behind your desires to win, you will put your dreams into action like never before.

 4 – Awaken your mind

You may not know it, but there’s a sleeping giant within you that can move mountains, and make your life a lot easier to manage. This powerful giant is your mind, and you are the boss … your mind is designed to never fail you: it only creates the life you tell it.

Your mind has the capacity to put your dreams into action with precision, but only you can awaken its power. How we think determines how successful our mind will carry out any command we give it. So, if you want to make positive things happen awaken the sleeping giant within you.

5 – Focus on positive energy

Positive energy is what makes any dream a reality. Without this energy we can easily experience discouragement, frustration, and ultimate failure in our life. Thinking positive shapes how we see the world, how we make decisions, and how we feel about those decisions at the end of the day. When we’re negative it makes achieving goals pure torment, and drains us from any hopes of success. We need the power, and energy in our mind to work for us, and not against us. Here are some examples to create positive energy.

  • Meditate, and pray: When you pray, and meditate focus your thoughts on God. Don’t give your power to things that pull you back. Fix your mind, body, and spirit to God who is the  source of love. light, and power.
  • Focus on the positive: When you focus on the positive you create the kind of energy people want. It improves your personality, character, and your charisma. You become like a drop of water in a thirsty land. Fix your focus on positive things, and you will begin to speak, act, and believe in ways you never imagined. Positive energy is contagious, and it attracts more relationships, resources, and money into your life. It reinforces the strength you need to put your dreams into action, and never look back.When you learn to focus your mind with positive energy your inspiration will become a light to the world.

6 – Avoid mediocrity

Mediocrity is what causes people to be complacent; only do enough to survive, never exert a challenge, or discipline themselves to change, learn, and advance in self development. Mediocrity is one of the biggest reasons average people struggle to experience a better life.

Often, when we think we won’t do something, we give ourselves excuses for losing. We tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter if we don’t lose the weight now. We can lose it next year. Or it doesn’t matter if we don’t get that promotion. We’ll figure out some other way to scrape that extra money we need to make ends meet.  This is what mediocrity will do to people. Instead of pushing harder to carry out their dreams, they prepare themselves for what they see as probable failure. Here is the best way to rise above mediocrity.

  • Make excuses to win: Instead of making excuses to lose, start making excuses to win. Tell yourself why your dreams are going to happen, and winning is not an option. Avoiding a mediocrity mind-set makes it much easier to talk yourself into success every time. Start making excuses to win, and you will find it a lot easier to put your dreams action.

7 – Have a plan of action

When all the dust settles without action your dreams will not be accomplished. On the same token when action plans are not clear, defined, and detailed it makes room for failure. As you already know failure is only success in progress. Yet  a detailed plan of action will  help bring success easier, and faster in an organized way.      What is the most important thing “now” in your life? Whatever it is already exists! You just need to plug into the power source, and detail your action plan. Here is one some example:

  • Make your action plan definite: Fix your mind on exactly what you want to achieve. The more detailed your action plan is the more your brain can process ideas, creativity, and organization. Write down a specific dream you have with a clear detailed plan of action. If you need more money… Do not write…. I need more money. Your brain will only process exact increments. Be definite to the exact penny, and attach a dead line to it. This will put your goals into action. Start at once, whether your ready or not.  You will make mistakes, but the life you desire to have can’t happen until you take action.

 Final thoughts

Enjoy your life and take things as they come. Never get discouraged if you don’t meet expectations at first. Several people go their entire life, and never define their dreams, so your already ahead of most. When you connect your dreams with your mind things will happen faster. So hold on, take control of your life, and put your dreams into action.

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