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Archie’s Bio – Site Mission

“The Purpose Of This Site Is To Solve Hard Problems, Provide Real Solutions, And Create Content That Really Matters. 



Hello I’m Archie Manley Site Author, and Business owner. Even though I run this site it’s not about me, it’s about us, and our journey toward a better life. Years ago I realized how hard success would be if changes were not made first in my life. Originally my interest in personal development was for business, but soon afterwards it became my passion when a few small changes brought such amazing results. I’ve always been an all in or nothing type of guy. So any form of balance was never in my DNA from early on.

By my early twenties I was a full blown seven day a week workaholic thinking that happiness was for some future time. I was habitually becoming more, and more obsessed with my work spending less time with my family while losing sight of the things that mattered most to me.

Then something happened that changed my entire life. I was driving to work one day when suddenly my mind, and my body started shutting down. I felt as though I was literally dying as I pulled over on the side of the road. I had reached a breaking point (emotional breakdown) after years of stress finally took its toll. After this experience I decided to change my life, and go a new direction.

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Life Changer

So I quit my management position after 19 years of service for another that paid a lot less, and re-established my relationship with my family. I learned to put priorities where they belong, and rebuilt my life from the ground up. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Within a few years I was making 4 times more money then at my old job with less time, and energy. I learned new skills that we’re small at first, but became significant over time. It was the small daily improvements that brought staggering long term results. Here’s how it happened.

Books & Mentors

I made it my aim to read several books in personal development early on to enhance my business presentation as a builder in the housing industry. Most of my clients we’re all multi-millionaires so I needed more than a cheesy sales pitch to land the bigger jobs. This would require me to develop more people skills, and become more likable, and approachable.

As a result I rubbed shoulders for many years with some of the wealthiest people you can imagine learning how they think, act, talk, and make decisions. Even though many became personal friends of mine I’ve always wanted to know what sets them apart from most other people that struggle financially. So I studied them like a science project, and put together some formulas they taught me to use in my spare time. These formulas worked so well for me that making money became more of a sport then true personal achievement. Yes it’s important to make money, but it’s not everything.

Money Master

I heard someone say that money is not important until you don’t have any. There is some truth to that statement however learning to master money instead of money mastering you is not a bad thing to learn. Personal Development is not about how rich, or poor you are …  but about reaching your full potential as a human being.

If you think about it the most important things in our life have little to do with money. When we have tunnel vision about money we only see dollar signs …. without reminding ourselves that intangible things like love, joy, gratitude, and a sound mind far outweighs anything that money can buy.

There’s nothing wrong with making lots of money as long as we’re the master. Many of the money making principles taught on this site can make you a fortune. I know because they’ve worked well for me for many years now.

The reason I started this blog – Personal Development For Successful Lifestyles – was to share knowledge that can save a lifetime of heartache, and pain.

The Goal

” The Goal Is to Help You Understand Yourself At a Deeper Level While Moving You Closer To Your Dreams”.

Personal Development Topics

Below are some topics that you may find helpful. 

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