Happiness – the power of NOW

Focusing on the things that create more happiness 


Living a happy life is not always easy. The driving force behind everything we do is for happiness in some way or another. Yet as humans we seem to perpetually push happiness off in another place, at some other time. As a result  it’s easy to focus on things that cause stress, anxiety, and fear instead of the things that make us feel good.

Whatever we choose to focus on shifts our energy. When we choose to focus on something we love, our energy becomes more loving and positive. When we choose to focus on bad things our energy shifts towards the negative. We are permanently modulating our energy through what choices we make to focus on.

Living Happy Now

When you think about it “NOW” is the only moment of power that we have to be happy. All hopes for the future, and memories of the past only exists now. We develop thought patterns early on to find happiness in another time at some other place. When we turn 10 we can’t wait to be a teenager. Then at 13 we can’t wait to drive a car. When were old enough to drive we can’t wait to move out and get a place of our own.

When we move out we can’t wait to buy our first home. Then when we turn 50 or 60 we wish we could go back in time and do things differently. This mentality is always putting happiness off for another time and place. They keep people living for a future time instead of embracing the life they now have….. the living power of “now” this very moment. Once we learn to embrace every moment …. We Awaken … Everything around us, and within us begins to come alive, and change for the better.

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There’s a deep craving in us all for satisfaction, and we are willing to go to extreme measures to find it. Below are some topics to help your journey toward happiness.