Overcoming fear is what brings freedom, hope, and inspiration back into the bones. Once fear is removed a new power, and confidence from within can help us recreate the life we’ve always wanted to live.

Developing the Art of Self-Confidence

Learning the art of self-confidence can actually make you healthier, happier, and more successful. You will build better relationships, have more money, energy, and enthusiasm. These are only a few of the benefits that are available when we overcome our fears, and grow in self-confidence. There is a way that leads to a positive life filled with purpose, expectation,  and happiness.

Growing more self-confidence in life   

Before we can grow more self-confidence we have to be willing to face our true colors. If we ignore feelings of low self-esteem eventually it can sabotage our identity, affect our personality, and leave us empty with no purpose in life. The root cause is usually traced to social conditioned fear from early on. Fear of failure … fear of others … fear of our-self, and fear of facing the truth.

You might think this is a psychological disorder few face, but think again. Studies have now shown that most people simply don’t like themselves, not to mention have the self-confidence to overcome many of the fears we all face. Here are some simple tips to grow more self-confidence,

  • Make yourself more accountable: Becoming accountable for every action we take is not always easy. But when we do something happens in our lives. We become more powerful. Otherwise we become a victim of circumstance, lose our authority, and blame others for our mistakes. Accountability is what puts us in the driver’s seat of our life, and establishes much better self-image.
  • Embrace the power of change: If you find yourself going in circles getting nowhere it maybe time to evaluate your career, relationships, friends, and so on. When our actions are moving us farther away from what we truly want it’s time to make some positive changes in our life. If not eventually our actions will lower our self-confidence because deep down we know it’s time for a new direction. The power of change is in our own hand, and we can choose to use it at anytime.

Practice failing forward

The fear of failure is something we all have to face at some point in our lives. Playing it safe usually never brings out the extraordinary potential inside us. Failure is really only practice for those who learn from their mistakes.

Our failures sharpen us: make us do things better, faster, and a whole lot smarter the next time around. In fact people willing to fail increase their probability of success. That’s right … Any great achievement can only be done through many failures. Overcoming our failures is not an easy task, but when the mind sees only possibilities nothing can stop it. As a result we can use failure as a stepping stone to move us forward with each lesson we learn. 

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful”.  Paul Sweeney

Overcome fear with courage

What keeps people from rising above mediocrity, and making positive changes? It takes courage to look inside and admit that some form of fear has caused us to play it safe. Developing more self confidence also helps you overcome the fear of rejection, because you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Here’s a few tips below.

  • Don’t fear being wrong: People who fear being wrong are usually not decision makers at work, or at home. So being right, or wrong has nothing to do with your ability to make smart choices. But your confidence level plays a huge roll in how you make decisions. When you develop enough self-confidence to face being wrong once in awhile it’s not always a bad thing.
  • Recognize when fear dominates your life: Fear is very subtle, and hard to detect. It’s victims seldom know the root cause. They don’t realize that it’s their fear that has robbed them of joy, and happiness their entire life. To overcome fear we must have the courage to recognize the areas in our lives where it has dominated our thoughts, actions, and decisions.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong”. Peter T. McIntyre.

Improving your body language

Your confidence is a mindset that people notice immediately. Our thought patterns dominate our every move including our body language. Whether you know it or not your body language sends off signals what kind of person you are to those around you. They can easily determine your level of self-confidence by the way you walk, talk, and act.

Personally I feel more comfortable doing business with a self-confident person over someone who’s withdrawn, nervous, or unsure of themselves. But even those with these characteristics can improve their body language, and completely turn their confidence around. How? By changing the way they think about themselves. Our thought patterns are like a mirror that reflects our self image.

Our body language speaks louder than words. Anyone who wants to improve their body language outwardly can only do so when that invisible mirror (our thoughts) reflects a confident person inwardly. Self-confidence is a mindset that alters our self development, and personal success  in everything we do.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius.

Developing self-confidence over arrogance

What does self confidence, and arrogance have in common? Absolutely nothing. Many mistakenly think of self-confidence as self-centered arrogance when actually the opposite is true. Without confidence you deprive yourself of your potential which is what your family needs most. People who are arrogant have a need to brag about themselves with insecurities that are trapped in fear. But a confident person knows who they are inwardly, and has no need, or desire to brag about themselves.

Having inner confidence is relaxing not tense. It feels natural, comfortable, and easy when you’re confident about yourself.  Arrogance causes pressure with a need for attention and exaltation. Does this sound like self-confidence to you? With inner confidence you won’t need to impress people or pretend to be someone you’re not.

Unleash the power within you

Unleash the power within, and embrace a better youPower is not always money or position. There is a power within you that can create the life you’ve always dreamed, but first you must harness it, and then learn to master it.  This is where the impossible becomes possible, and  imagination ignites a dream. Once you have a vision in your mind, and a deep desire to make it a reality nothing will stand in your way including fear. Once you master these skills you’ll be able to create any life you desire, and become unstoppable.

How Critical Thinking Can Overcome Fear & Social Conditioning

Why is it that some are able to create any life they desire, while others don’t dare? When fear is removed real purpose can begin to flourish in the heart, and mind of anyone who desires a better life.  The problem is that fear is very subtle, and not always easy to detect. Only when we recognize the source of our fears can we rise above mediocrity.  

Are You a Critical thinker, or Average Joe?

Critical thinkers can usually pinpoint fear tactics, swayed agendas, and the sources behind them immediately. Unfortunately the average Joe can’t.  Anyone who wants to rise above the norm must first recognize social engineering methods, and fear tactics that have been used to control societies for centuries. Before a Surgeon can remove a tumor he/she must first find the source.  For example what do you put in your mind everyday? Is it building your life up or creating fear and anxiety? These are important questions that we all need to ask ourselves.

The corporate media have a lot of power, and use it to create fear. Create the problem then market the solution. They do this to people who are not very smart. You really can’t blame them because they are putting out what sells. Many fall victim because they can’t discern what is being processed in their minds from reality. This is why becoming a critical thinker can be a great asset to your life. The ability to think, and discern can improve self-confidence while putting things under more scrutiny. Not everything we read, or hear about is true.

The average thinker does not realize from elementary school onward they’ve been conditioned to think a certain way.  They are never taught to be a critical thinker. The good news is it’s never too late to reverse this, and recreate you life story.

Learning to think beyond social conditioning & the media

There is a powerful agenda designed specifically to create a society that can’t think on its own. Once this is understood it’s easy to spot from the educational system, to governments and corrupt politics who craft laws bought and designed to control most of the world’s banking industries.

These same power structures own most of the media and no longer tolerate true journalism regardless of political party. This is not saying that all people who are in these industries are bad people! It’s saying that several are restricted from the sacred duty to humanity to present truth and not stretched exaggerations. They are being used as puppets that heed the master’s call. People can be manipulated without even knowing it.

Powers in high places

These powers are in high places with tentacles in every area of society. The structure is not crafted to have informed people able to think outside the philosophical framework. The information is now designed to bend perceptions toward the ideology they envision. This purpose is to distract you and create fear at all cost. Why? Because when a society is consumed with fear it can be manipulated and controlled easily. Fear is never satisfied until it has ultimate power over your mind, body, and soul.

The media is only a small part of this overall corruption. The design is very complex and subtle for average thinkers to discern. The worst enemy to these powerful agendas is critical thinkers who understand schemes and don’t embrace fabricated deceptions being created every day. We should all become better  critical thinkers , so we see right through fear tactics with a deep desire, and conviction to win the fight of humanity.

How to turn fear into freedom

When your mind is freed from the physiologically engineered deceptions that control every part of society you will begin to heal. This is your birth right as a human being.  To heal, and break free from the clutches of merciless fear. This is what separates a critical thinker from average thinkers. You have the power to free your mind from fear and live a happy life despite all the negative doom and gloom going on around you.

This requires a new way to think, and replaces old destructive thought patterns with new thoughts that free the mind of physiological prison held captive. Once fear is removed the shackles come off, and you can now experience the life you always needed.

Avoid outside influence

No outside influence can penetrate your mind unless you allow it. Your new thought life is now positioned to create the environment for imagination, innovation, and new ideas that could never happen before. This is exactly what’s needed to become a confident critical thinker freeing your mind from self-destruction, social conditioning, and false beliefs specifically designed to create fear.

The power of a dream

One of the most effective antidotes to demolish fear is a determined dream. Then guard your mind from negative outside influence at all cost. You have the power to choose what you believe, and what you allow your mind to process. Start seeing life through a different lens than what the corporate industries would have you believe. If you develop a vision aligned with a purpose it will occupy your time from negative influence to a productive life.

You may not know exactly what you want, but when fear is removed you will have the courage to face any challenge ahead. Take every effort to create a dream with purpose, because this is what brings life back from the dead and replaces fear with confidence.

“If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following  your deepest instincts, your life will be safe, expedient and thin”.  Katharine Butler Hathaway.

7 Ways to Handle Stress More Effectively

There are some unique ways to handle stress effectively, but first we have to find the core reasons behind it. Living stress free sounds nice, but in the real world most of us have to find ways to minimize it on a daily bases. Life is filled with things that can easily cause stress, but how we handle it determines our  happiness, well-being, and health.

As we know stress causes illnesses. Our society emphasizes more on what goes into the body then what goes into the mind. What we think about affects our health, and everything else in-between. Here’s seven effective ways to handle stress.

1 – Find the source of the stress

Stress can show up in your life in very subtle ways. You may feel stressed and irritable not knowing why or where it’s coming from. Start identifying what you’re stressed about. How? Step back a moment, and think about what’s really bothering you. For example:

Work related stress: Maybe your workload is simply not feasible.  I worked under these conditions many years. The more I did the more they cut back my help. I was a meat manager for a large grocery chain in Southern California. I was basically doing the work of four people.  After 19 years I finally got fed up, and quit. You can read my full story on the about page. When you feel trapped at work with no way out it causes stress. Once you realize the possibilities of success outside your job it puts things into a healthy perspective.

Financial problems:  One of leading causes of stress victims is financial problems. There is nothing good about being in debt. It’s humiliating, and frustrating to try your hardest only to plunge deeper and deeper into debt. It keeps you up at night worrying how to pay next month’s bills. This causes deep feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. The antidote is to be grateful for small things despite circumstances. As you study the life of successful entrepreneurs you’ll find that in their darkest moments of disparity they became obsessed with finding things to be grateful for.  Always remember it’s never to late to start over with new beginnings.  There are plenty of solutions as we go along.

Relationships: Whenever you’re with someone you truly love, but can’t get along with causes emotional stress. When you argue, and fight it feels like every ounce of energy you have is sucked out of your mind, and body, and any sliver of hope you have in life is up in smoke. Living with someone you care deeply about, yet can’t even have a conversation without an argument will cause incredible stress in your life. Again we must find the source, and keep digging deeper  to find answers that will help us handle stress better, or at least minimize it.

2 – Take control of your life

As long as we continue to allow circumstances control our happiness we will never handle stress effectively. We must take complete control of our life with purpose, and intention. What we think….What we believe…..Who we hang out with……And what direction we’re going in life. When you take control you take back your power, and with it you can begin doing amazing things with your life. So increase your inner power, while decreasing your stress level. This is a very effective tool to reduce stress in your life.

3 – Create balance

Once you take control of your life it’s much easier to put balance back into the picture. How? Start organizing your time more efficiently. Identify those habits that are time killers, and start becoming more conscientious about your day. This may seem irrelevant to handle stress, but it’s actually a huge factor. Balance keeps everything into perspective with perfect harmony, and motion. Our daily tasks creates both positive, and negative results.

The opposite examples would be a life filled with obsessiveness, addiction, fits of anger, laziness, unproductive, uncaring, unloving, unkind, and unforgiving. These characteristics throw us out of balance with who we truly are inwardly, and they will bring an endless cycle of anxiety, stress, and unhappiness.  So I guess you can say that love, kindness, forgiveness, and productivity bring back balance in a person’s life. From one end of the spectrum to the other balance matters most if you want to handle stress effectively.

4 – Take time out

Sometimes we simply need to take time out to gain fresh perspectives. Taking a step back from any stressful situation helps bring back clarity with better options to handle it. Never make an important decision on an empty stomach, and never allow stress to take over your mind. The only point of power in time we have to make positive changes now. The question is are you ready? The answer depends on your desire. When we get to a place where nothing seems to work it could be time for some change.

Taking a time can bring a new direction with more purpose, and clarity. We are designed to win in life, not to live broken down, defeated, and discouraged. Once you understand this you can condition your life for extraordinary success. But first take time out to establish a game plan, gain momentum, and be encouraged. Doing this will help you overcome your greatest challenges, your fears, your anxiety, and handle stress more effectively in your life.

5 – Set Boundaries

As human beings we need our individualism, and our unique place in this world. Without boundaries this is impossible. We are not some cookie cutter experiment off the assembly line. Without knowing who we are, and where we stand we can never experience a better life.

Without boundaries we go through life like a leaf in the wind. Being tossed, and turned every direction. You’ll wonder around aimlessly seeking your place in this world, and never find it. Instead seek diligence, wisdom, and knowledge as you establish clear boundaries for yourself, and others. Doing this will put you back into the driver’s seat of your life, and you’ll be able to handle stress much more effectively.

6 – Find out what you love

Be adventurous and willing to do things you love doing. Have you ever stopped, and thought about what you loved to do in the past that you’re not doing now? Or enjoyed memories that make you feel good. Maybe a song you hear, or a certain smell that brings back fond memories of the past. Learn to reclaim your passion, and find things that make you happy.

Thinking about the past is not always a negative thing as long as you don’t make your bed there. It has to be done with balance like anything else in life. This is a healthy way to ask yourself what it is that you actually love doing. Start moving in that direction, as you begin to take back control, and put balance back into your life.

7 – Stop worrying about mistakes

How many times have you worried yourself sick over something that never even happened? Our mind is the breeding ground for worry.  What good does worry do? When your world is caving in on every corner it’s hard not to worry. It’s a natural reaction when you see things falling apart all around you. But the truth is circumstance cannot control our emotions, our mood, our well-being, or our happiness.

We can have complete control over every part of our lives by exercising the authority we have within. To every stressful situation there is a real solution that can offset it. Whatever problem you face you must not avoid it. You must confront it, and defeat it.

Embrace mistakes. They’re part of life. But with every mistake comes a valuable lesson that will help minimize stress. Going through life without mistakes is like trying to take a bath without getting wet. It’s not going to happen no matter how perfect you are. So learn from your mistakes, and stop worrying about things that don’t even matter.

Trying to live life without mistakes is exhausting, and produces more stress, and anxiety than necessary. Do your best, and let God handle the stress. We become what we think about most… so why not develop mind-sets that create positive energy instead of thoughts that keep our life on hold.