Positive Mindsets – Better Ways to Think


Throughout history a change of thought has literally changed families, communities, nations, and the world. Our thought are what creates our daily circumstances. In fact where we are today is the result of yesterday’s thoughts. For this reason it’s well worth learning some key principles using positive mindsets to advance a better way to think, and live. If we expect failure than failure will surely come… We literally build, or destroy the life our thoughts create.

Here’s some examples below of unintentional self affliction

I can’t lose weight | I’m too old | I’m too young |  I’m always broke |  I’m not attracting | People avoid me | I can’t do this

“We have the power to use mindsets that either work for us or against us”. 

  • I’m creative, focused and positive about my life
  • I’m energetic, and persistent.
  • I’m thoughtful, practical and honest.
  • I’m ambitious open-minded, and devoted.
  • I’m stress free, and relaxed.
  • I’m accountable for my life, and the actions I choose.
  • I’m determined to make my life better.
  • I’m advancing my life toward success everyday.
  • I love people and my energy attracts them in my life.

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Here are some topics that can help develop a positive mindset.