How to Reclaim Your Life Passion

Losing your life passion is easy when other options pay more money, or they’re more convenient. In short term these options may provide a sense of security, but long term make you miserable. When we don’t have a passion in our work we can easily feel out of sync on a daily bases.

As human beings we need a life passion like oxygen to keep us in a constant state of internal motivation. Dreading each day to do something we hate is no way to live life. Here’s how it goes! Put your dreams aside, get educated, get a good job that pays lots of money, and live happily ever after. The problem with this formula is that it seems logical at first, but the end result many times leads to regret.

Years later we get the “what if” syndrome! What if I would have? What if I started that business I was so passionate about years ago? I wonder where would I’d be today if …. The bottom line is that it’s easy to play it safe, and follow our head instead of following our intuition, that inner call that pulls us another direction.

The good news about life

The good news is that no matter how things have turned out it’s never too late to reclaim your life passion regardless of age, or past.  To start over, and follow your bliss. To regain a sense of belonging that keeps nudging us with an itch to do something new. When we lose sight of what really makes us happy it’s probably time to go a new direction. But even though this is so obvious …  It’s easy to stay in the same old rut that has kept life on hold for years hoping that things will get better.

This is why people who never connect their life with a passion usually never get very far. Taking a step back can help determine whether your moving closer, or farther away from the things you love. Becoming more self aware in your daily routine can help determine whether your happy, or wasted time and energy on a dead end road going nowhere. Your life passion is not always easy to find, but the good news is that life rewards those who do, and it far outweighs the effort.

 Discovering your passion

Discovering your passion is frustrating when you don’t understand what you want. For example those in college taking out loans for a degree in something they have no interest in. Others are influenced to follow their parents, or peers dream instead of their own. Once you have a deeper understanding of yourself it’s a lot easier to align your career, lifestyle, and business with the direction you want to go.

Suppose you know deep down that something is missing in your life, but to the outside world your life seems perfect. There’s a disconnect between reality, and what you truly want.

Spending a lifetime in an environment that pulls us away from our aspirations is not smart. If you don’t have a passion you can develop one with a little imagination. But you will need to train yourself to think outside the box, and brainstorm new ideas that catch your interest. Here’s some examples below:

Brainstorming passionate ideas

  • Read Books: Start reading magazines, books, and articles until something strikes your interest. This can help your mind open up to new ideas.
  • Learn new skills: Learn the art of practice with new skillsets that make you feel awkward, challenged, and uncomfortable. If you want to grow you have to get uncomfortable at first.
  • Develop your curiosity: Successful entrepreneurs know this well. They ask questions, and have a keen interest in new things. Average people walk by opportunities everyday with no curiosity.
  • Motivate yourself: Surround yourself with things that make you feel amazing, and begin to move your energy, thoughts, ideas, and creativity in that direction.
  • Start small: Whenever we have a burst of energy it needs to be maintained with consistency. Start out doing small things without being overwhelmed with this new way of life. Big things often have small beginnings.
  • Dream Big: If you’re going to have a dream make it big. Why not? It takes just as much effort to think small as it does to think big. If you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way.

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Nelson Mandela

Reclaim old hobbies 

It’s amazing how small things that you’re passionate for can lead to great success. Reclaiming some of them old hobbies of the past with a little creativity can make you a lot of money doing something you love. What did you love doing in the past that you’re not doing now? Do you have that same passion in the things you’re doing now? Maybe it’s a money issue! You might be surprised how much money you can make doing things you enjoy.

You owe it to yourself to reclaim your happiness. Once you find your passion “go for it” with everything you got. Surround yourself with people who inspire you for success.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman

Finding hidden treasures under layers of the past

Your life passion maybe hidden treasure in plain sight. Sometimes it’s hidden in deep layers of the past. When you train yourself to brainstorm new ideas try to focus on things you love doing now, and things you loved doing  in the past. This process could help you reclaim a long-lost passion that can actually make you a lot of money. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back before you can move forward to improve your life.

Write down every new idea you can think of no matter how silly it is. You would be amazed at how many people have gotten rich from silly ideas. Let’s be honest. If you’re going to connect your life passion to your work you might as well make a lot of money doing it right? Brainstorming ideas is a great place to start. Do it often and it will help you expand your imagination.

Make your life passion internal

Passion is something that should always be internal. You can do a lot to change the environment around you, so that you’re surrounded with positive energy; however you will never be able to separate yourself from negative influence.

For this reason it is critical that you make your passion in life internal. Even in the darkest hours when faced with major obstacles, you can keep moving forward when your passion is internally ingrained within you. When your passion is internal success will come naturally.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. Anthony J. D’Angelo

Why it’s never too late to follow your dreams

Years ago Ray Price a close friend of mine spent 40 years in the meat industry before finally retiring at 65. He was a passionate bass fisher who never stood still, and found himself getting bored after retirement. So he started making bass jigs from home to keep his sanity when he wasn’t fishing.

Soon afterwards he opened a bass shop where he made bass jigs for the local community. Within 2 years he had several employees making bass jigs sent all over the world. After 3 years of retiring he was making more money than he ever did in his entire life.

He told me one day he would have quit the meat industry years earlier…. if he had known how much money he could make doing what he loved. He taught me a great lesson in life. It’s never too late to find your bliss, and follow your dreams.

He died the same day as my sister, and both of them had a huge impact on my life. Both were very successful, and taught me how important it was to connect my life with my passion. To follow your dreams and never look back with regret.

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American dream. Tommy Hilfiger

Final Thoughts

Continue reading things that inspire you: things that cause your inner drive to motivate you into action. Everything around us is an opportunity to discover something new, and exciting. Finding your life passion is one of the most satisfying things you will ever experience. Do everything in your power to connect your life with things you enjoy doing. It’s never too late to make positive changes, and start over with new beginnings.


Finding Your Life Purpose Beyond Logical Thinking

Discovering your life purpose may seem easy, but for most of us it’s not. Many of us simply don’t know what we want in life, not to mention our purpose. 

Your subconscious mind on the other hand knows no limitations, because it’s connected to your authentic self. Behind all those layers of complexity, practical intelligence, and logical reasoning, is a person deep down who knows no limitations.

No matter how intelligent you are, if you depend completely on your logical mind for answers you will never experience your life purpose. The reason is simple! your logical mind puts limitations on everything you do without any emotional strings attached.

How deep desires connect to your life purpose

Our life purpose usually has a connection to our emotions, and deep desires. One way to find answers is through an effective technique that pinpoints your emotional desires. What you’re looking for is a desire that triggers an emotional reaction.

Here’s a few examples below that you may feel a deep connection with.

  • What do I desire in my life that I don’t have now?
  • If money was not an issue how would I live my life?
  • What did I love to do in the past that I’m not doing now?
  • How can I do more to help other people?
  • What do I really want for my family?
  • If I had the perfect relationship with my spouse what would that look like?
  • What would I do if there were no obstacles or limitations in my life?

Finding your emotional sweet spot to energize your life

These are not all going to have your life purpose in them, but as you continue to answer the questions you may feel an emotional connection with one or two. Feel free to add several more to the list. Ask yourself from 1-10 where is your intensity level on a specific desire. 

You will find that when desires are pursued below a 9 on intensity levels they usually become learning experiences and not life changing. The heart desire of a 10 is the sweet spot. And it will energize your projects, your family, and your entire life. That’s where you will find your life purpose.

How the logical mind works against positive change

How can logical thinking possibly keep us from making positive changes? We know logically that certain things are bad for us yet we do them anyway. Our logical mind will justify things while putting up limitations that put life on hold. We hide behind logic to justify bad habits, laziness, bitterness, insecurities, and several other things that give a false sense of justification. The good news is that we can override this with positive mindsets that bring out our full potential.  

When we allow our logic to take complete control it reduces any positive change. It will sabotage our life purpose around every corner. Our logical mind will control our thoughts, habits, positions, and conditions while defending our present state without any recognition for change.

Logic with imagination is a powerful thing

The logical mind filters out anything that contradicts conditioned programming from the past. When it receives any information it believes is impossible it simply rejects it. Our logic serves you well when you have imagination, and creativity to keep it in balance. But only you have the power to condition your mind, and your life any way you choose.

Maybe a gut feeling tells us something’s wrong, and it makes no logical sense why. Or something just feels right, but there’s no logical reason why. Many of us have a keen sense of intuition that is pretty accurate. If we only listen to our head instead of our heart we will miss our life purpose. When we connect practical thinking, and logic with imagination we find ourselves, and become much more powerful.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein

Finding your life purpose with your heart not your head

The heart is linked to our purpose, and speaks to us through desires, feelings, and emotions. Most people try to create their life with mindsets instead of heartsets. Our heart is the higher spiritual part of the mind which has access to the subconscious without our logical minds permission.

We have the authority to bypass the logical gate-keeper, and speak directly into our life where the subconscious mind dwells. This is done through prayer, attributes, and meditation.

Our mind simply wants to protect us, and it’s willing to fight us at every turn. Making positive changes, and expanding our personal growth is not a bad thing. Find your life purpose with your heart not your head. Your subconscious mind holds the secrets to incredible success. 

How to Live Happy “NOW” Despite Circumstances

 If you think about it everything we do in life is for happiness. The problem is that we try to find it on the outside instead of the inside. This causes us to strive for happiness in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons. When we try to find happiness chasing after someone or something it never satisfies because it is limited to outside circumstance. The mentality of living a stress filled life,  so later there’s retirement, paid bills, and finally happiness.

 There’s a deep craving in us all for satisfaction, and we are willing to go to extreme measures to find it. Below are some highly effective ways to take in every moment of life, and live happy now despite circumstances.

 Living happy in the moment

For most of us living a happier life is about the most important decision we could ever make. Why? Because it will change everything in you, and around you. When you can enjoy every moment of your life despite your circumstances only then can you truly be happy. To consciously embrace a present state of being regardless of everything going on around you. This state of mind will keep you in complete control of your life even though negative things might be happening all around you.

Have you ever noticed the detail in a leaf, or stopped to look at the stars sparkle like jewels waiting to be found. Every moment we have is a marvelous wonder to embrace. We must learn to live happy now, and quit putting it off for another time, or place.

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet”. Albert Schweitzer.

What will be more important years from now….the burdens of life….stress overload….or appreciating the small details that make life more favorable. Do we stop to look at our children: the details in their expressions. When you stop and look deep into the eyes of people you can see their pain, happiness, and even a glimpse of their soul. Many of us live in the past, and never learn to live in the moment. We are sadly conditioned to push happiness off for another time, and place.

living happy in the now

The power of happiness

When you think about it “NOW” is the only moment of power that we have to be happy. All hopes for the future, and memories of the past only exists now. This moment is where the past and the future comes together. Everything we know only happens now. Many are either living in the past or so worried about the future they can’t stop to enjoy happiness now in the moment. Here are a few ways to live happy now despite circumstances.

  • The power of intention: We have the power of intention which determines our priorities, and measures our incentives. Our intention is important because it carries moral values that effect our happiness deep within our conscience. In order to live happy now we need pure intentions . Having good intentions help balance our emotions, and feelings with a healthy conscious to live a happy life.
  • The power to forgive: We have the power as a human being to forgive when someone has wronged us. As long as we carry resentment we can never live happy now. When you don’t forgive it becomes like a cancer eating away your character, inner well-being, and happiness. Embrace the power to forgive now, let it go, so you can experience a life of liberation, refreshment, and freedom.
  • The power to love: We have the power to love which determines our level of happiness. Without love it’s impossible to live happy, The more inverted, self centered, and mentally detached we are from others the less likely we will ever have a happy life. The more we love others the easier it is to live happy now in the moment.
  • The power to be grateful: We have the power to be grateful for everything in our life. This is perhaps one of the greatest ways to find a sense of true happiness. When you’re not grateful for the small things in your life, the big things won’t matter. This means you will always be striving for more, which will never satisfy your inner thirst to live happy now.

Your future is happening now

When we think about the past, present, or future it can only happen now. The future is only an illusion! When tomorrow arrives it will be now, and today will only be a memory of tomorrow’s now. We get so caught up trying to push happiness to a future moment that we forget that “now” is the only time that exists.

The idea that we strive for happiness at some future time is insane. Life is filled with moments of time. What we think, feel, and believe now decides our future.

Putting happiness off another time and place

live happy now

The longer happiness is put off the harder it is to get back. You find people who have every reason to be happy, but instead choose to be miserable. They have a good retirement, all the bills are paid, but because they put happiness off for so long they can’t enjoy the present moment.

“Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so”. Robert Green Imgersoll.

We develop thought patterns early on to find happiness in another time at some other place. When we turn 10 we can’t wait to be a teenager. Then at 13 we can’t wait to drive a car. When were old enough to drive we can’t wait to move out and get a place of our own.

When we move out we can’t wait to buy our first home. Then when we turn 50 or 60 we wish we could go back in time and do things differently. This mentality is always putting happiness off for another time and place. They keep people living for a future time instead of embracing the life they now have….. the living power of “now” this very moment. Once we learn to embrace every moment …. We Awaken … Everything around us, and within us begins to come alive, and change for the better.

“True happiness is… to enjoy the present without anxious dependence upon the future”.  Lucius Annaeus Seneca

How to Shape Your Destiny For Success

The path of destiny has captured the imagination of philosophers, and great thinkers from every culture. We have discovered how to make observations and formulate fundamental principles to live healthier, happier and more successful. At least on the surface depending on how you define personal success.

Do you believe that you hold the power to shape your destiny, or is your fate signed, sealed, and delivered? The way we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us shapes our present life, and our future. In fact when you don’t shape your destiny it will be shaped by circumstances, and  people. We are literally shaping our life with every breathe we take.

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan.

Developing a destiny for success

Developing your destiny toward a successful life belongs to you alone. What does success look like to you? Maybe it’s to make more money, become a better parent, husband, or wife. Perhaps your success is a lifetime dream you want to accomplish, or something else entirely different. Whatever it is ….. are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen? Here’s a few tips below that may help.

Be conscientious of each moment: There are those who seem to succeed in whatever they do, while others seem destined to fail? Both success, and failure are never a final conclusion as each moment passes by. Every moment you have is another chance to do things right, and create the life that you desire.

Understand your thoughts:  Thoughts of courage, power, harmony, inspiration, can substitute thoughts of despair, limitation, lack, and failure. Any achievement we possess depends on our method of thinking. Diverting negative thought patterns into positive substitutes can shape a destiny of failure into life changing  success.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Napoleon Hill.

Shaping your mindset 

Developing a deliberate mind-set: Many highly successful people have a intentional mindset toward accomplishment. The law of probability systematically works in their favor: but the average Joe will explain away his misfortunes as random coincidences, bad luck, or mishaps. He never realizes that his thoughts are constantly shaping his destiny.

Start dream building:  Without a dream life becomes tasteless, repetitious, and meaningless. Do everything in your power to establish a dream then take action at once.  If you want to shape your destiny for success be deliberate in every action you take to move closer to your dreams.

Define your destiny  

Once a dream is established it needs a defined avenue toward success. When dreams are not defined they become wishful thinking, and never manifest into destiny. Make your mental image clear, distinct, and define: hold the thought firmly: the means will come: you will be led to do the right thing, at the right place, in the right time. Earnest desires with a positive mindset can bring confidence, expectation, and relentless determination to make any dream a reality. Shape your destiny for success at once, and soon you’ll be living the dream life.

How A Dream Changed My Destiny

Because of a supernatural dream my destiny was altered, and I’m now here to write about it. Without a doubt I would now be six feet under had it not been for this dream. Because of a warning in the dream, I didn’t go on a river trip with a friend and it saved my life. My friend Greg was about 7 years older than I was at the time. He had went to bible college a few years earlier, but turned back to his old life, and was popping pills like candy. We worked nights together at a grocery store in Indio California.

I was 18 at the time and already a border line alcoholic. During this time my mother was constantly asking me to come to church, but that was the last place I wanted to be. Finally I gave in and went one Sunday morning just to get her off my back. During the service a woman stood up and told the audience there was someone here who will not have another chance to come to God if they didn’t turn their life over to him now. Suddenly I had a rush of a powerful presence all over me vibrating every fiber of my being and I knew without a doubt I was that person.

I ran from God as fast as I could until 2 weeks later. I was at a party and was drunk as usual and decided to crash at these friends house. It was about 3 am when I woke from the most terrible dream. I was drenched in sweat, and my bones were literally trembling in fear. It sobered me up. As soon as my eyes opened I ran to the bathroom fell on my knees and began to cry out to God. In the dream I was in the passenger seat of a car going down a dark eerie road. Suddenly the car would not go as if it was out of gas, so we coasted off to the side of the road. Off to the left were miles of trees on the other side of the road. I then realized in the dream it was my cousin in the car with me. Then something strange began to happen.

My whole body became completely paralyzed and unimaginable fear came over me as I sat there hopelessly. It took everything in me just to take in one breath. I could see from the corner of my eye off to the left an image walking toward us out from the trees and whatever it was it was not human. It broke out the side window and pulled my cousin out of the car and dragged him toward the trees. I remember setting there completely helpless to save him and knowing that I was next. I could not even move a finger as I sat in the car paralyzed. This was when the fear was beyond description as I could see a shadow of movement now coming toward me out of the trees in the distance.

Suddenly in a flash the scene changed and I heard a loud horn, and saw Greg get struck by a train right before my eyes. That’s when my eyes opened and I realized it was a supernatural dream because of what I felt deep in my spirit. I knew God was calling me out from danger in the near future. I repented and turned my whole life to God as he began to deal with my belief issues. I warned Greg every chance I could but he turned his like for me into hatred and began to mock God. About two weeks after the dream Greg asked me to go on a river trip with him, and at that moment my decision would determine my destiny.

He was killed on his way back from the river at night on a dark lonely road. The passenger seat was empty, and my name would have been on it. After this tragedy my desire for God began to grow much more than my past religious experiences. God has given us all the ability to either believe in him or reject him. His love is endless and everything we ever need or want is in his power. God has given us talents along with a powerful mind to use wisely, but he won’t steer a parked car. Some will simply bury their talents and never use them with the purpose that was intended.

Everyone has their own personal reasons behind what they believe. This supernatural dream was more than a coincidence, and it literally caused my faith in God to grow. It also completely changed my destiny in life. Soon afterwards I met this beautiful 17 year old girl in church who later became my wife. We’ve raised 3 great kids, and have now been married over 30 years.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.