How to Manifest Abundance On Autopilot

There are those that seem to manifest abundance with little effort, and those that try hard but never find it. What is it that separates success from failure? Our thoughts create the tipping point between happiness and hopelessness even though they seem powerless and futile.

Everything we think and believe becomes our circumstance and manifests themselves into reality. What we think can bring a life of abundance, mediocrity, or poverty. Our creative mind does not discriminate, it just delivers the life our thoughts tell it. Many of us underestimate the power of the mind and never realize that our thoughts create our own demise. What we thought yesterday has now become our circumstance today. The art of positive thought creation manifest abundance, and transitions us from despair and hopelessness, to happiness, well-being, and success.

“Creation is always happening. Every time an individual has a thought, or a chronic way of thinking, They’re in the creation process. Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts”. Micheal Bernard Backwith

Manifesting Abundance with thoughts

Thought creation is one of the most powerful tools to start manifesting abundance, and personal development is a huge factor in its effectiveness.  We can exercise creative visualization in such detail that it begins to manifest supernaturally into our life. This process is backed by science, and is becoming more, and more popular for obvious reasons. Imagine the possibilities if you could create the life you’ve always dreamed with your mind.

The problem is this same power can also be misused with wrong incentives and motives. Imagine a toddler having a loaded 357 magnum in their hand and you’ll get the picture. We create thoughts every moment that can have unintended consequences when our thought patterns are not in line with who we really are inwardly. What we tell our-self becomes who we are.

There’s also people who use thought creation for selfish desires to create riches for themselves without considering helping others as well. That’s why our manifestations are always weighed in correlation to our motives behind thought creation. It’s like a safety mechanism that protects us from being completely self-absorbed without considering other people.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most selfish people who count every nickel many times have or give nothing, while others give abundantly and prosper. The more selfish we are the less likely that positive manifestations will be released into our life.

If we never give in small things we will not give in large things either. It’s not how rich or poor we are, but how we use what we have. The abundant flow of positive manifestations are more likely to happen in our life when we use our resources to help others as well as our-self.

There is a law of abundance that carries with it responsibility. If thought creation is only to receive and not give it can choke the flow to grow and manifest abundance in your life.

Physical and spiritual abundant manifestation

There are Physical and Spiritual elements to thoughts that are so powerful they manifest directly in our life everyday. The simplicity is so easy it’s hard for many to believe a thought can change a circumstance. There’s a reaction to every action in the universe. On earth if you throw a ball up it must come down! We no physical laws like gravity but not the spiritual laws of God.

There are things we don’t know in the spiritual that go way beyond our perception of truth. This hits a nerve for some who believe that truth is only our own reality. If I lived in a cave and never saw light would I believe it exist? Light exists outside the cave whether I believe it or not. There are forces at work in the spiritual unseen whether I believe it or not.

People with extraordinary intelligence need science to prove everything! Faith would not be faith if it had to be proven! Faith is unseen yet can be spoken as seen in the spiritual releasing manifestations before they exist in the physical. The unseen spiritual world is powerful and alive working in us and through us yet separate in dimensions. Thoughts deliver in the spirit manifestations before they exist physically, harmonizing with elements that bring both positive and negative results. Our mind has the capacity to make things manifest abundance, mediocrity, or poverty.

” We do not need more intellectual power, we need more spiritual power.We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things unseen”. Calvin Coolidge

Creative visualization

Creative visualization can keep people from going in circles their whole life. There are delusional concepts that hard work “only” creates success. While hard work is good and provides discipline it does not have the power of creative visualization. What the mind thinks is more powerful than hard work alone. Everything created by man was created and visualized in the mind first before it ever became a visible reality.

Our thoughts are a creative force that can create conditions in the mind to manifest abundance, and produce a better life. This is hard for some because we relate to what we see, smell, touch, hear, and taste.

How our mind creates both positive and negative manifestations

We only use 5 to 10% of our brains capacity which means we know very little about how our mind actually works. But what we do know is astonishing to say the least. We know that our mind creates our reality, and manifests both positive, and negative results. We know that our mind(thought patterns) can manifest abundance in our life by simply changing the way we think. Incredible is it not. That something so profound is hardly even taught in our schools, and universities. Our mind is designed to manifest the life we tell it. If we continuously sabotage our mind with negative input then guess what? You’ll get negative results. And if you continuously reinforce our mind with positive thoughts we get to live an extraordinary life with more than we can imagine.

Final thoughts

The concept that effort and hard work produces success is only half-true! Without the other half the wheels wont spin. Thoughts are where a vision is born, created in the mind to carry out a desire. The power of thought can manifest reality beyond logic. Some would say it’s hard work, sweat, and tears that brings success, but were finding out now that the mind can do much more than our hands. Creative visualization and hard work are both necessary for success, but it’s and delivers  both positive, and negative results.

How A Dream Changed My Destiny

Because of a supernatural dream my destiny was altered, and I’m now here to write about it. Without a doubt I would now be six feet under had it not been for this dream. Because of a warning in the dream, I didn’t go on a river trip with a friend and it saved my life. My friend Greg was about 7 years older than I was at the time. He had went to bible college a few years earlier, but turned back to his old life, and was popping pills like candy. We worked nights together at a grocery store in Indio California.

I was 18 at the time and already a border line alcoholic. During this time my mother was constantly asking me to come to church, but that was the last place I wanted to be. Finally I gave in and went one Sunday morning just to get her off my back. During the service a woman stood up and told the audience there was someone here who will not have another chance to come to God if they didn’t turn their life over to him now. Suddenly I had a rush of a powerful presence all over me vibrating every fiber of my being and I knew without a doubt I was that person.

I ran from God as fast as I could until 2 weeks later. I was at a party and was drunk as usual and decided to crash at these friends house. It was about 3 am when I woke from the most terrible dream. I was drenched in sweat, and my bones were literally trembling in fear. It sobered me up. As soon as my eyes opened I ran to the bathroom fell on my knees and began to cry out to God. In the dream I was in the passenger seat of a car going down a dark eerie road. Suddenly the car would not go as if it was out of gas, so we coasted off to the side of the road. Off to the left were miles of trees on the other side of the road. I then realized in the dream it was my cousin in the car with me. Then something strange began to happen.

My whole body became completely paralyzed and unimaginable fear came over me as I sat there hopelessly. It took everything in me just to take in one breath. I could see from the corner of my eye off to the left an image walking toward us out from the trees and whatever it was it was not human. It broke out the side window and pulled my cousin out of the car and dragged him toward the trees. I remember setting there completely helpless to save him and knowing that I was next. I could not even move a finger as I sat in the car paralyzed. This was when the fear was beyond description as I could see a shadow of movement now coming toward me out of the trees in the distance.

Suddenly in a flash the scene changed and I heard a loud horn, and saw Greg get struck by a train right before my eyes. That’s when my eyes opened and I realized it was a supernatural dream because of what I felt deep in my spirit. I knew God was calling me out from danger in the near future. I repented and turned my whole life to God as he began to deal with my belief issues. I warned Greg every chance I could but he turned his like for me into hatred and began to mock God. About two weeks after the dream Greg asked me to go on a river trip with him, and at that moment my decision would determine my destiny.

He was killed on his way back from the river at night on a dark lonely road. The passenger seat was empty, and my name would have been on it. After this tragedy my desire for God began to grow much more than my past religious experiences. God has given us all the ability to either believe in him or reject him. His love is endless and everything we ever need or want is in his power. God has given us talents along with a powerful mind to use wisely, but he won’t steer a parked car. Some will simply bury their talents and never use them with the purpose that was intended.

Everyone has their own personal reasons behind what they believe. This supernatural dream was more than a coincidence, and it literally caused my faith in God to grow. It also completely changed my destiny in life. Soon afterwards I met this beautiful 17 year old girl in church who later became my wife. We’ve raised 3 great kids, and have now been married over 30 years.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.