Developing the Art of Self-Confidence

Learning the art of self-confidence can actually make you healthier, happier, and more successful. You will build better relationships, have more money, energy, and enthusiasm. These are only a few of the benefits that are available when we overcome our fears, and grow in self-confidence. There is a way that leads to a life filled with purpose, expectation,  and well-being. Developing self-confidence is one of the best ways to  position your life for more happiness, abundance, and overall success in every thing you do. There is a way to grow more self-confidence while living a life filled with vision, purpose, and well-being. Developing self-confidence positions your life to manifest success in every way imaginable.

Growing self -confidence

Before we can grow self-confidence we have to be wiling to face our true colors. If we ignore who we are it will sabotage our identity, and character having no purpose, or direction in life. The root cause is actually traced to all kinds of fear. Fear of failure, fear of others, fear of our-self, and the fear of facing the truth.

You might think this is a psychological disorder few face, but think again. Studies have now shown that most people don’t like themselves, not to mention have the confidence to overcome these fears. How can anyone be self-confident when they can’t even face who they are? Have you ever felt like a leaf tossed in the wind having no since of belonging?  When we run away from our feelings and emotions we are never satisfied. We drift farther from home with lost dreams, and our self-confidence begins to fade away. Below are some simple tips & techniques to grow more self-confidence.

  • Become accountable for every thing that happens in your life. When you’re not accountable you become a victim of circumstance, and lose your inherited authority to change direction. Accountability puts you in the driver seat, and makes you more self-confidence.
  • Get to know who you are. If you find yourself going in circles, and getting nowhere it’s time to stop the cycle. Spend some time evaluating your true feelings and emotions toward your relationships, career, friends, and overall life. Remember the power of change is in your hand. When your actions are moving you away from your true desires it’s hard to build self-confidence on that foundation.

Overcoming the fear of failure

Overcoming the fear of failure is something we all have to face in life. Playing it overly safe never brings out the extraordinary potential inside. Failure is only a process of practice, and without it success is not only unlikely, but impossible. Overcoming fear is not easy when the mind only sees the negative and not the possibilities.

Fear keeps people from raising the bar and making positive changes they desperately need. It takes courage to look inside and admit that fear has caused several wrong choices in life. People with the courage to face their fears have a better chance at success. It takes honesty to overcome these fears, and courage to face them with confidence.

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful”.  Paul Sweeney

  • Don’t fear being wrong: Developing the confidence to overcome fear is not about being right. People who fear being wrong usually never experience their full potential. How many times have you turned down opportunities because you didn’t trust your intuition? When you develop the confidence to face being wrong and learn from those experiences things will shift in your favor.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong”. Peter T. McIntyre.

  • Master the power within; Power is not always money or position. There is a power within you that can bring the life you always dreamed, but first you must harness it, and then learn to master it. Once you do you can build self-confidence with a deliberate determination that becomes unstoppable. The place to start is in the mind. This is where the impossible becomes possible, and the power of imagination can ignite a dream. Once you have a vision in your mind, and a deep desire to make it a reality nothing will stand in your way including fear. You will literally become unstoppable.

Improving your body language

Positive thought patterns are the most powerful force to create confidence over fear. The way you think is why you’re so unique from others. No one has ever existed here on earth in the past, present, or future that can think exactly like you.

Our thoughts are more powerful when we condition our mind to take authority over fear. There are things in us that only we have power over. There are manifestations created by inner thoughts that guide the conditions of circumstance in our life every single day.

Learning the art of self-confidence can improve your life dramatically whether in finances, relationships, or personal success.  Your confidence is a mind-set that people notice immediately. Whether you know it or not your body language sends off signals what kind of person you are to those around you. They can easily determine your level of self-confidence just by the way you walk, talk, dress, act, make eye contact among many other things which tell the world mercilessly who you are. Or at least who they think you are.

I feel much more comfortable doing business with a self-confident person over someone who’s withdrawn, nervous, or unsure of themselves. But even those with these characteristics can improve their body language, and completely turn their life 360. If you want to have a good first impression you better learn to fake it until you make it. Our body language speaks louder than words. Anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life can benefit greatly by learning how to improve their body language in a way that makes those around them more comfortable, and confident in your presence. Body language can work in your favor when you practice the art of self-confidence.  Remember  self-confidence is a mind-set, and it can skyrocket your success as soon as you decide.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius.

Develop confidence over fear

What does confidence, and arrogance have in common? Absolutely nothing. Many mistakenly think of self-confidence as self-centered arrogance when actually the opposite is true. Without confidence you deprive yourself of your potential which is what your family needs most. People who are arrogant have a need to brag about themselves with insecurities that are trapped in fear. But a confident person knows who they are inwardly, and has no need, or desire to brag about themselves.

Having inner confidence is relaxing not tense. It feels natural, comfortable, and easy when your confident about yourself.  Arrogance causes pressure with a need for attention and exaltation. Does this sound like confidence to you? With inner confidence you wont need to impress people or pretend to be someone you’re not. Developing more confidence also helps you to overcome the fear of rejection, as well as the fear of failure.

One of the greatest feelings is when you begin to eliminate the strongholds of  fear.  The weight of the world is suddenly lifted off the shoulders of those with the courage. Fear is very subtle, and hard to detect. It’s victims seldom suspect the root cause. They don’t realize that it’s their fear that has robed them of their  joy, and happiness. Fear steals everything you cherish making you feel useless, hopeless. and  negative about life while self-confidence makes you get up each day with a feeling of expectation, and excitement.  Never allow fear to stand between you, and your dreams. You can’t change others, but you can change yourself, and learn to master the art of self. that skyrockets your success in everything you do.  



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