Critical Thinkers vs Average Thinkers

Why is it that some are able to create the life they desire, while others don’t dare? When fear is removed real purpose can begin to flourish in the heart, and mind of anyone who desires a better life.  The problem is that fear is very subtle, and not always easy to detect. Without critical thinkers a society can easily be controlled, and manipulated to believe anything without the capacity to think, or discern reality from fiction. Only when we recognize the source of our fears can we begin to remove them one by one.  

Critical thinkers vs average Joe

Critical thinkers can usually pin point fear tactics, swayed agendas, and the sources behind them immediately. Unfortunately the average Joe can’t.  Anyone who wants to rise above the norm must first recognize social engineering methods, and fear tactics that have been used to control societies for centuries. Before a Surgeon can remove a tumor he/she must first find the source. Before fear can be removed the source must first be found.

For example what do you put in your mind everyday? Is it building your life up or creating fear and anxiety? These are important questions that we all need to ask our-selves.

The corporate media have a lot of power, and use it to create fear. Why? Because fear sells. Fear tactics have been used over, and over. Create the problem then market the solution. They do this to people who are not very smart. You really can’t blame them because they are putting out what sells. Many fall victim because they can’t discern what is being processed in their minds from reality. This is why becoming a critical thinker can be a great asset to your life.

The average thinker does not realize from elementary school onward they’ve been conditioned to think a certain way.  They are never taught to be a critical thinker.

There is a powerful agenda designed specifically to create a society that can’t think on its own. Once this is understood it’s easy to spot from the educational system, to governments and corrupt politics who craft laws bought and designed to control most of the worlds banking industries.

These same power structures own most of the media and no longer tolerate true journalism regardless of political party. This is not saying that all people who are in these industries are bad people! It’s saying that several are restricted from the sacred duty to humanity to present truth and not stretched exaggerations. They are being used as puppets that heed the master’s call. You never know your house is cluttered until you step away from it awhile. People can be manipulated without even knowing it.

These powers have tentacles in every area of society. The structure is not crafted to have informed people able to think outside the philosophical frame-work. The information is now designed to bend perceptions toward the ideology they envision. This purpose is to distract you and create fear at all cost. Why? Because when a society is consumed with fear it can be manipulated and controlled easily. Fear is never satisfied until it has ultimate power over your mind, body, and soul.

The media is only a small part of this overall corruption. The design is very complex and subtle for average thinkers to discern. The worst enemy to these powerful agendas is critical thinkers who understand schemes and don’t embrace fabricated deceptions being created every day. We should all become better  critical thinkers , so we see right through fear tactics with a deep desire, and conviction to win the fight of humanity.

From fear to freedom

When your mind is freed from the physiologically engineered deceptions that control every part of society you will begin to heal. This is your birth right as a human being.  To heal, and break free from the clutches of merciless fear. This is what separates a critical thinker from average thinkers. You have the power to free your mind from fear and live a happy life despite all the negative doom and gloom going on around you.

This requires a new way to think, and replaces old destructive thought patterns with new thoughts that free the mind of physiological prison held captive. Once fear is removed the shackles come off, and you can now experience the life you always needed. No outside influence can penetrate your mind unless you allow it. Your new thought life is now positioned to create the environment for imagination, innovation, and new ideas that could never happen before. This is exactly what’s needed to become a confident critical thinker freeing your mind from self-destruction, social conditioning, and false beliefs specifically designed to create fear.

Final thoughts – create a dream

One of the most effective ways to demolish fear is to create a determined dream.  Then guard your mind from negative outside influence at all cost. You have the power to choose what you believe, and what you allow your mind to process. Start seeing life through a different lens than what the corporate industries would have you believe. If you develop a vision aligned with a purpose it will occupy your time from negative influence to a productive life.

You may not know exactly what you want, but when fear is removed you will have the courage to face any challenge ahead. Take every effort to create a dream with purpose, because this is what brings life back from the dead and replaces fear with confidence.

“If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following  your deepest instincts, your life will be safe, expedient and thin”.  Katharine Butler Hathaway.


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