How to Get Rich Systematically – Taking Time Out For Success

Taking time out of the rat race to get rich is smart. Especially when you consider the time, and energy used up at dead end jobs that offer no hope of future success. Time is something we can never get back, or change.  Most people are uncomfortable with change even though it’s desperately needed. We must open our mind with new possibilities to move our life forward.

This blog is not about being greedy, or having selfish ambitions. It’s about being smart, and creating a successful lifestyle that improves your life. It challenges you to do things differently – Even if that means to start over, and go a new direction.

Getting rich without a doubt

After years of case study Napoleon Hill ( Author of Think, and Grow Rich ) found some answers to getting rich. He spent 25 years interviewing the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, before reaching a conclusion. What he found went completely against traditional teachings about success. His findings had nothing to do with being smarter, or working harder.

Many of the people Napoleon Hill interviewed started out poor with little education. What set them apart was an unwavering confidence of success despite their circumstances. They learned to to use time, and knowledge systematically to produce massive wealth. Even in their darkest moments of failure they were so certain, and determined nothing could stop them. They visualized themselves getting rich before it ever happened without any doubt.

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. Napoleon Hill

This is not the way average people think. The part of you that wants to succeed must overpower any doubt, or insecurities you have about your success. Average people only dream of “getting rich” then they get distracted, and caught up in everyday life. To rise above mediocrity we must elevate our life to a whole new level without any doubt of success.

Training your mind for success

To get rich you must think in a new way with an intentional process that trains your mind for success. There’s a lot good that money can do when our heart is in the right place. Most of us only use 5% of our brain’s capacity to think, so we have unimaginable potential to create any life we desire.

Regardless of our minds capacity we only have 24 hours a day to make things happen. Having more knowledge is great, but without a plan of action nothing changes. Below you’ll learn to train your mind, as you put together a plan for success.

Taking time out for new beginnings

Taking time out to evaluate our life is the starting point for new beginnings. It also helps open our mind when we feel stressed, and unsure about our next move.

Here’s a few examples below:

Learn more: Each of us have a learning curb that can be enhanced. Some of the key principles to  getting rich is the ability to learn with increased comprehension.

Stop wasting time: We can’t change time, or manipulate it, but we can change the way we use it. Avoid time killers, and unproductive habits that waste time, and energy.

Be consistent: Be systematic in your daily routine to avoid any setbacks. Establish a daily method of operation with more organization detailing certain goals to accomplish each day.

Get systematic: We usually get good at things we do over, and over. Use this same process to develop skills that make you rich over time with systematic certainty.

Duplicate success: Find successful people that have what you want, and duplicate what they do. Be creative in your own skin, but try to reach out to mentors that can give excellent advice.

Be creative: The more fun, and creative you are at getting rich, the better you’ll be at it. Make every effort to expand your imagination with more creativity, and adventure.

Grow in personal development: The more you work on yourself the more success you’ll have in everything you do. Learn the art of personal development to help grow, and improve every area of your life.

Take time out to apply some of these examples, and you’ll be well on your way to new beginnings. You’ll learn to get rich systematically with more confidence than you’ve had in your lifetime.

Making a positive change in your life

When we get to a place where we feel disconnected from our work it could be a sign that some positive changes are needed. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you do what you do everyday? Is it working? Or are you just spinning in circles hoping for the best, and getting nowhere. The only point of power we have to make positive change is now. The question is are you ready? The answer depends on your inner desire to do things in a better way.

Our motivation plays a huge role, but without an avenue of success it usually has a shelf life. We must get past the hype, and systematically get rich with a master plan using time more efficiently. This is what will make positive change a reality as you learn to harness your full potential.

Designing  a systematic plan of success

There should be no doubt that getting rich is a systematically designed process. The only thing to do at this point is to develop a plan of action that positions your life for complete success.

Make a promise: Before crafting a well thought out plan make a promise to yourself that you’ll stick to it. Then review it daily to remind yourself of that promise.

Be specific: As you begin to write down ideas make them as specific as possible. If you’re unsure about certain areas of interest then take time to do some research to expand your knowledge.

Design a work in progress: Make your master plan flexible as you design it. When better ideas come make some changes as a work in continual progress.

Involve other people: Any successful plan always includes other people to make it a reality. Share it with people that you trust to get an honest opinion, and perhaps more ideas you never thought about.

Put your plan into action at once. You’ll never learn better ways of do things until you take action. This will probably take you out of your comfort zone which is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Using these principles can change the course of your life with more confidence than ever before. There’s an art to getting rich, and doing things in a systematic way. We must train our mind to stay focused on what we want instead of constantly absorbed in what we don’t want. Having a dream to succeed with an organized plan to achieve it without a doubt is the key to getting rich.

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Hello I’m Archie Manley Site Author. Even though I run this site it’s not about me, it’s about us, and our journey toward a better life. You can read my personal story on the about page.

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