How to Have Good Thoughts About Life

How would you like to have thoughts that inspire you in a fraction of a second at will? To detox your mind from negative thinking once and for all: for example thoughts that tell us we’re not good enough: not smart enough: not attracting enough, and so on. Science has now proven that people who have good thoughts about life are generally happier, healthier, with a deeper understanding (quality) of themselves. Basically the way we think alters our health, happiness, and emotions in every area of our lives.

Developing Good Thoughts

Imagine your thoughts being on a frequency, or light switch that you can turn off, and on at will. The moment you think you’re not happy, smart, or attractive… flip the switch to I’m beautiful, smart with every reason to be happy.

The problem is that our habitual negative thought patterns sabotage our well-being, and happiness. Most of us have experienced times when everything around us is falling apart. Things we took for granite in the past no longer work.

Everything around us changes. Our business, our family, and our friends. We change every day, and it can have a detrimental effect on our life. We are aging; we are growing, expanding, reaching, and moving toward something. The question is what? There are no exceptions to the everlasting laws of the universe. God has placed the heavens in place, and gave man a mind to think.

We are creative beings. What we think comes from within, and is expressed outwardly through thought, and words. We have power. We have a gift. We can speak both positive and negative things into our life on a daily basis. We become what we think about. And what we think about becomes our daily circumstance. With this knowledge we can train our thoughts to work for us instead of against us.

Suppose you’re constantly thinking in your mind “I am so broke”. Switch that thought to “I’ am so rich”. If you alter your thinking, you’ll alter your actions which is what produces wealth.

We have the power to switch negative thought patterns off, and turn positive ones on. The more we understand the way our mind works, the more it makes sense. We can turn off thoughts that drain us, and turn on good thoughts about life that inspire us.

Creating good thoughts on demand

Our mind is a creative force of energy designed specifically to carry out thoughts on demand. Your subconscious mind does not discriminate right from wrong or positive thoughts from negative thoughts.

It just stores our command in real-time, and then creates the result. This is the exact reason why it’s so important to choose thoughts wisely. Our thoughts create our reality.

One effective way to turn off negative thoughts is to use positive affirmations. They are words that describe how you want to be, instead of how you think things really are. They collide with your logical mind that tells you you’re not enough, and nothing will ever change. You will discover incredible potential when learn to bypass negative thoughts that hold you back.

Positive affirmations are like software programs that literally rewire the brain with positive suggestions. Under the right circumstances positive affirmations create fresh pathways into the subconscious mind to alter the way we think about our-selves.

Try taking deep breaths and relax your mind. Then slowly start speaking positive words into your life. The best time is usually before going to bed, and in the morning before you start your day.  Get in the habit of building up your mind, and your life using affirmations.

Everyday my thoughts are bringing me closer to my true desire.

All my desires come to me easily and naturally.

Everything I say, and do, produces abundance.

I am filled with success.

My energy and confidence attracts people, resources, and revenue.

All favorable things flow to me easily, and naturally.

I never have to force success; it just comes to me naturally.

I choose to be happy.

I choose to be successful.

I choose to be extraordinary.

Thoughts that inspire your life

Every choice is guided by divine order, and infinite wisdom.

My thoughts are shaping my reality.

Every thought illuminates my imagination, desires, and purpose.

All my thoughts, feelings, and emotions are assuring me of my success.

I am at perfect peace with myself, and everything around me.

I am rich beyond measure.

I am successful.

We have the ability to override, and replace negative thoughts, and focus on things that make us feel good. For more good thoughts about life here are more examples of positive affirmations that can switch our way of thinking.

Thoughts of Abundance

Everything I do creates abundance.

I master my thoughts and my mind with precision.

My life is filled with love, happiness, and joy.

I give more and more of my time, money, and resources to those in need.

Everything I have is a gift from God to bless others and myself.

Every negative thought needs my permission.

I no longer allow negative thoughts to influence my life.

My thoughts radiate power, energy, and light.

Every thought that keeps me from my inherit purpose, has no residence in my mind.

Each day positive thoughts are creating positive results

I give myself permission to heal from past negative thoughts.

I am so grateful for my life, and all the abundance in it.

Final thoughts

Living a life of inspiration is way easier than most of us think. We have a tendency as humans to make things more complicating. The key is consistency. Make up your mind to stay focused on what you want in life. Sometimes it takes a little more effort for those of us who are stubbornly negative. After all it took an entire lifetime of constant negative thinking to get that way. Put some of that stubbornness to use by flipping the negative switch off, and turning the positive one on. Fill your mind with inspiration while focusing on good thoughts about life.


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