How to Know Yourself Better & Recreate Your Life Story

Creating a positive life can happen the moment you choose to know yourself deep down. Many of us go through life being told who we are from every source imaginable, directly and indirectly. We enter this world with no concept of who we are or why were here.

Soon afterwards our life becomes a living story that reflects how we feel about our-selves, and others. We become a living open book to the outside world whether we like it or not. People read the headlines every day. Our character speaks volumes about who we are inwardly. The outside world is only a reflection of the inward heart.

Research has shown that most of us simply don’t like our-selves not to mention realize our inner potential as human beings. We are uniquely created with unimaginable power, and potential. We can rewrite our life story at any time, and create any life we envision. Yet many of us never experience that awaking moment when everything in our life changes. That driving force that motivates us inwardly to get up every day with a feeling of expectation ….It compels us to win, and do great things. This kind of living is different than average people experience, and it’s also impossible without a deeper understanding of who we are, and what we truly want in life. Here are some practical techniques to know yourself internally.

Know your identity

Knowing yourself and your true identity will save a lifetime of disappointments.  Everything you think, know, and believe is a mirrored reflection of who you are. We are all curious how people see us, and it can be both healthy, and unhealthy.

Outside influence is usually not the best place to find out more about ourselves, or even what others might think about us, but we do need a circle of friends who pull no punches. They tell us exactly what we don’t want to hear. In other words people in our life that tell us the truth or opposite of what we like to hear about ourselves. These are generally those who know us best, and see through our charm, or weakness, or anything else they can use against us. These people actually help sharpen our people skills, but they don’t define us.

The source should always be considered before anyone should accept constructive criticism as fact. For example is this coming from coworkers who don’t know you personally, or from family and friends who care. This is why it’s so important to know your identity so you’re not swayed by empty words that mislead, and misrepresent who you are as a person. Most of us know exactly what that feels like.

Believe me what most people think about you is not near as important as what you think about your-self. Make it a point to know your self-identity, and be wise enough to except constructive criticism even if you feel it’s unfair. But there is a limit to this. Only you have the capacity to know your identity better than anyone else.

Imagine if your whole life experience was what others thought about you? Yet for many people this is exactly what leads to a confused life with no purpose, or direction. Knowing your identity will give you inner strength, and insight to every challenge you’ll ever face.

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.
Basically we are all looking for someone who knows who we are and will break it to us gently”. Robert Brault.

Define who you are

Having a deeper understanding of who you is critical in the growing stages of defining yourself, and creating a better life. Whenever you define who you are others around may not always like it, or accept it. Living in your own skin will cause a shift in the way others perceive and treat you, especially those who have dominated over you in the past. It will be much harder to be controlled when you are defined, and confident.

The more in tune you are inwardly the less outer influence will have dominion over your life. Your life story is being shaped but so is your wisdom. Early influences can have lasting effects, but a definite purpose, with determination can overcome any challenge, and shape our destiny.

We must learn to listen to that inner call that vibrates truth in every cell of our body. That gut feeling that assures us we’re doing the right thing regardless of how it may seem to the outside world. It’s easy to define ourselves when everything feels perfect, but what about when it’s not? What about when everything around us is literally falling apart? That’s when you’re actually defining who you are, and building strength…. It’s like your character is being crushed, pressurized like a diamond before its beauty is revealed.

Don’t be tossed like a leaf in the wind without reason and purpose. If you spend your life trying to please everybody you’ll never experience happiness, or have the capacity to define yourself as a human being.

When you look inside yourself what do you see? Most people in general don’t know who they are themselves, so can they tell you who you are? Only you can answer that. There are several problems when you look to other people for an opinion about yourself. We live in a materialistic world, and people naturally try to define you based on your possessions, and outward appearance. (Examples)

  • Your career: the first thing many people want to know about you is your business, or career. Basically how much your worth.
  • Your appearance: Try putting on some old wrinkled clothes, and going into public to see if people treat you the same.
  • Your house: Unfortunately people may determine your worth by where you live.
  • Your car: if you’re driving an old beat up car your probably not going to be very popular.
  • Your popularity: Many of us are defined in social circles by how popular we are.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does put things into perspective. Basically we are conditioned to keep up with the Jones. Ask yourself this?Are you some kind of robotic cookie cutter humanoid living on a planet, or created by God with unique attributes, and extraordinary potential. I believe the latter is much more accurate. And his love for each of us has no end. No person on earth has the power, or insight to define who you are. The pen that writes your story is in your own hand, and knowing who holds it may take a lifetime.

Live life on purpose

Live life on purpose, and find out what puts energy in your bones. What is it that makes you get up in the morning excited to be alive? Start your day with a purpose in everything you do. Develop a dream, and watch everything around you take on a whole new meaning.

Doing this will develop more confidence as you grow, and get to know yourself better. Soon you’ll be well on your way to living a dream with intention, purpose, and direction as your life story unfolds.


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