How to Make Smart Choices That Matter Most

Making smart choices take a lot of practice. There are choices that can lead to happiness, and success, while others heartache and pain. We have the choice to love people or hate them: to be grateful or carry resentment: to build or destroy. Every day the choices we make impacts our life and those around us.

The way we see ourselves inwardly ultimately determines the choices we make every day. The more insights we have inside our-self the more we can advert bad choices with lasting effects. The most common reason people make wrong choices is they don’t know who they are, or what they want. The consequences can literally destroy relationships, along with financial ruin not to mention a good reputation.

The end result is usually pain, hardship, and regret. Each day the sun rises there’s another chance to start over, and do things right. It’s never too late to start making smart choices no matter how many bad ones you’ve made in the past. The purpose here is to get to the root cause of wrong choices, so we can avoid them, and start making smart choices that lead us to a better overall life.

“Today I choose Life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices- today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it”. Kevyn Aucoin

Making smart choices easy

“Below are a few tips & techniques to help make smart choices easier.

  • Using the power of choice wisely: How we relate and treat other people is also a choice. We can hold grudges and be bitter, or open-minded and kind. Many of us refuse to see ourselves from the lens of other people. Other people show us who we are inside by how they relate to us. Our attitude, emotions, and feelings are all reflected back to us from other people. You can’t expect loving kindness from others if you don’t show it back to them. If you come across out of fear and insecurities than guess what? That will come back to you from other people. There is a power of choice to either love people or try to avoid and isolate yourself from them. The more interested you are in people the more interest people will have in you. This can open the door to abundant resources while creating long-lasting relationships.
  • Using time and money wisely : Time is priceless and the choice is ours in how we spend it. It’s easy to get in a rut in life and lose focus by intentional or unintentional distractions that keep our mind preoccupied with things that aren’t important. The choice in how we build our lives with the time we have will decide relationships and wealth. When our life is not prioritized and balanced we make sloppy choices with lasting effects. How we spend our time, money, and energy are all by choices that either make life easier or much harder.

Why balanced choices matter

smart choicesLiving with more balance puts life back in sync while preventing a lot of mart unnecessary stress and frustration. But it does take practice especially in business! It’s easy to get so caught up in your business/career that balance is the last thing on the list.

I was a 7 day full-blown work alcoholic without any recognition of balance in life. This is not a smart choice for those that want success in your life! Yes I became successful but how do you define success? Without balance I almost lost everything that mattered most.

I worked this way year after year until something happened that caused different choices in my life. One day while driving I could feel something trying to take my mind literally. It was one exhausting fight and it took every ounce of energy for me to prevail.

The fight only lasted a moment but it felt like a lifetime. I could feel myself slowly getting a little stronger until this overwhelming feeling was gone. My life was never the same from that day on. What almost destroyed made me stronger, and more focus on what I wanted in life.

Smart choices that make life better

From that day forward I made a choice to put balance back into my life.  Making smart choices does make life easier, and much more manageable. Immediately I noticed a renewed person and it seemed every thing I did afterward prospered. All the stress was gone and a powerful renewed energy flowed from my veins. This transition made me relax and unusually comfortable. The result was the ability to get more done in one hour then 3 hours before.

I made the choice to let things go a little, and become a better husband and father. This choice created balance that I never had before and gave me a new perspective about life.

Final thoughts

Usually the things we treasure most have little to do with money. When I decided to put more balance into my life it restored my marriage, my relationships,  and my business. At the end of the day making smart choices can make life more happy, meaningful. and enjoyable.

About the Author:

Hello I’m Archie Manley Site Author. Even though I run this site it’s not about me, it’s about us, and our journey toward a better life. You can read my personal story on the about page.

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