How to Self-Talk Your Way to Success

Our self-talk either opens the way to success, or closes the door around every corner. Whether we know it or not we develop self-talk at an early age, and it affects everything around us, and within us. Basically our entire perception of who we are is done through self-talk.

What we say to ourselves come to us through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions every living moment. We are not here to suffer. We are here to make a difference in the world which goes beyond our ability to accumulate money, or indulge only in self gratification.

Success is a vague word in definition, and it means different things to different people. Whatever your definition is ….Your self-talk is either leading you toward your personal success, or pulling you further away. Most of us have had self-doubt at some point in our lives … feeling less important than others, or even fearful of certain situations. When you practice positive self- talk consistently it can actually help override these feelings of insecurity, and bring out the best in you.

 Using self talk to work in your favor

Start dividing what you want in your life, from what you don’t want. Here is how it works – Say you want more success … Say you’re tired of barely getting by from paycheck to paycheck, and you want a different lifestyle. Start internalizing a new self-talk language that describes what you want instead of what you don’t want. For example – As soon as your self-doubt starts telling you how broke you are … reverse it to how rich you are.

Try speaking these words below out loud three times a day and see what happens. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel within a few days. And when you feel better about yourself things begin to work in your favor.

  • I am successful.
  • I am successful in everything I do.
  • I am moving toward success every single day in my life.
  • I’m grateful for all the success coming my way.

For some of us this kind of self-talk is the complete opposite of what we’ve been telling ourselves for years. What you say to yourself determines your life.  When we learn to separate what we want from what you don’t want it puts things into perspective. If you don’t want anxiety, stress, and fear turn your focus toward love, happiness, joy, gratitude, and well-being.

You have the power to conquer, and divide what you want from what you don’t want. Why is this important? Because our thoughts are things, and these things manifest into reality. They are shaping our lives whether we know it, or not. Yesterday’s thoughts have brought us today’s circumstances. Developing a habit of positive self talk can work in your favor while increasing your probability toward success in whatever you do.

 Why self-talk can elevate your way to success

Your new self talk will elevate your attitude while increasing your level of confidence, and success. This puts you in a much favorable position for personal achievement. At this point you’ll probably want a game plan for whatever level of success you desire. Something well thought out detailing a specific plan of action. This could be to start a new business, or to make more money in your current profession. For example you may work in sales, or commissions and would like to substantially increase your income. How can you use your self-talk to make this happen? Set a specific goal of how much money you want to make for the month. Before going to work tell yourself how much money you need to make that day to accomplish your ultimate goal. Even if you don’t achieve it your self-talk is improving your personality, and character.

Practice every day telling yourself what you expect to accomplish, and overtime it will pay off in unimaginable ways. You’ll be happier, and you will have a vision for success. In some cases, you may not get it right the first time. This means, a lot more waiting and watching to figure out what really strikes gold. Nonetheless, be assured that if you’re working hard and smart, there is always a way to success.

 How to internalize more inward strength using positive self-talk

No matter who you share your fears with your shadows will always be yours alone. Understand that shadows help you discover your black spots, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. So don’t see them as something you need to push away, see them as one of life’s many leanings. They help us discover who we are, and what we want with more clarity. So in an odd way our shadows of fear, and doubt can be used to advance our way to success.

Most successful people look inward to gain strength, and acceptance. They take a critical look at themselves, analyze their strengths and weaknesses so they work in their advantage. This helps them figure out their true powers, and helps them understand their potential in a better way. Once they comprehend this, they set goals within themselves to achieve them. You will find that many successful people learn to develop positive self-talk early on. They think, and speak a foreign language to the average Joe.

Final thoughts

The average Joe looks outward for strength. He needs a pat on the back, and soothing words to keep him motivated. Highly successful people usually don’t need outside flattery to keep them motivated. They know what they want, and do what it takes to get it. They do it either consciously, or subconsciously through self-talk that internalizes a powerful belief which opens the way to success. So to experience the same kind of success  …  Start practicing positive self-talk, and soon you’ll be thinking, and speaking your way to success.

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