Job Trap -Avoiding Dead End Jobs

Life has a way of throwing a curve ball, and one common pitch is a job trap that offers no chance of success. Many talented people end up with low paying jobs, and a lifestyle that don’t match their potential.

It’s hard to imagine a life of success when you don’t have an avenue to get there, Deep down there’s a competitive nature in us all that desires to excel at whatever we do whether it’s sports, or at the job. So what is it that causes people to excel in so many areas with the exception of financial success? Most of us are passionate about our work, and want to do well in life.

Passion is what motivates us to work hard and take pride in doing a quality job well done regardless of pay. Sadly many will work harder at a dead end job then on their personal growth, personal finances, and personal lifestyle.

If that same energy was used to create entrepreneur skills, and personal success they would be out of there in no time. The reasons vary…… People get so busy that opportunities are missed, or they feel stuck, powerless in a job trap that offers no hope for a better life. We should always be grateful for any job despite the pay, but we don’t have to get stuck there for life.

Why a job trap

The job trap makes people feel there’s no other options because the bills are do, and after all we have to eat. So what choice is really out there? When we feel powerless and tolerate a job in exchange for a salary or paycheck our inner potential is usually not challenged.

Several people today are overqualified and underpaid at their jobs. As a result many have lost dreams that faded long ago. Life becomes more about survival then a life of happiness, abundance, and success,. Remember it’s our competitive nature that drives us to excel. We are not created to be suppressed, discouraged, and defeated.

job trap

Obviously every situation is different, but there are far better ways to earn money then a job. For example a business system that generates residual passive income streams whether you’re working, playing gulf, or on vacation. This will be the philosophical business model of the future.

Peoples buying habits are changing more and more as fuel prices rise and knowledge increases. Building automated systems that deliver ongoing income while you sleep is just smart. Once the system is in place, it can run in motion continuously whether you fine tune it or not. From this lifestyle you can begin to invest your time and energy increasing your income, without a job trap that doesn’t know you exist until you’re needed.

Breaking free

There are still those uninformed that believe a job is the safer secure way to earn money even though the signs are everywhere that things are changing fast. Social perceptions cause people to work hard, but think wrong. They will never experience a better life, or break free from their job. It wasn’t until I quit my $60,000 per year job that I began to experience real success.

I was working in retail management six days a week for just under 20 years. Within 4 years of quitting I was making more in one day then I made in a whole week at my old job. I found new skills I didn’t know I had! These skills were small but significant. I learned to use less energy, and make a lot more money.

I learned with determination to outsource, and use my time to make myself successful. This caused an inner shift that gave me reason and purpose to rise and start the day with more enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. There are far better ways to make money then a place you don’t want to be, and people you don’t want to see. The greatest feeling was the day I decided to break free from a job that kept me stuck in life for years.

job choices

Job choices are usually made with little thought outside the social conditioned mind-set. Many in college or in life for that matter don’t know what they want.  Influence is powerful, and can cause people to become what others think they should be. For example family traditions, social influence, and friends can unintentionally cause a disastrous job with lasting consequences for someone.

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not doing what they enjoy”. Malcolm S. Forbes

People will stay at a job for several reasons! Maybe all those years of college would be wasted, or they just can’t see themselves doing something else. Whatever the reasons putting a business in motion that generates passive income 24/7, or starting a local business in something you love may not be a bad choice. Putting together a plan is never to late, and can pay off much more than a job trap that leads to a dead end road.

Final thoughts

Our entire life is filled with choices that either makes our life easier or harder. If you’ve made a wrong job choice there’s more opportunities now then ever before. The opportunities are endless everywhere.

Making a choice out of a dead end job is the hardest part. Once this choice is made the sky is the limit to your success.  The easiest part is taking the right steps toward a better life.  Learn how to start your future success out of a job trap. 


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