7 Ways to Condition Your Life For Success

Success does not usually happen by chance, or with some random string of luck. We must take certain steps that condition us for more abundance. Without a plan we can easily find ourselves stuck in life. The financial system is broke, and those who don’t adapt to news ways of making money will probably never experience financial success.

The irony is that it’s not doom, and gloom for those who learn. Some of us have lost our desire to win in life. That’s not even the worst part. When we begin to lower our expectations, and settle for a life of mediocrity we never discover our full potential. This happens more often than we like to admit.

Yet deep down most of us still want to achieve more in our lives. That small inner voice from within speaks volumes to the core of our being saying ……What are you doing with your life…..  The voice of truth who reminds us who we are, and what we are capable of. And the truth is that your future can be brighter than you ever imagined possible. Here’s 7 ways that can help condition your life for success.

1. Avoid information overload

Most of the information we gather today is useless. In fact you must avoid information overload at all cost if you’re going to keep your sanity. There are two kinds of knowledge. One that is useful, and another that is useless.

Learn to sift through what’s important, and spit out what’s not. In other words keep your eye on the big picture without getting bogged down with minor details. Take some time out …… Step back….. And think about what you want to achieve. Then start moving in that direction one step at a time.

“We are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom.” Tony Robbins

2. Get organized

When we remove the clutter in our life we think better, feel better, and perform better. Putting more organization into our daily lives helps condition us for success. The more organized we are the more self-confident we become. As our confidence grows our energy levels increase.

Living organized is not just about cleaning everything around you. You probably know people who can only keep a clean house a few hours before everything’s a mess again. Why? Because organization is a lifestyle.

If we don’t clean up as we go along we accumulate a mess. We should always make it a point to live our life in a clean environment. More organization improves our mood, and our emotional state. It also saves time, and makes our lives much more productive.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. Benjamin Franklin

3. Stop dwelling on the past

The only power we have is NOW. We can decide at any moment that our story is not going to end like this. Dwelling on the past drains your energy, and keeps you in a powerless state. Successful people know that our emotions drive everything.

When we dwell on the past our brain is less resourceful. We have less ability to make clear decisions. For successful better results we must live in the moment. Life is a miracle in motion. The past is gone, and the future is yet to come. The only power we have to make positive changes is now. When you do it will energize your projects, your business, your relationships, and your entire life.

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. Unknown

4. Go a new direction

We are taught to never give up, or quit something we started, but sometimes continuing down the same path is not smart. Over time it usually becomes more, and more clear when we’re going the wrong direction. Never allow anyone to try, and mold you into something you’re not. It will only lead to a life of misery.

Decide exactly what you want your life to look like then put one foot in front of the other to make it happen. One simple step forward may be just enough to put in motion a better life with new beginnings, and a new direction.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.  Jimmy Dean

5. Develop a vision for complete success

Visualize yourself having complete success. When a vision is born inside us it produces hope, and hope produces desire, and desire produces a dream, and a dream produces energy, and energy produces action, and action produces results. It’s what makes dreams come true.

To every action there’s a reaction in the universe, Without a vision our life becomes repetitious, and meaningless with nothing to hope for. We are not created to live in a defeated state of mindlessness. We are designed to win. And once we know what’s important we can start developing a vision for success.

Whatever that idea lifestyle looks like, we have to take action and set some goals in place to make it a reality. To have complete success visualize in detail your vision then act on it at once.

Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build. Robert Collier

6. Condition your life for positive change

Everything around us is constantly changing including our mind, body, likes, dislikes, and habits. All these and more… are in cycles of change. For example our family, friends, relationships, and careers are all changing around us creating new challenges and opportunities as we evolve and grow together.

We all have unique areas to change in life, but the reasons vary! For many of us it’s time to start a new business, make new friends, get into a new relationship, or out of an old one. Usually it’s your intuition that lets you know when you need to condition your life for success, or positive change.

Since we cannot stop things from changing we should learn to embrace it. We should become more adaptive, flexible, and resourceful. After all change is a part of life so since we can’t change it we should embrace it, let it go, and let whatever happens happen.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

7. Smell the coffee along the way

Science has proven that when we don’t take time out in life we become less productive, more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and illnesses. We simply need to stop, and smell the coffee along the way. Don’t get so preoccupied that you lose sight of who you are, and what that dream looks like in your life.

Whenever we lose sight of why we do what we do it’s probably time to make changes. Or if we get so preoccupied in our work that we lose interest in people some changes are needed.

Every moment of life is a gift from God, and if we never enjoy small moments, we lose sight of the most important things that life has to offer. We can literally become so robotic, and repetitious that we lose our humanity.

Yes we need to work hard to move us toward our dreams, but let us never forget why we’re doing it in the first place. All seven of these tips, and techniques will help condition your life for success in everything you do.

We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup. Jerry Seinfeld

Finding Your Life Purpose Beyond Logical Thinking

Discovering your life purpose may seem easy, but for most of us it’s not. Many of us simply don’t know what we want in life, not to mention our purpose. 

Your subconscious mind on the other hand knows no limitations, because it’s connected to your authentic self. Behind all those layers of complexity, practical intelligence, and logical reasoning, is a person deep down who knows no limitations.

No matter how intelligent you are, if you depend completely on your logical mind for answers you will never experience your life purpose. The reason is simple! your logical mind puts limitations on everything you do without any emotional strings attached.

How deep desires connect to your life purpose

Our life purpose usually has a connection to our emotions, and deep desires. One way to find answers is through an effective technique that pinpoints your emotional desires. What you’re looking for is a desire that triggers an emotional reaction.

Here’s a few examples below that you may feel a deep connection with.

  • What do I desire in my life that I don’t have now?
  • If money was not an issue how would I live my life?
  • What did I love to do in the past that I’m not doing now?
  • How can I do more to help other people?
  • What do I really want for my family?
  • If I had the perfect relationship with my spouse what would that look like?
  • What would I do if there were no obstacles or limitations in my life?

Finding your emotional sweet spot to energize your life

These are not all going to have your life purpose in them, but as you continue to answer the questions you may feel an emotional connection with one or two. Feel free to add several more to the list. Ask yourself from 1-10 where is your intensity level on a specific desire. 

You will find that when desires are pursued below a 9 on intensity levels they usually become learning experiences and not life changing. The heart desire of a 10 is the sweet spot. And it will energize your projects, your family, and your entire life. That’s where you will find your life purpose.

How the logical mind works against positive change

How can logical thinking possibly keep us from making positive changes? We know logically that certain things are bad for us yet we do them anyway. Our logical mind will justify things while putting up limitations that put life on hold. We hide behind logic to justify bad habits, laziness, bitterness, insecurities, and several other things that give a false sense of justification. The good news is that we can override this with positive mindsets that bring out our full potential.  

When we allow our logic to take complete control it reduces any positive change. It will sabotage our life purpose around every corner. Our logical mind will control our thoughts, habits, positions, and conditions while defending our present state without any recognition for change.

Logic with imagination is a powerful thing

The logical mind filters out anything that contradicts conditioned programming from the past. When it receives any information it believes is impossible it simply rejects it. Our logic serves you well when you have imagination, and creativity to keep it in balance. But only you have the power to condition your mind, and your life any way you choose.

Maybe a gut feeling tells us something’s wrong, and it makes no logical sense why. Or something just feels right, but there’s no logical reason why. Many of us have a keen sense of intuition that is pretty accurate. If we only listen to our head instead of our heart we will miss our life purpose. When we connect practical thinking, and logic with imagination we find ourselves, and become much more powerful.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein

Finding your life purpose with your heart not your head

The heart is linked to our purpose, and speaks to us through desires, feelings, and emotions. Most people try to create their life with mindsets instead of heartsets. Our heart is the higher spiritual part of the mind which has access to the subconscious without our logical minds permission.

We have the authority to bypass the logical gate-keeper, and speak directly into our life where the subconscious mind dwells. This is done through prayer, attributes, and meditation.

Our mind simply wants to protect us, and it’s willing to fight us at every turn. Making positive changes, and expanding our personal growth is not a bad thing. Find your life purpose with your heart not your head. Your subconscious mind holds the secrets to incredible success. 

How to Manifest Abundance On Autopilot

There are those that seem to manifest abundance with little effort, and those that try hard but never find it. What is it that separates success from failure? Our thoughts create the tipping point between happiness and hopelessness even though they seem powerless and futile.

Everything we think and believe becomes our circumstance and manifests themselves into reality. What we think can bring a life of abundance, mediocrity, or poverty. Our creative mind does not discriminate, it just delivers the life our thoughts tell it. Many of us underestimate the power of the mind and never realize that our thoughts create our own demise. What we thought yesterday has now become our circumstance today. The art of positive thought creation manifest abundance, and transitions us from despair and hopelessness, to happiness, well-being, and success.

“Creation is always happening. Every time an individual has a thought, or a chronic way of thinking, They’re in the creation process. Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts”. Micheal Bernard Backwith

Manifesting Abundance with thoughts

Thought creation is one of the most powerful tools to start manifesting abundance, and personal development is a huge factor in its effectiveness.  We can exercise creative visualization in such detail that it begins to manifest supernaturally into our life. This process is backed by science, and is becoming more, and more popular for obvious reasons. Imagine the possibilities if you could create the life you’ve always dreamed with your mind.

The problem is this same power can also be misused with wrong incentives and motives. Imagine a toddler having a loaded 357 magnum in their hand and you’ll get the picture. We create thoughts every moment that can have unintended consequences when our thought patterns are not in line with who we really are inwardly. What we tell our-self becomes who we are.

There’s also people who use thought creation for selfish desires to create riches for themselves without considering helping others as well. That’s why our manifestations are always weighed in correlation to our motives behind thought creation. It’s like a safety mechanism that protects us from being completely self-absorbed without considering other people.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most selfish people who count every nickel many times have or give nothing, while others give abundantly and prosper. The more selfish we are the less likely that positive manifestations will be released into our life.

If we never give in small things we will not give in large things either. It’s not how rich or poor we are, but how we use what we have. The abundant flow of positive manifestations are more likely to happen in our life when we use our resources to help others as well as our-self.

There is a law of abundance that carries with it responsibility. If thought creation is only to receive and not give it can choke the flow to grow and manifest abundance in your life.

Physical and spiritual abundant manifestation

There are Physical and Spiritual elements to thoughts that are so powerful they manifest directly in our life everyday. The simplicity is so easy it’s hard for many to believe a thought can change a circumstance. There’s a reaction to every action in the universe. On earth if you throw a ball up it must come down! We no physical laws like gravity but not the spiritual laws of God.

There are things we don’t know in the spiritual that go way beyond our perception of truth. This hits a nerve for some who believe that truth is only our own reality. If I lived in a cave and never saw light would I believe it exist? Light exists outside the cave whether I believe it or not. There are forces at work in the spiritual unseen whether I believe it or not.

People with extraordinary intelligence need science to prove everything! Faith would not be faith if it had to be proven! Faith is unseen yet can be spoken as seen in the spiritual releasing manifestations before they exist in the physical. The unseen spiritual world is powerful and alive working in us and through us yet separate in dimensions. Thoughts deliver in the spirit manifestations before they exist physically, harmonizing with elements that bring both positive and negative results. Our mind has the capacity to make things manifest abundance, mediocrity, or poverty.

” We do not need more intellectual power, we need more spiritual power.We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things unseen”. Calvin Coolidge

Creative visualization

Creative visualization can keep people from going in circles their whole life. There are delusional concepts that hard work “only” creates success. While hard work is good and provides discipline it does not have the power of creative visualization. What the mind thinks is more powerful than hard work alone. Everything created by man was created and visualized in the mind first before it ever became a visible reality.

Our thoughts are a creative force that can create conditions in the mind to manifest abundance, and produce a better life. This is hard for some because we relate to what we see, smell, touch, hear, and taste.

How our mind creates both positive and negative manifestations

We only use 5 to 10% of our brains capacity which means we know very little about how our mind actually works. But what we do know is astonishing to say the least. We know that our mind creates our reality, and manifests both positive, and negative results. We know that our mind(thought patterns) can manifest abundance in our life by simply changing the way we think. Incredible is it not. That something so profound is hardly even taught in our schools, and universities. Our mind is designed to manifest the life we tell it. If we continuously sabotage our mind with negative input then guess what? You’ll get negative results. And if you continuously reinforce our mind with positive thoughts we get to live an extraordinary life with more than we can imagine.

Final thoughts

The concept that effort and hard work produces success is only half-true! Without the other half the wheels wont spin. Thoughts are where a vision is born, created in the mind to carry out a desire. The power of thought can manifest reality beyond logic. Some would say it’s hard work, sweat, and tears that brings success, but were finding out now that the mind can do much more than our hands. Creative visualization and hard work are both necessary for success, but it’s and delivers  both positive, and negative results.

15 Life Hacks To Stay Motivated in Life

Motivation usually has a shelf life especially when there’s no game plan to stay motivated. Even highly successful people admit it’s hard to stay on top of their game at certain times of their lives. Getting motivated is one thing,  but to stay motivated is an art that many never master.

No matter what we want to achieve in life whether it’s a healthier body, more money, better relationships, or something else entirely different …. There will be days you simply want to quit, or not show up. There will be workouts that you don’t feel like starting. There will be meetings you don’t feel like attending… circumstances you don’t feel like dealing with. And if that were not enough you will have days where your energy level and emotions are drained. Anyone can get motivated, but few actually stay motivated.

These ups, and downs are part of life, and if we’re honest most of us face these motivational challenges more often than we like to admit. However, if we are serious about success there’s no turning back. We have to press forward whether we feel like it or not. Starting with a positive mindsets make it much easier to stay motivated, and focused.

15 tips & techniques to stay motivated

4 Ways to Live Happier With No Strings Attached

How would it feel if you could live happier without more headaches, and complications in life? To manage time more efficiently enabling success in everything you set your mind on doing. For most of us it’s not as complicated as we make it. It is more of a mind-set than some magic formula that will somehow make all our problems go away.

The way we think determines our life, and everything else in-between. If you don’t like your life you can change it at any moment you decide enough is enough. I’m going to shake off my misery, my past, my shame. my regrets, my disappointments, and start a new day with more hope, more gratitude, and more happiness.

Choosing to live happier

From this day forward I choose to live happier regardless of my circumstances. That’s what I mean when I say to change your mind-set. This new way of thinking will begin to heal past pains, and bring in fresh emotions that you have not felt in a long time. It may take some time, but if you have any desire to live happier never give up on yourself, or others. In the darkest moments in life remember ….. Joy comes in the morning ,,,,, gladness will have a new meaning in your heart once you’ve came thus far. Here are 4 uncomplicated ways to live a happier, and a more meaningful life.


Research shows that happy people have modest levels of expectation and aspirations — they want what they can get — while unhappy people never seem to get what they want. They also know how to avoid disappointments and how to generate pleasant surprises. This is because they strive for realistic goals and are happy with their lot. As Dr Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega, of the University of Monterrey, Mexico, confirms, we must accept things as they come.

‘We spend a lot of time complaining about the things that happen to us, but this is a waste of time and effort,’ he says. ‘To be happy, we need to enjoy what we have.’


Happy people do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do — and don’t do it for the money  or glory. There’s no point being stuck in a job you hate, surrounded by unfriendly colleagues just because the money is good — people forget that they are allowed to be happy at work, too. Many spend the best years of their lives trying to make money, sacrificing their health and family in the process, says Dr Garcia Vega. Later, they spend the same money they made working trying to recover their lost health and estranged family.


Don’t dwell on the past, on things that went wrong or previous failures. Similarly, don’t dream about an idealised future that doesn’t exist or worry about what hasn’t happened yet. Happy people live for the now; they have positive mind sets. If you can’t be happy today, what makes you think tomorrow will be different?


Don’t be afraid to step back and re-evaluate your goals. Imagine your life as a story that you can edit and revise as you  go along. This kind of flexible approach requires positive thinking and an open mind — you need to actively choose to be happy.


Iceland has the happiest population, while Britain came ninth in a world survey

‘You always have the freedom to choose the manner in which you wish to approach any given situation,’ says Dr Garcia Vega.This theory is backed up by Ingrida Geciene of Vilnius University, Lithuania, who researched the happiness of people in 31 European countries.

She found that ‘voluntarists’ (people who feel they have free choice and complete control over their life) were happier than fatalists (people who think little can be changed by personal intervention).
Luckily for us, Northern European countries contain more voluntarists while Latin European countries such as Spain and Italy have a higher percentage of fatalists.

Final thoughts

To live happier is more about choice than circumstances. We have the power within us to determine how our story will end. Most of us knows deep down that God holds our destiny. But our daily choices have a detrimental effect on our happiness.

We get to decide …. We determine whether we will live happier, or not. And regardless of our age, or challenges we can make positive changes that set us on a new coarse. Open news doors, with new friends ,new resources, and a new attitude fueled with new energy.

When you feel good about your-self you can find your blitz. You can also find out what makes you happy inside. And with all that you’ll finally realize that it’s up to you to live a happier life. Read more: 12 secrets of being happy using research from 100 experts 


How to Make Smart Choices That Matter Most

Making smart choices take a lot of practice. There are choices that can lead to happiness, and success, while others heartache and pain. We have the choice to love people or hate them: to be grateful or carry resentment: to build or destroy. Every day the choices we make impacts our life and those around us.

The way we see ourselves inwardly ultimately determines the choices we make every day. The more insights we have inside our-self the more we can advert bad choices with lasting effects. The most common reason people make wrong choices is they don’t know who they are, or what they want. The consequences can literally destroy relationships, along with financial ruin not to mention a good reputation.

The end result is usually pain, hardship, and regret. Each day the sun rises there’s another chance to start over, and do things right. It’s never too late to start making smart choices no matter how many bad ones you’ve made in the past. The purpose here is to get to the root cause of wrong choices, so we can avoid them, and start making smart choices that lead us to a better overall life.

“Today I choose Life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices- today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it”. Kevyn Aucoin

Making smart choices easy

“Below are a few tips & techniques to help make smart choices easier.

  • Using the power of choice wisely: How we relate and treat other people is also a choice. We can hold grudges and be bitter, or open-minded and kind. Many of us refuse to see ourselves from the lens of other people. Other people show us who we are inside by how they relate to us. Our attitude, emotions, and feelings are all reflected back to us from other people. You can’t expect loving kindness from others if you don’t show it back to them. If you come across out of fear and insecurities than guess what? That will come back to you from other people. There is a power of choice to either love people or try to avoid and isolate yourself from them. The more interested you are in people the more interest people will have in you. This can open the door to abundant resources while creating long-lasting relationships.
  • Using time and money wisely : Time is priceless and the choice is ours in how we spend it. It’s easy to get in a rut in life and lose focus by intentional or unintentional distractions that keep our mind preoccupied with things that aren’t important. The choice in how we build our lives with the time we have will decide relationships and wealth. When our life is not prioritized and balanced we make sloppy choices with lasting effects. How we spend our time, money, and energy are all by choices that either make life easier or much harder.

Why balanced choices matter

smart choicesLiving with more balance puts life back in sync while preventing a lot of mart unnecessary stress and frustration. But it does take practice especially in business! It’s easy to get so caught up in your business/career that balance is the last thing on the list.

I was a 7 day full-blown work alcoholic without any recognition of balance in life. This is not a smart choice for those that want success in your life! Yes I became successful but how do you define success? Without balance I almost lost everything that mattered most.

I worked this way year after year until something happened that caused different choices in my life. One day while driving I could feel something trying to take my mind literally. It was one exhausting fight and it took every ounce of energy for me to prevail.

The fight only lasted a moment but it felt like a lifetime. I could feel myself slowly getting a little stronger until this overwhelming feeling was gone. My life was never the same from that day on. What almost destroyed made me stronger, and more focus on what I wanted in life.

Smart choices that make life better

From that day forward I made a choice to put balance back into my life.  Making smart choices does make life easier, and much more manageable. Immediately I noticed a renewed person and it seemed every thing I did afterward prospered. All the stress was gone and a powerful renewed energy flowed from my veins. This transition made me relax and unusually comfortable. The result was the ability to get more done in one hour then 3 hours before.

I made the choice to let things go a little, and become a better husband and father. This choice created balance that I never had before and gave me a new perspective about life.

Final thoughts

Usually the things we treasure most have little to do with money. When I decided to put more balance into my life it restored my marriage, my relationships,  and my business. At the end of the day making smart choices can make life more happy, meaningful. and enjoyable.