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How to Get Unstuck In Life & Out Of A Dead End Job

Getting stuck in life can happen to anyone for a number of reasons. In fact most of us have had certain times in our lives of sadness, disappoint, and regret. One common hardship is financial problems. When you’re working hard at a dead end job, and barely surviving it’s easy to feel stuck.

dead end jobIt’s hard to imagine a life of success when you don’t have an avenue to get there. Deep down there’s a competitive nature in us all to excel at whatever we do. Most of us are passionate about our work, and want the best life for ourselves, and our family.

Passion is what motivates us to work hard and take pride in doing a quality job well done regardless of pay. Sadly many will work harder at a dead end job then on their personal development. We should always be grateful for any job despite the pay, but we don’t have to get stuck there for life.

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune”. Jim Rohn

Getting unstuck from life & work

Dead End JobGetting unstuck is a mindset. We are all creatures of habit, and we don’t like change which makes it easy to get stuck. We can’t continue doing the same old thing, and expect a different result.

When we feel there’s no other options it’s easy to become withdrawn, and depressed. Allowing these feelings to fester in our mind long, and they will sabotage our entire life. So what choice is really out there? When we feel powerless our inner potential is usually never challenged.

Several people today are overqualified and underpaid at their jobs. As a result many have lost dreams that faded long ago. Life becomes more about survival then a life of success. Remember it’s our competitive nature that drives us to success. To get unstuck it’s best to find ways to spark that inner drive with a dose of desire. Start thinking about how things can get better.

3 starting points to avoid dead end jobs

Here’s three things to do when you’re stuck in life, and feel there’s no way out of your dead end job.

  • Reclaim your passion: What is it that you loved doing in the past that you’re not doing now? There are hidden layers of treasure in our past that can remind us of our true passion in life. Reclaim it with an open mind, and some adventure. To get unstuck we need some imagination to expand our mind.
  • Develop a brilliant game plan: You need a brilliant detailed plan of action. How? Train your mind for success by finding out what motivates you, moves you, and inspires your inner drive to make things happen. Use your time wisely to broaden your knowledge in business.
  • Learn the art of making money: Every situation is different, […]
  • life passion follow your dreams

How to Reclaim Your Life Passion

Losing your life passion is easy when other options pay more money, or they’re more convenient. In short term these options may provide a sense of security, but long term make you miserable. When we don’t have a passion in our work we can easily feel out of sync on a daily bases.

As human beings we need a life passion like oxygen to keep us in a constant state of internal motivation. Dreading each day to do something we hate is no way to live life. Here’s how it goes! Put your dreams aside, get educated, get a good job that pays lots of money, and live happily ever after. The problem with this formula is that it seems logical at first, but the end result many times leads to regret.

Years later we get the “what if” syndrome! What if I would have? What if I started that business I was so passionate about years ago? I wonder where would I’d be today if …. The bottom line is that it’s easy to play it safe, and follow our head instead of following our intuition, that inner call that pulls us another direction.

The good news about life

The good news is that no matter how things have turned out it’s never too late to reclaim your life passion regardless of age, or past.  To start over, and follow your bliss. To regain a sense of belonging that keeps nudging us with an itch to do something new. When we lose sight of what really makes us happy it’s probably time to go a new direction. But even though this is so obvious …  It’s easy to stay in the same old rut that has kept life on hold for years hoping that things will get better.

This is why people who never connect their life with a passion usually never get very far. Taking a step back can help determine whether your moving closer, or farther away from the things you love. Becoming more self aware in your daily routine can help determine whether your happy, or wasted time and energy on a dead end road going nowhere. Your life passion is not always easy to find, but the good news is that life rewards those who do, and it far outweighs the effort.

 Discovering your passion

Discovering your passion is frustrating when you don’t understand what you want. For example those in college taking out loans for a degree in something they have no interest in. Others are influenced to follow their parents, or peers dream instead of their own. Once you have a deeper understanding of yourself it’s a lot easier to align your career, lifestyle, and business with the direction you want to go.

Suppose you know deep down that something is missing in your life, but to the outside world your life seems perfect. There’s a disconnect between reality, and what you truly want.

Spending a lifetime in an environment that pulls us away from our aspirations […]

  • Positive Change

5 Essentials to Making a Positive Change In Your Life

Usually the People in life who experience positive change follow personal development principles that have been around since the dawn of thought. The life we now have has enormous potential when we learn to utilize the resources available within us. So how can this inner potential be harnessed to create the life you truly want?

Everything around us, and within us are in constant cycles of change creating new challenges and opportunities as we evolve. However one thing that seems to never change is human nature. Our primitive instincts to survive, and thrive cannot be ignored. The one common denominator we all have despite every cultural diversity is a deep desire for wealth, health, and happiness. But for any of these things to truly happen we must make some positive changes in our lives. 

We all have areas in our life that need improvement, but the reasons vary! Maybe it’s time to start a new business, make new friends, get into a new relationship, or out of an old one. Usually it’s our intuition that lets us know when our life needs to change.

5 Essential skillsets for positive change

1 – Master Your Time Wisely

Every person on the planet has 24 hours each day to use wisely, or waste it away. We can easily find ourselves habitually wasting away time on things that don’t matter.

The choices we make everyday determines how we spend our time which determines our present state we find ourselves in. This reflects our true priorities, and measures our incentives. Time is priceless. We can either build our dreams, or waste them away on endless distractions that get us nowhere. Learn to increase your daily productivity, and eliminate time killer’s.

“Time= Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life”. Alan Lakein

2 – Create a Dynamic DMO ( Daily Method Of Operation): 

The Art of Personal DevelopmentWhen you put your dreams into action your daily routines become detrimental to your success. We should know where we are, where we’re going, and how we plan to get there. Have you ever noticed how we get less done when we have no direction, organization, or plan in our life. Creating an Organized daily planner with a method of operation is a great tool that shows exactly what you want to achieve. Here’s some suggestions below.

  • Develop a dream
  • Find a mentor that has what you want
  • Duplicate what they do
  • Organize a daily method of operation
  • Avoid time killer’s

3 – Develop better people skills

Without people skills we simply don’t get far in life which makes positive change much harder. This one skill-set is what separates high income earners from low income earners in every industry. In most cases the better people skills we learn the more money we earn. At a deeper level this same skillset has an enormous affect on […]

Simple Ways to Have Good Thoughts About Life

good thoughtsLearning to develop good thoughts that make us feel alive, and happy should be top priority in our lives. Without them life becomes meaningless. What if there was a way to detox your mind once and for all. The one’s that tell you you’re not good enough: not smart enough: not attracting enough, and so on. Science has shown that people who have good thoughts about themselves, and life in general, are healthier, happier, and more successful. 
Imagine your thoughts being on a frequency, or light switch that turns on, and off at will. The moment you think about how unhappy you are, or how unattractive you are … flip the switch to … I’m beautiful, with every reason to be happy. With consistency you’ll start to believe it. What we believe affects our health – our self worth – our happiness, and our income. With so much at stake maybe it’s time to stretch our imagination with some good thoughts about life that inspires us.

Creating good thoughts on demand

Everything around us, and within us is in a constant state of change. This includes our business, our family, our friends …. We are aging; we are growing, expanding, reaching, and moving toward something. The question is what? We become what we think about. What we think about becomes our daily situation, and eventually these same mindsets lead us to our destiny.
With this knowledge we can train our thoughts to work for us. We can turn off thoughts that drain us, and turn on good thoughts that inspire us. Our mind is a creative force of energy designed specifically to manifest thoughts on demand.
Your subconscious mind does not discriminate right from wrong or positive thoughts from negative ones. It just stores up your command in real-time, and then creates the results. This is the exact reason why so many struggle in life without realizing they are the cause. Our thoughts create our circumstances, and will ultimately determine whether we win, or lose in life.

good thoughts

See yourself as magnificent

One effective way to turn off a negative view of yourself is with positive affirmations.  Before long you’ll see yourself as magnificent regardless of the situation you’re in. They are words that describe how you want things to be, instead of how you think things really are. They collide with your logical mind which generally tells you nothing will ever work, or change.
Positive affirmations are like software programs that literally rewire the brain with positive suggestions 
Under the right conditions they can create fresh pathways into the subconscious mind to alter the way we think about ourselves.
Words are powerful when we believe them. Because of this we can replace our internal vocabulary with a new language of inspiration. Here’s a […]

  • Positive Mindsets

7 Positive Mindsets to Unlock Unlimited Success

Developing positive mindsets can open a whole new world you never knew existed. How many mysteries are in the mind of man that we’ve yet to discover? The mind is a precious wonder with untapped potential that transcends beyond our wildest dreams.

The greatest think tanks in history have marveled at the inconceivable capacity to uncover them all. Imagine the limitless potential you would have if you could tap into your mind’s infinite resources. Your life would suddenly take on new meaning with new ideas, innovations, and endless possibilities. Here’s seven things you can do to unlock unlimited success using positive mindsets.

“The mind is just like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.” Idowu Koyenikan

1 – Learn to use positive mindsets correctly

There are specific reasons why positive mindsets are so effective. Everything we see is made up of energy. Here’s the good, and bad news. When we focus on our dreams with certainty we can unleash a powerful energy source that manifests success on demand. The bad news is our point of focus can also work against us.

There are laws in the universe that are so precise they never fail. What we believe, and focus on most determines our outcome. Many of us have no idea this power even exists. The creative mind has no limitations, and because of this the possibilities in our life are endless.

With a detailed focus we can elevate higher frequency levels of energy to carry out specific commands at will. Developing positive mindsets with a laser focus on our intention is the key to personal success. 

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail”. Giorgio Armani

2 – Remove logical reasonings that set limitations 

We are the only one who can put limitations on our life. These limitations originated from social conditioning in our childhood that embedded what we can, and cannot do. When you’re not aware of this you can easily put barriers around every corner of your life

The law of cause, and effect applies to every thought we think in real-time. Our mind has the capacity to think things into existence. It’s as sure as gravity! Your mind has the power to create the life you focus on most. How?  Simply bypass the logical gate keeper.

Our logical mind can be our worst enemy. For example: we know logically that certain things are bad for us yet we do them anyway. Our logical mind will justify them all while putting up limitations around every corner.

We learn early on to hide behind logic to justify insecurities, laziness, addictions, and several other things that give us a false sense of justification. When we allow our logic to dominate every decision we never experience our full potential. It will control our thoughts, positions, and conditions while defending our present life without any recognition for change.

The treasures of accurate […]

  • Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment – Personal Growth on Autopilot

Brainwave entrainment is perhaps the fastest, most effective technology for personal growth on the planet. Science has now learned that our brainwave frequencies affect every part of our life. This includes our memory, emotions, thought patterns, personality, learning abilities, and our overall health. Whenever two audio tones are played in each ear at ranges between 10 to 30 Hz cycles per second.

Say one ear has a tone of 230 Hz and the other 220 Hz… your brain will pick up the difference and form a third frequency at 10 Hz and start synchronizing the beats which then creates a harmonic state of consciousness freeing blocked frequency passages in the brain.

When the brain hears these frequencies, it attempts to follow the frequency pattern. This is a natural process known as “brainwave entrainment. At this state the mind is wide open for positive suggestions and influence. These same frequencies in our brain can become blocked or deficient under a host of circumstances such as stress disorders, trauma, addiction, depression, and more.

The most effective way to unblock these trapped frequencies is through a process called brainwave entrainment. Simply put on some headphones… Let go….. And your mind will automatically do the rest.

What are the benefits?

Brainwave Entrainment has been scientifically proven to make you think sharper, Master emotions, increase energy, and sleep less. along with many other benefits. You can free your mind of destructive thought patterns while replacing them with positive energy that skyrockets your confidence, well-being, and success.

  • Personal GrowthConnect with yourself, and others at a deeper level with less effort.
  • Increase Happiness: Increase deep sensations of happiness.
  • Stress Relief: If you’re under a lot of stress simply put on some headphones and let soothing sounds relieve the tension.
  • Motivation: Helps stimulate your brain to enhance motivation.
  • Health: Proven to benefit overall health.
  • Sleep Disorders: Deep sleep healing to relieve pressure build up.
  • Improves Focus: Increases high levels of focus to improve success in everything you do.
  • Increases Energy: Helps stimulate parts of the brain that make you energetic.
  • Relaxation: Brainwave Entrainment is one of the best methods for total relaxation, letting go, and relieving the mind of tension.
  • Addiction Aid: Has proven to help overcome addictions.

How Brainwave Entrainment Works

There are obviously lots of reasons that brainwave entrainment can benefit your life, but how does it work?  Well it’s not rocket science, but there is an art to getting the best results possible.

  • Create a pleasant environment: Create a place around you where you can relax, pray, and meditate.
  • Put on earphones:  Simply put on some earphones ….. close your eyes and listen to soft sounds that fill your mind with peace and relaxation. The initial effects of brainwave entrainment are usually reduced stress, and increased relaxation. However within a short period of time, you should be able to reach higher peaks on-demand.
  • Use positive suggestions:  Speak positive words into your mind, and focus on what you […]
  • Affirmations

Simple Affirmations to Make a Positive Change In Your Life

Throughout history a change of thought has literally changed families, communities, nations, and the world. For many of us a simple change of thought would revolutionize our entire life. It would improve our health, our self confidence, our relationships, and our business. But how can we actually change the way we think about ourselves, and our outlook on life?

Affirmations have proven to be a great place to start. They’re an effective way to shift our perception of ourselves at a subconscious level. Many of us are unable to experience a better life due to mental barriers, and destructive thought patterns that hold us back. However you don’t have to be a total pessimist to benefit tremendously from using affirmations.

How do positive affirmations work?

AffirmationsAffirmations are simply positive suggestions with specific meanings to help override destructive belief patterns. When used properly they speak words of power, purpose, and inspiration into our mind on a daily basis.

It’s no secret that we become what we think about most ….. So why not think about what you want in your life? Affirmations are an effective tool to improve your results in every industry, and business.

If you practice affirmations on a daily basis your mind will begin to direct you in ways you never imagined. You’ll think of solutions to problems that seemed impossible before. Brilliant ideas will pop into your mind out of nowhere triggering creative ways to do things better, and more efficiently.

You’ll become more productive, more alert, and motivated as you learn to master the art of positive affirmations.

Using affirmations subconsciously

Affirmations is a science for those who use them properly. There is a constant battle between the conscious and subconscious mind. We may have good intentions using willpower, and brute force to overcome bad habits, addictions, and wrong thinking, but if these intentions are not ingrained subconsciously they will most likely never happen.
For this reason affirmations are an effective tool,  because they cause the brain to accept positive suggestions as facts. The beauty of this process is that positive things start happening in you, and around you without effort, or force. 
 After getting into a relaxed meditative mood speak these words into your mind. Focus on each word with emotion as you try to connect with yourself at a deeper level of consciousness.

Developing more self confidence

I’m feeling more alive, alert, and confident everyday.

Each challenge I face makes me stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable

Daily I’m becoming more positive about my self image

Each day that passes I practice being the real “me” who I like, and love.

Everyday I’m producing positive changes in my life.

I take time to express love to people all around me

I’m starting to understand myself better and better

Each moment I’m gaining more self confidence

I am advancing my life moment by moment with new experiences

Everything I need already exist, and is waiting for me

My life is in […]

  • power struggles in marriage

How to Win Power Struggles in Marriage

power struggles My wife Natalee, and I enjoying life after 33 years of marriage. See my personal story on the about page.

Power struggles is one of the biggest reasons more marriages end up in court then a life filled with love and happiness. Statistically the chances of any marriage to survive is not in everyone’s favor. As the divorce rates continue to skyrocket in marriage the sacred sacrifice of love for many have been lost.

One of the most miserable ways to live life is with someone you have grown to despise. There truly is a fine line between love and hate. If you’re going through power struggles in your marriage, you know exactly what that means. The endless arguments over the stupidest things, and the feeling of resentment, anger, and even regret. Here we will expose the root cause for power struggles in marriage, and offer real solutions that work. When you know the cause you can develop a plan to overcome them once and for all. Having a game plan for your marriage may not seem fun, romantic, or sexy, but the alternative is usually a lot worse.

 Why Power struggles?

When marriage begins certain boundaries have to be established in order for the relationship to have flow and function. These boundaries are invisible barriers that stem from our emotions, feelings, and identity. Whenever silly arguments start they usually have nothing to do with the real issue. The real issue is hidden deep down entangled with emotions that are shrouded with insecurity.

These insecurities are in denial and are usually demonstrated by the need to dominate and have power and control. Overtime we learn to hide behind our true feelings of being powerless, and unappreciated. We try hard to never let our insecurities show who we really are. There are many ways to win power struggles in marriage but here we will cut to the chase. Power struggles can be broken by three key elements that help hold the foundation of the marriage together.

Recognize: When the root cause of power struggles is recognized in marriage you have a real shot at overcoming it. There are real consequences when power struggles persist so weigh them carefully. Power struggles are like a tug-of war pulling a rope exerting every ounce of energy at all cost for victory. The problem is there’s no victory in power struggles with marriage. Both end up losing and many times the children are stuck with the consequences.

Power struggles drains the marriage and eventually causes broken dreams and wasted years of misery. Having a my way or highway attitude will eventually leave you with your worst fears. Powerless, unappreciated, not needed, and alone! Recognizing power struggle motives and realizing the consequences help give a new healthy perspective.

Trust:  It’s better to trust and be happy then not to and be miserable. Trust is not about perfection but more in honesty and dependability. […]

  • self-confidence

Developing the Art of Self-Confidence

Learning the art of self-confidence can actually make you healthier, happier, and more successful. You will build better relationships, have more money, energy, and enthusiasm. These are only a few of the benefits that are available when we overcome our fears, and grow in self-confidence. There is a way that leads to a positive life filled with purpose, expectation,  and happiness.

Growing more self-confidence in life   

Before we can grow more self-confidence we have to be willing to face our true colors. If we ignore feelings of low self-esteem eventually it can sabotage our identity, affect our personality, and leave us empty with no purpose in life. The root cause is usually traced to social conditioned fear from early on. Fear of failure … fear of others … fear of our-self, and fear of facing the truth.

You might think this is a psychological disorder few face, but think again. Studies have now shown that most people simply don’t like themselves, not to mention have the self-confidence to overcome many of the fears we all face. Here are some simple tips to grow more self-confidence,

  • Make yourself more accountable: Becoming accountable for every action we take is not always easy. But when we do something happens in our lives. We become more powerful. Otherwise we become a victim of circumstance, lose our authority, and blame others for our mistakes. Accountability is what puts us in the driver’s seat of our life, and establishes much better self-image.
  • Embrace the power of change: If you find yourself going in circles getting nowhere it maybe time to evaluate your career, relationships, friends, and so on. When our actions are moving us farther away from what we truly want it’s time to make some positive changes in our life. If not eventually our actions will lower our self-confidence because deep down we know it’s time for a new direction. The power of change is in our own hand, and we can choose to use it at anytime.

Practice failing forward

The fear of failure is something we all have to face at some point in our lives. Playing it safe usually never brings out the extraordinary potential inside us. Failure is really only practice for those who learn from their mistakes.

Our failures sharpen us: make us do things better, faster, and a whole lot smarter the next time around. In fact people willing to fail increase their probability of success. That’s right … Any great achievement can only be done through many failures. Overcoming our failures is not an easy task, but when the mind sees only possibilities nothing can stop it. As a result we can use failure as a stepping stone to move us forward with each lesson we learn. 

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful”.  Paul Sweeney

Overcome fear with courage

What keeps people from rising above mediocrity, and making positive changes? It takes courage to look inside and admit that […]

  • enjoy your life

How to Enjoy Your Life With Imagination

Life is a busy place with constant challenges that keep us so preoccupied many of us have little time for imagination. But without it our logical mind completely dominates our thoughts with little room to think big. We forget to imagine the possibilities. When all the dust settles do you enjoy your life? Think of a time in your life when you were truly happy. I remember as a little boy spending an entire summer staring at the stars pondering all the possibilities in my life. This invincible feeling began to fade as I grew older replacing imagination with logic, and practicalities.

I had to learn like everyone else to survive in a world filled with challenges. But as I grew older, and a little wiser I realized that you can’t accomplish much without imagination. Sometimes it’s easy to get so preoccupied we forget what makes us happy. The purpose here is to provide simple ways to enjoy your life with practical solutions using your imagination.

“All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination; Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.”  Napoleon Hill.

How imagination brings more happiness

When it comes to enjoying life there are few things more important than understanding what makes you happy. Everything flows naturally with more rhythm, and enthusiasm when you feel happier.

Enjoying our life should be one of our highest callings. We all know that everyday we face challenges, and there’s no magic pill to make them all go away. However there are ways to minimize some of them, and eliminate others altogether.

Our imagination can do wonders when we use it in our favor.  It can help us to visualize how it may feel once we experience a certain dream, or goal we want to achieve. Imagination can bring out new ideas, new innovations, and resources, that could never happen relying solely on logic. It can skyrocket your self image beyond your wildest dreams. And most importantly it can make life more fun, and enjoyable. The more you enjoy your life, the more happiness in every aspect of your life.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.Albert Einstein.

Never stop dreaming

We are all born with an imagination from early on, but many of us lose it along the way. We stop dreaming. We follow our head knowledge without any heart knowledge. We learn to be logical, skeptical, and practical. Which are needed to a certain point, but they can also be unhealthy, unbalanced, and work against us.

The logical mind hates change, and will fight you around every corner to keep things as they are even though positive changes are desperately needed.

Without change we become stagnate. Without imagination we lose sight of hope, and push happiness off for another day. When we stop dreaming we lose focus on things that matter most.

Develop a desire for success

Developing a desire for success helps create the energy. and intensity needed to […]

How to Know Yourself Better & Recreate Your Life Story

One of the most effective ways to go a new direction, and recreate your life story is to get to know yourself better. Creating a positive life usually only happens the moment we choose to take a hard look inside ourselves for answers. Many of us go through life being told who we are from every source imaginable, directly and indirectly. We enter this world with no concept of who we are or why were here.

Soon afterwards our life becomes a living story that reflects how we feel about ourselves, and others. We become a living open book to the outside world whether we like it or not. People read the headlines every day. Our character speaks volumes about who we are inwardly. The outside world is only a self reflection of the inward heart.

Research has shown that most of us simply don’t like ourselves not to mention realize our inner potential. We are uniquely created with unimaginable power, and potential. We can rewrite our life story at any time, and create any life we envision. Yet for many of us we never get to experience that awaking moment when everything changes for the better. To experience that driving force that motivates us inwardly to get up each day with a feeling of expectation. To gain a deeper understanding of ourselves with more clarity, and surety. Do you want more positive things to happen in your daily life? The more you get to know yourself the easier it is to have success in whatever you do.

Get to know yourself better internally

Getting to know yourself better at a deeper level is not what most average people experience. In fact quite opposite. Without a deeper understanding of who you are it’s easy to lose sight of your intention, purpose, and direction. To accept mediocrity without any expectation that things can get better. Under this frame of mind we can easily find ourselves feeling out of place in most social circles unable to relate, or connect with other people.

Please receive my free eBook to you personally  the Art of Personal Development which shares the habits, routines, and strategies of highly successful people. The tips & techniques illustrated can literally change your life. Read my personal story on the about page.

When you get to know yourself better internally it will save you a lifetime of disappointments.  Everything you think, know, and believe is a mirrored reflection of how you think about yourself. We are all curious how people see us, and it can be both healthy, and unhealthy. If you don’t like your life story then change it. How? Despite your circumstance it’s never too late to start over, and recreate your life story.  

How outside influence can make you better

Outside influence is usually not the best place to find out more about ourselves, or even what others might think about us, […]

  • Critical Thinker

How Critical Thinking Can Overcome Fear & Social Conditioning

Why is it that some are able to create any life they desire, while others don’t dare? When fear is removed real purpose can begin to flourish in the heart, and mind of anyone who desires a better life.  The problem is that fear is very subtle, and not always easy to detect. Only when we recognize the source of our fears can we rise above mediocrity.  

Are You a Critical thinker, or Average Joe?

Critical thinkers can usually pinpoint fear tactics, swayed agendas, and the sources behind them immediately. Unfortunately the average Joe can’t.  Anyone who wants to rise above the norm must first recognize social engineering methods, and fear tactics that have been used to control societies for centuries. Before a Surgeon can remove a tumor he/she must first find the source.  For example what do you put in your mind everyday? Is it building your life up or creating fear and anxiety? These are important questions that we all need to ask ourselves.

The corporate media have a lot of power, and use it to create fear. Create the problem then market the solution. They do this to people who are not very smart. You really can’t blame them because they are putting out what sells. Many fall victim because they can’t discern what is being processed in their minds from reality. This is why becoming a critical thinker can be a great asset to your life. The ability to think, and discern can improve self-confidence while putting things under more scrutiny. Not everything we read, or hear about is true.

The average thinker does not realize from elementary school onward they’ve been conditioned to think a certain way.  They are never taught to be a critical thinker. The good news is it’s never too late to reverse this, and recreate you life story.

Learning to think beyond social conditioning & the media

There is a powerful agenda designed specifically to create a society that can’t think on its own. Once this is understood it’s easy to spot from the educational system, to governments and corrupt politics who craft laws bought and designed to control most of the world’s banking industries.

These same power structures own most of the media and no longer tolerate true journalism regardless of political party. This is not saying that all people who are in these industries are bad people! It’s saying that several are restricted from the sacred duty to humanity to present truth and not stretched exaggerations. They are being used as puppets that heed the master’s call. People can be manipulated without even knowing it.

Powers in […]

  • positive thought patterns

The Art of Positive Thought Patterns

Thought patterns are subtle yet they affect every area of our life. They can work in our favor, or completely work against us. We all have seasons in our life where “positive change” is not only necessary, but urgent. Without embracing change we become stagnate, existing but never reaching our inner potential that compels us to do more. As long as our thinking habits remain the same, so will our daily circumstances.

If we truly want change we must awaken from within, and harness our thought life. How ? Our thought patterns affect our health, relationships, business, self-confidence, and money. I think with so much at stake you understand why this is such an important topic. The rest of this blog centers on how to develop your mind to work in your favor, instead of against you.

“Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken”. Frank Herbert.

Thought Patterns

Throughout history a change of thought has literally changed families, communities, nations, and the world. Our thought patterns are what manifest our daily circumstances. In fact where we are today is the results from yesterday’s thoughts. We literally build, or destroy the life our thoughts create.

This is why people who constantly think negative unintentionally create bad things in their life. Being conscientious of how we think is the starting point for a healthy mind. But before we can make positive changes in how we think, we need to identify thought patterns that put life on hold.

  • I can’t lose weight
  • I’m too old
  • Things never work out
  • I’m always broke
  • I feel unattractive
  • I’m not smart
  • People avoid me
  • Why does this always happen to me
  • I will never get through this

We have the power in our mind to switch on and off thought patterns that either work for us or against us.

 Making Positive changes

When our thoughts change, our life changes. The mind is where a vision is born that enables persistence to drive success toward any victory. Our mind has the power to create thought patterns that carry out positive change.

“Positive attributes to change negative thought patterns”.

  • I’m creative, focused and positive about my life
  • The energetic, and persistent confidence I feel is amazing
  • I’m stress free, and relaxed.
  • My thoughts are clear and fear has no place in my life.
  • I’m advancing my life toward success everyday.
  • My life is filled with happiness and success.
  • I love people and my energy attracts them in my life.
  • I’m determined to make my life better.

We need to see our-self having the life we always dreamed, and reinforce our thought patterns to override the fear of failure and rejection. Over time this will create real change.

When we become a victim of circumstance our natural response is to blame everything or everybody but ourselves. So how can we change thoughts to work for us instead of against us? First we need to find out what we need to change most in our life then focus on the ones that take a […]

  • daily habits

Simple Daily Habits For A Better Life

Sometimes it’s the simple daily habits that can either improve our life, or make it much harder. Below are some ideas to make life a little easier, and enjoyable, while you move toward that big dream, and create a better life for yourself.

Daily Habits to Make Life Simple

  • Get present. Studies find the best way to stay cheerful is to stay centered in the present—even when it’s not all that pleasant. In contrast, a wandering mind and daydreaming can bring people down. The best way to re-center? Sit quietly for a few minutes and try some deep, calming breaths. Focus on the breath moving in and out of the body and gently guide attention back to the breath if the mind starts to wander.
  • Count your blessings. Think about or write down what you’re thankful for. Even if there’s not time to write down everything,expressing gratitude creates an instant mood boost.
  • Snuggle up. Climbing under a soft blanket for a few minutes might make us more relaxed and flexible. Researchers found there’s something about contact with soft things that just makes us feel better.
  • Do something nice for somebody else. Yep, being nice can help us feel nicer. Small actions—holding the door for the person behind you, sending a quick love text to a partner or friend, or donating ten bucks to a favorite charity—count, so there’s no excuse not to get your nice on.
  • Listen to a happy song. It’s quick; it’s easy; it’s an instant mood-lifter. Sing along (perfect pitch not required) for extra benefit.
  • Go somewhere quiet. Even if it’s just the office bathroom, taking a few minutes to sit in a quiet space with no external stimulation can do wonders for a bad mood.
  • Cuddle. Physical touch can decrease stress, make us feel happier, and even improve our health. For the single folks among us, don’t fret: Even a quick hug with a friend or acquaintance can yield benefits.
  • Hang out with a pet. Cuddling, playing, or just chillin’ with Fido can help us feel happier and less stressed .
  • Achieve a goal. Even small successes can have big mood payoffs. Toss a crumpled ball of paper into the trash can Michael Jordan style, win a game of Solitaire, pick up a pencil off the floor using only your toes—in moments you’ll be basking in the glory of accomplishment.
  • Give yourself a massage. A quick rubdown (focus on the neck, shoulders, lower back, and feet) can improve mood and release stress.
  • Meditate. Meditation is a quick, effective way to chill out and improve our outlook, and it might even make us smarter . Just a few minutes of sitting quietly, focusing on the breath, and maybe chanting a few Oms (silently or out loud) can snap us out of a funk.
  • Laugh. Laughter can cheer us up and decrease anxiety—and the best news is it doesn’t have to be “genuine” to have a […]
  • rise above mediocrity

5 Ways to Rise Above Mediocrity

To rise above mediocrity we must go beyond the robotic mind-set of social conditioning. Living in mediocrity makes people only do enough to survive, never exerting a challenge, or bettering them-self. The good news is it’s never too late to avoid this, and recreate your life story.

As human beings we are all creatures of habit. We become increasingly robotic in our routine at work and in life. Although convenient, this can lead to a life without self-improvement, or reaching higher levels of success. In order to rise above we must expand our learning curb in personal growth, and embrace a better way to think, and live.

Below you will learn the art of communication skills,  goal setting, and using your imagination effectively for success before it happens. We will also touch on the importance of using time wisely, and how to take action without procrastinating.  These 5 principles will hopefully help you achieve great success, and rise above mediocrity.

rise above mediocrity

#1- Get Motivated in Goal Setting

Getting motivated and staying motivated isn’t always an easy task. Even people who have achieved great success fall into slumps and find it hard to get motivated at certain times in their life. This is why goal setting is so important. If you’re in a slump right now, you know exactly what I mean.

No matter how many successes you’ve had in the past, it all seems irrelevant now. It seems like no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to achieve your goals; and even if you do, you’re not sure that accomplishing them will make you feel any better.

Fortunately for you, no matter how bad it seems right now, it doesn’t have to stay that way. You have a lot of options when it comes to breaking free from set-back, and barriers.

When we set goals we need one specific focus. When our mind processes a demand it has to be specific, with a deadline attached. It’s not enough to set goals like: lose more weight, make more money, and so on. They need to be in exact increments like $175.00 dollars a week or 7 pounds a month. The mind has the power to process thought patterns that ensures specific goals happen on time with precision. Having specific goals with detail, and a deadline attached will help you rise above mediocrity.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline”. Napoleon Hill

#2- Imagine success before it happens

Imagination is a powerful tool to create a better life for yourself. Focus on something you want to achieve, and then mentally simulate it over and over in your mind as it plays out. Athletes often use this technique to visualize themselves winning races, scoring points, or making a comeback after failure, and disadvantaged games.

If you want to truly be successful here’s a great place to start.  Start focusing your mind on what you want in life and visualize […]

Why Your Future Success Maybe Jobless

Today it’s more risky to depend on a job than ever before. Long gone are the days when you worked hard for 30 years, retire and live happily ever after. It probably sounds familiar because it worked well for people in the past. The average career plan for millions of people is to get a job.
The problem is the financial system is broke.While the cost of living is sky rocketing high paying jobs are diminishing. Most jobs won’t even keep up with inflation not to mention a better lifestyle, retirement. and better future. So what’s the solution? Is it still feasible to make more money than what most jobs offer? Let’s put the average job to the test and see if it’s the answer for your future success.

Jobs with no future success

Future SuccessAnything worth having usually has a risk, and jobs are no different. Any job with no chance of success is probably not worth the risk. You could end up getting stuck in a job you hate. Jobs are changing fast and the ones that offered good medical and retirement benefits are becoming obsolete.

Things are getting worse in the job market, and it doesn’t appear things are getting better anytime soon. So what’s better alternative …. Work a traditional low paying job, or start your own business ? Both scenarios have a risk factor.

Starting your own business has no guarantee of future success. You can spend your entire life savings, and lose everything. However with a traditional job you basically know what to expect. The risk factor decreases if you’re willing to barely get by while trading precious time and energy for little in return.

So the idea should be to minimize as much risk as possible while moving toward a financial goal, or business opportunity. This is a smart short term, and long term strategy,  but it requires some diligence. And there are many things to consider …here’s a few that puts your future success into perspective.

Why most traditional businesses cannot compete

future success

We live in the information age and wealth is being created in new ways that wasn’t available a decade ago. Small traditional businesses are closing down while large corporations are taking over. Traditional businesses are trying to compete with corporations that have more capital.

All this while trying to pay space rent, overhead, inventory, employees, payroll taxes, workers comp, and so on… I think you can understand why many fail within 5 years.

So what’s the solution?  As stated you need something with low risk, and high return. For example network marketing, or an internet business with unlimited earning potential providing a service that people are willing to pay for. Those that tap into this business model has a much higher chance of future success than those who choose a traditional job route.

Trading time for money

future success[…]

  • handle stress

7 Ways to Handle Stress More Effectively

There are some unique ways to handle stress effectively, but first we have to find the core reasons behind it. Living stress free sounds nice, but in the real world most of us have to find ways to minimize it on a daily bases. Life is filled with things that can easily cause stress, but how we handle it determines our  happiness, well-being, and health.

As we know stress causes illnesses. Our society emphasizes more on what goes into the body then what goes into the mind. What we think about affects our health, and everything else in-between. Here’s seven effective ways to handle stress.

1 – Find the source of the stress

Stress can show up in your life in very subtle ways. You may feel stressed and irritable not knowing why or where it’s coming from. Start identifying what you’re stressed about. How? Step back a moment, and think about what’s really bothering you. For example:

Work related stress: Maybe your workload is simply not feasible.  I worked under these conditions many years. The more I did the more they cut back my help. I was a meat manager for a large grocery chain in Southern California. I was basically doing the work of four people.  After 19 years I finally got fed up, and quit. You can read my full story on the about page. When you feel trapped at work with no way out it causes stress. Once you realize the possibilities of success outside your job it puts things into a healthy perspective.

Financial problems:  One of leading causes of stress victims is financial problems. There is nothing good about being in debt. It’s humiliating, and frustrating to try your hardest only to plunge deeper and deeper into debt. It keeps you up at night worrying how to pay next month’s bills. This causes deep feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. The antidote is to be grateful for small things despite circumstances. As you study the life of successful entrepreneurs you’ll find that in their darkest moments of disparity they became obsessed with finding things to be grateful for.  Always remember it’s never to late to start over with new beginnings.  There are plenty of solutions as we go along.

Relationships: Whenever you’re with someone you truly love, but can’t get along with causes emotional stress. When you argue, and fight it feels like every ounce of energy you have is sucked out of your mind, and body, and any sliver of hope you have in life is up in smoke. Living with someone you care deeply about, yet can’t even have a conversation without an argument will cause incredible stress in your life. Again we must find the source, and keep digging deeper  to find answers that will help us handle stress better, or at least minimize it.

2 – Take control of your life

As long as we continue to allow circumstances control our happiness we will never handle stress effectively. We must take […]

  • get a dog

15 Reasons to Get a Dog Before 30

One of the best things to do before turning thirty is to get a dog. When your a dog lover it’s hard to share your enthusiasm to those unfortunate souls who don’t want furry love, licks, and belly rubs.

Why get a dog before 30? Because studies have shown that a dog can actually improve your happiness, well-being, and overall life not to mention your health. At 30 you are at the age where these benefits really start to matter. If you haven’t owned a dog by forty it probably won’t happen anytime soon. You learn a lot by owning a dog. You learn firsthand what true loyalty looks like. They don’t hold grudges. They love you no matter what mood your in, and they’re always happy to see you. How many people can you say that about? Probably not to many! Here’s 10 reasons you should get a dog before 30. Here’s the first 10 reasons from barkpost.com.

1. Dogs increase your mood dramatically! 

  • Condition Your Life For Success

7 Ways to Condition Your Life For Success

Success does not usually happen by chance, or with some random string of luck. We must take certain steps that condition us for more abundance. Without a plan we can easily find ourselves stuck in life. The financial system is broke, and those who don’t adapt to news ways of making money will probably never experience financial success.

The irony is that it’s not doom, and gloom for those who learn. Some of us have lost our desire to win in life. That’s not even the worst part. When we begin to lower our expectations, and settle for a life of mediocrity we never discover our full potential. This happens more often than we like to admit.

Yet deep down most of us still want to achieve more in our lives. That small inner voice from within speaks volumes to the core of our being saying ……What are you doing with your life…..  The voice of truth who reminds us who we are, and what we are capable of. And the truth is that your future can be brighter than you ever imagined possible. Here’s 7 ways that can help condition your life for success.

1. Avoid information overload

Most of the information we gather today is useless. In fact you must avoid information overload at all cost if you’re going to keep your sanity. There are two kinds of knowledge. One that is useful, and another that is useless.

Learn to sift through what’s important, and spit out what’s not. In other words keep your eye on the big picture without getting bogged down with minor details. Take some time out …… Step back….. And think about what you want to achieve. Then start moving in that direction one step at a time.

“We are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom.” Tony Robbins

2. Get organized

When we remove the clutter in our life we think better, feel better, and perform better. Putting more organization into our daily lives helps condition us for success. The more organized we are the more self-confident we become. As our confidence grows our energy levels increase.

Living organized is not just about cleaning everything around you. You probably know people who can only keep a clean house a few hours before everything’s a mess again. Why? Because organization is a lifestyle.

If we don’t clean up as we go along we accumulate a mess. We should always make it a point to live our life in a clean environment. More organization improves our mood, and our emotional state. It also saves time, and makes our lives much more productive.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. Benjamin Franklin

3. Stop dwelling on the past

The only power we have is NOW. We can decide at any moment that our story is not going to end like this. Dwelling on the past drains your energy, and keeps you in a powerless state. Successful people know that our emotions drive everything.

When we […]

  • Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose Beyond Logical Thinking

Discovering your life purpose may seem easy, but for most of us it’s not. Many of us simply don’t know what we want in life, not to mention our purpose. 

Your subconscious mind on the other hand knows no limitations, because it’s connected to your authentic self. Behind all those layers of complexity, practical intelligence, and logical reasoning, is a person deep down who knows no limitations.

No matter how intelligent you are, if you depend completely on your logical mind for answers you will never experience your life purpose. The reason is simple! your logical mind puts limitations on everything you do without any emotional strings attached.

How deep desires connect to your life purpose

Our life purpose usually has a connection to our emotions, and deep desires. One way to find answers is through an effective technique that pinpoints your emotional desires. What you’re looking for is a desire that triggers an emotional reaction.

Here’s a few examples below that you may feel a deep connection with.

  • What do I desire in my life that I don’t have now?
  • If money was not an issue how would I live my life?
  • What did I love to do in the past that I’m not doing now?
  • How can I do more to help other people?
  • What do I really want for my family?
  • If I had the perfect relationship with my spouse what would that look like?
  • What would I do if there were no obstacles or limitations in my life?

Finding your emotional sweet spot to energize your life

These are not all going to have your life purpose in them, but as you continue to answer the questions you may feel an emotional connection with one or two. Feel free to add several more to the list. Ask yourself from 1-10 where is your intensity level on a specific desire. 

You will find that when desires are pursued below a 9 on intensity levels they usually become learning experiences and not life changing. The heart desire of a 10 is the sweet spot. And it will energize your projects, your family, and your entire life. That’s where you will find your life purpose.

How the logical mind works against positive change

How can logical thinking possibly keep us from making positive changes? We know logically that certain things are bad for us yet we do them anyway. Our logical mind will justify things while putting up limitations that put life on hold. We hide behind logic to justify bad habits, laziness, bitterness, insecurities, and several other things that give a false sense of justification. The good news is that we can […]

  • manifest success

How to Manifest Abundance On Autopilot

There are those that seem to manifest abundance with little effort, and those that try hard but never find it. What is it that separates success from failure? Our thoughts create the tipping point between happiness and hopelessness even though they seem powerless and futile.

Everything we think and believe becomes our circumstance and manifests themselves into reality. What we think can bring a life of abundance, mediocrity, or poverty. Our creative mind does not discriminate, it just delivers the life our thoughts tell it. Many of us underestimate the power of the mind and never realize that our thoughts create our own demise. What we thought yesterday has now become our circumstance today. The art of positive thought creation manifest abundance, and transitions us from despair and hopelessness, to happiness, well-being, and success.

“Creation is always happening. Every time an individual has a thought, or a chronic way of thinking, They’re in the creation process. Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts”. Micheal Bernard Backwith

Manifesting Abundance with thoughts

Thought creation is one of the most powerful tools to start manifesting abundance, and personal development is a huge factor in its effectiveness.  We can exercise creative visualization in such detail that it begins to manifest supernaturally into our life. This process is backed by science, and is becoming more, and more popular for obvious reasons. Imagine the possibilities if you could create the life you’ve always dreamed with your mind.

The problem is this same power can also be misused with wrong incentives and motives. Imagine a toddler having a loaded 357 magnum in their hand and you’ll get the picture. We create thoughts every moment that can have unintended consequences when our thought patterns are not in line with who we really are inwardly. What we tell our-self becomes who we are.

There’s also people who use thought creation for selfish desires to create riches for themselves without considering helping others as well. That’s why our manifestations are always weighed in correlation to our motives behind thought creation. It’s like a safety mechanism that protects us from being completely self-absorbed without considering other people.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most selfish people who count every nickel many times have or give nothing, while others give abundantly and prosper. The more selfish we are the less likely that positive manifestations will be released into our life.

If we never give in small things we will not give in large things either. It’s not how rich or poor we are, but how we use what we have. The abundant flow of positive manifestations are more likely to happen in our life when we use our resources to help others as well as our-self.

There is a law of abundance that carries with it responsibility. If thought creation is only to receive and not give it can choke the flow to grow and manifest abundance in your life.

Physical and spiritual abundant manifestation

There are Physical and Spiritual elements to thoughts that are so powerful they manifest directly in our life […]

  • stay motivated

15 Life Hacks To Stay Motivated in Life

Motivation usually has a shelf life especially when there’s no game plan to stay motivated. Even highly successful people admit it’s hard to stay on top of their game at certain times of their lives. Getting motivated is one thing,  but to stay motivated is an art that many never master.

No matter what we want to achieve in life whether it’s a healthier body, more money, better relationships, or something else entirely different …. There will be days you simply want to quit, or not show up. There will be workouts that you don’t feel like starting. There will be meetings you don’t feel like attending… circumstances you don’t feel like dealing with. And if that were not enough you will have days where your energy level and emotions are drained. Anyone can get motivated, but few actually stay motivated.

These ups, and downs are part of life, and if we’re honest most of us face these motivational challenges more often than we like to admit. However, if we are serious about success there’s no turning back. We have to press forward whether we feel like it or not. Starting with a positive mindsets make it much easier to stay motivated, and focused.

15 tips & techniques to stay motivated

  • live happier

4 Ways to Live Happier With No Strings Attached

How would it feel if you could live happier without more headaches, and complications in life? To manage time more efficiently enabling success in everything you set your mind on doing. For most of us it’s not as complicated as we make it. It is more of a mind-set than some magic formula that will somehow make all our problems go away.

The way we think determines our life, and everything else in-between. If you don’t like your life you can change it at any moment you decide enough is enough. I’m going to shake off my misery, my past, my shame. my regrets, my disappointments, and start a new day with more hope, more gratitude, and more happiness.

Choosing to live happier

From this day forward I choose to live happier regardless of my circumstances. That’s what I mean when I say to change your mind-set. This new way of thinking will begin to heal past pains, and bring in fresh emotions that you have not felt in a long time. It may take some time, but if you have any desire to live happier never give up on yourself, or others. In the darkest moments in life remember ….. Joy comes in the morning ,,,,, gladness will have a new meaning in your heart once you’ve came thus far. Here are 4 uncomplicated ways to live a happier, and a more meaningful life.


Research shows that happy people have modest levels of expectation and aspirations — they want what they can get — while unhappy people never seem to get what they want. They also know how to avoid disappointments and how to generate pleasant surprises. This is because they strive for realistic goals and are happy with their lot. As Dr Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega, of the University of Monterrey, Mexico, confirms, we must accept things as they come.

‘We spend a lot of time complaining about the things that happen to us, but this is a waste of time and effort,’ he says. ‘To be happy, we need to enjoy what we have.’


Happy people do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do — and don’t do it for the money  or glory. There’s no point being stuck in a job you hate, surrounded by unfriendly colleagues just because the money is good — people forget that they are allowed to be happy at work, too. Many spend the best years of their lives trying to make money, sacrificing their health and family in the process, says Dr Garcia Vega. Later, they spend the same money they made working trying to recover their lost health and estranged family.


Don’t dwell on the past, on things that went wrong or previous failures. Similarly, don’t dream about an idealised future that doesn’t exist or worry about what hasn’t happened yet. Happy people live for the now; they have positive mind sets. If you can’t be happy today, what makes you think tomorrow […]

  • smart choices

How to Make Smart Choices That Matter Most

Making smart choices take a lot of practice. There are choices that can lead to happiness, and success, while others heartache and pain. We have the choice to love people or hate them: to be grateful or carry resentment: to build or destroy. Every day the choices we make impacts our life and those around us.

The way we see ourselves inwardly ultimately determines the choices we make every day. The more insights we have inside our-self the more we can advert bad choices with lasting effects. The most common reason people make wrong choices is they don’t know who they are, or what they want. The consequences can literally destroy relationships, along with financial ruin not to mention a good reputation.

The end result is usually pain, hardship, and regret. Each day the sun rises there’s another chance to start over, and do things right. It’s never too late to start making smart choices no matter how many bad ones you’ve made in the past. The purpose here is to get to the root cause of wrong choices, so we can avoid them, and start making smart choices that lead us to a better overall life.

“Today I choose Life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices- today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it”. Kevyn Aucoin

Making smart choices easy

“Below are a few tips & techniques to help make smart choices easier.

  • Using the power of choice wisely: How we relate and treat other people is also a choice. We can hold grudges and be bitter, or open-minded and kind. Many of us refuse to see ourselves from the lens of other people. Other people show us who we are inside by how they relate to us. Our attitude, emotions, and feelings are all reflected back to us from other people. You can’t expect loving kindness from others if you don’t show it back to them. If you come across out of fear and insecurities than guess what? That will come back to you from other people. There is a power of choice to either love people or try to avoid and isolate yourself from them. The more interested you are in people the more interest people will have in you. This can open the door to abundant resources while creating long-lasting relationships.
  • Using time and money wisely : Time is priceless and the choice is ours in how we spend it. It’s easy to get in a rut in life and lose focus by intentional or unintentional distractions that keep our mind preoccupied with things that aren’t important. The choice in how we build our lives with the time we have will decide relationships and wealth. When our life is not prioritized and balanced we make sloppy choices with lasting effects. How we spend our time, money, and energy are all by choices that either […]
  • affirmations for healing

20 Health and Wellness Affirmations For Healing

Using affirmations for healing is highly effective according to science. Especially when there’s faith, and deep emotion involved. Our words have the power to make us healthy, and happier. For this reason alone we should think more carefully before we speak. It’s hard to imagine that words have the power of life, and death: Proverbs 18: 21. We can use our tongue to build each other up, or destroy one another.

Behind every good man is usually a wife who has the capacity to love him, encourage him to do better, be better, think better, and do more than he could ever do otherwise. And behind every good wife is a husband who loves, and adores her. Both can make their spouse feel either beautiful, and whole, or unworthy, unappreciated, and useless without any physical touch at all.

Verbal abuse is horrible for those who become a victim of it. The words we speak have a detrimental effect on not only ourselves, but those around us. Encouraging words are like an antidote that brings health, and wellness back into our bones with a deep sense of well-being. Learning to use positive affirmations can literally change your life.

Affirmations for healing

There has been thousands of studies on using affirmations for healing around the world from many cultures, Here Dr Phil Shapiro explains more insights.

The science of affirmations teaches us how to send powerful positive thoughts to our conscious and subconscious minds and to the cells in our body as chemical, electrical, and magnetic waves. Through a simple maneuver involving free will and choice, we learn how to deploy our own thoughts to break through limitations, transform bad habits, turn failure into success, and activate our healing powers.

Our thoughts have leverage in the inner workings of our cells having to do with transforming disease into health. By using affirmations to cultivate spiritual qualities, we stimulate healing power. When we align our thinking with such qualities as peace, compassion, and understanding, we set up harmonious conditions for the healing power to do its work. The right condition for healing is a mere thought away.

The discovery that we are both the problem and the solution in the intimate proximity of our own minds is of enormous importance. A new level of responsibility and work is assumed when we learn how to apply the power of thought to affect any need or condition.

“Life is a battle between negative and positive forces. In the mind, this battle takes place between positive and negative thoughts. Following is a description of how practicing affirmations can help us transform our subconscious and conscious minds into a powerful, positive force”.
Dr Phil Shapiro

We do this by speaking encouraging words into our mind, body, and spirit. If you’ve never tried using affirmations for healing start practicing now. Words of encouragement can heal a broken spirit faster than any drug, or pill. When we feel depressed it affects our health. It’s the way we are designed. When […]

  • improve your results

8 Simple Tasks to Improve Your Results In Life

improve your resultsWhen you start feeling overwhelmed in life wouldn’t it be nice to improve your results every time. Well you can. In fact by the time you finish reading these 8 simple tasks below you’ll have enough tools at your disposal to completely change your circumstances. But first we must identify some of the root causes. For example what is causing these emotions? Usually when we feel unhappy in our life there’s always a reason. Sometimes we know immediately what’s causing it, and other times we might really have to search deep within ourselves to find answers. It could be a relationship, or finances ….. Maybe it’s a situation at work, or a family problem.

The more specific we are at narrowing down our feelings of worry, anxiety, and fear, the more effective, and useful these tasks will work. They will improve your results in life from despair to hope. happiness, and success. Here’s Barrie Davenport with  Feeling Overwhelmed? 8 ways to beat work, And take control of your life. 

  • stay motivated

13 Ways to Motivate Yourself & Stay Motivated

The best techniques that you can use to motivate yourself usually have a shelf life. Motivation is the driving force needed to fuel any dream, but what happens when the fuel runs dry? What happens when the core of your being is being stretched, and tested beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. To stay motivated we need a plan of action with the motivation to make it a reality. The problem for most of us is not motivation, but sustainability Even highly successful people find themselves in a rut at certain times in their life.

How to motivate yourself

Who needs Tony Robbins when you can motivate yourself? Overcoming the emotional hurdle to get stuff done when you’d rather sit on the couch isn’t always easy. But unless calling in sick and waking up at noon have no consequences for you, it’s often a must.

For those of you who never procrastinate, distract yourself or drag your feet when you should be doing something important, this article isn’t for you. But for the rest of us humans, it’s good to have a library of motivational boosters to move us along.

motivate yourself

How to Avoid Motivation

The best way to motivate yourself is to organize your life so you don’t have to. If work is a constant battle for you, perhaps it is time to start thinking about a new job. The idea is that explicit motivational techniques should be a backup, not your regular routine.

Here are some other things to consider making work flow more naturally:

  • Passion. Do things you have a passion for. We all have to do things we don’t want to. But if life has become a chronic source of dull chores, you’ve got a big problem that needs fixing.
  • Habits. You can’t put everything on autopilot. But I’ve found putting a few core habits in place creates a structure for the day. Waking up at the same time, working at the same times and having a similar productive routine makes it easier to do the next day.
  • Flow. Flow is the state where your mind is completely focused on the task at hand. While there are many factors that go into producing this state, having the right challenge level is a big part. Find ways to tweak your tasks so they hover in that sweet spot between boredom and maddening frustration.

Motivation Tips

Despite your best efforts, passion, habits and a flow-producing environment can fail. In that case, it’s time to find whatever emotional pump-up you can use to get started. Here are a few:

  1. Go Back to “Why” – Focusing on a dull task doesn’t make it any more attractive. Zooming out and asking yourself why you are bothering in the first place will make it more appealing. If you can’t figure out why, then there’s a good chance you shouldn’t bother with it in the first place.
  2. Go for Five – Start working for five minutes. […]
  • more happiness

Simple Techniques to Attract More Happiness In Life

Attracting more happiness in life is not always easy. In fact it’s much easier to attract things we don’t want. We attract stress, anxiety, and fear by focusing on negative things that don’t even matter. Whatever we choose to focus on shifts our energy. When we choose to focus on something we love, our energy becomes more loving and positive. When we choose to focus on bad things our energy shifts towards the negative. We are permanently modulating our energy through what choices we make to focus on.

For many of us …living happier is simply a matter of shifting our focus on what we want in life, instead of what we don’t want. If we focus too much on things we dislike  it’s not surprising that we attract … the wrong people ….the wrong relationships… the wrong job ….exc.  The way to attract happiness in your life is not about circumstance, but focus. We attract what we dwell on. Below you will find answers that show how to attract happiness despite circumstances.

Attracting more happiness from within

Before any of us can attract more happiness we usually have to make some adjustments. We have to get to a place where we no longer try to hide what’s going on inside.

  • Don’t push away your feelings: We simply attract everything into our life with what we think and believe. Our thoughts are connected to our emotions and feelings. When we have feelings of blame, hate, shame, disparity, anxiety, and fear we are not in alignment with our true desires. These are signals that tell us we’re either moving toward or away from what we want. It’s hard to be happy when your feelings are not in line with your inner desires. Happiness is a choice and when our feelings are making us unhappy it’s probably time to make some changes. This could be anything from insecurity, to a relationship, career, or friends that are pulling you from happiness. You will never attract happiness until your connect your emotions and feelings to your desires deep within.
  • Use positive correction: When your feelings and emotions are working against you try using  positive correction. This simple technique can actually create new positive energy that attracts happiness. Positive correction is simply turning your attention to things that make you happy. This sounds simple to do, but for those who struggle with negative thought patterns it requires a new way to think. When you refocus your mind from things you don’t want, to things you do want, you will start to attract positive energy, that changes negative circumstances.
  • Change thought frequencies:  Our thoughts run on both high, and low level frequencies that are stored with energy.  We can change frequencies as often as we like. Say you hear a song on the radio you hate, are you going to tolerate it or (change frequencies) change the station?  Simply change thought frequencies like you would a song you hate. We can turn off negative thoughts, and turn positive one’s on […]
  • Live happy now

How to Live Happy “NOW” Despite Circumstances

 If you think about it everything we do in life is for happiness. The problem is that we try to find it on the outside instead of the inside. This causes us to strive for happiness in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons. When we try to find happiness chasing after someone or something it never satisfies because it is limited to outside circumstance. The mentality of living a stress filled life,  so later there’s retirement, paid bills, and finally happiness.

 There’s a deep craving in us all for satisfaction, and we are willing to go to extreme measures to find it. Below are some highly effective ways to take in every moment of life, and live happy now despite circumstances.

 Living happy in the moment

For most of us living a happier life is about the most important decision we could ever make. Why? Because it will change everything in you, and around you. When you can enjoy every moment of your life despite your circumstances only then can you truly be happy. To consciously embrace a present state of being regardless of everything going on around you. This state of mind will keep you in complete control of your life even though negative things might be happening all around you.

Have you ever noticed the detail in a leaf, or stopped to look at the stars sparkle like jewels waiting to be found. Every moment we have is a marvelous wonder to embrace. We must learn to live happy now, and quit putting it off for another time, or place.

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet”. Albert Schweitzer.

What will be more important years from now….the burdens of life….stress overload….or appreciating the small details that make life more favorable. Do we stop to look at our children: the details in their expressions. When you stop and look deep into the eyes of people you can see their pain, happiness, and even a glimpse of their soul. Many of us live in the past, and never learn to live in the moment. We are sadly conditioned to push happiness off for another time, and place.

living happy in the now

The power of happiness

When you think about it “NOW” is the only moment of power that we have to be happy. All hopes for the future, and memories of the past only exists now. This moment is where the past and the future comes together. Everything we know only happens now. Many are either living in the past or so worried about the future they can’t stop to enjoy happiness now in the moment. Here are a few ways to live happy now despite circumstances.

  • The power of intention: We have the power of intention which determines our priorities, and measures our incentives. Our intention is important because it carries moral values that effect our happiness […]
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7 Things You Should Do to Improve Your Life

When you factor in the top reasons to improve your life where do you end up? Usually it’s money, relationships, or some big dream you’ve put off for years. If you’re anything like most people, you don’t make a conscious effort to prepare for each day. You grudgingly roll out of bed, shower, eat breakfast, and head off to work. All your actions are automatic, and come natural from years of repetitious, doing the same thing over and over. You don’t have to think about your next step because you’ve done it a thousand times before.

While routines can make our lives easier, they can also prevent us from growing, and experiencing new ways of doing things. For this reason many choose a life of mediocrity, and never realize their full potential. Overtime their childhood dreams begin to fade, and reality sets in as they learn to tolerate a life they hate. Here are 7 steps that you can do “now” to improve your life.  

#1- Live in the now 

It’s hard to imagine that most of us are so preoccupied that we never learn to live in the present moment. All our life we are taught to put off happiness for another time at another place. We constantly seek fulfillment in people, places, and things. When we are not present we lose focus on what really matters.  Living in the “now” will dramatically boost your happiness, and sharpen your focus. It brings fresh ideas, and a deep rich quality of living that can only improve your life in every way.

Living in the moment naturally makes us more empathetic, and compassionate for people. We can actually hear what their saying without being preoccupied over the next words out of our mouth.  Developing this new skill will cause peoples trust factor, and perception of you to elevate.  They will love and trust you with their life. This is the first step to improve your life. Take time to smell the coffee, and learn to enjoy every moment that you have breathe. I highly recommend reading: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  Learn the art of living in the now.

# 2- Find your passion

Many people go through their whole life, and never find their true passion. Without a passion life becomes tasteless with no meaning. People who never find their passion usually don’t get far in life.  If you haven’t found your passion in life there’s several things you can do to find it. Sometimes our passion is hidden in layers of the past. What did you love doing in the past that you are not doing now? Another way to find your passion is to take time to test your life, and the direction it’s going. Are you moving toward things you love,  or are you drifting farther away. You need passion to fuel the energy it takes to live out your purpose. Without a passion it’s will be much harder to improve your life.

#3- Set goals

Once you have a passion you’re ready to […]

  • success in life

10 Habits That Will Boost Your Success In Life

Here are 10 habits that will boost your success in life like never before. As you read along envision the way you truly want your life to look like.  Whatever it is that you want to experience will be yours when you learn some of these powerful principles below. Take charge, Get motivated, Move forward, and never look back.

Even highly successful people find it hard to stay motivated at certain times in their lives. If you feel stuck in life you know exactly what I’m talking about. The feeling in your gut that no matter how hard you try nothing will change. I know exactly what that feels like. Well the good news is that it can change when we decide to change it. No matter how many times you’ve failed in the past make a decision this moment to move forward. Positive things will begin to happen all around you.  Here’s 10 tips & techniques to boost  your success in life. ( Livin3 from 1-8)

Habit #1 – Seize the morning

While other less successful people sleep, heavy hitters rise one purpose with purpose every single day. They work while others float somewhere in La-La Land. It’s hard to be successful when the first decision you make in the morning is to procrastinate by hitting your snooze alarm.

Don’t be that guy. Instead, seize the morning by waking earlier than usual and getting a workout in. Feed your body with a healthy breakfast and treat your mind to a good book. Do all of these things before the rest of the world even begins stirring in their beds. Seize the morning!

Habit #2 – Attempt Hard Things

In a world where people take the fastest, easiest way to the top, you’ve decided that’s not you anymore. Rather than run or skirt around the challenges that keep you from reaching success, you have to face them head on… look them straight in the eye and overcome.

Attempting hard things and succeeding at them makes you a stronger person and teaches you life lessons you wouldn’t learn otherwise. You’ll achieve things you never thought possible.

You can do the hard things. 

Habit #3 – Learn from Feedback

Most people hate to be told they’re wrong or that they can do something better. Accepting feedback from others isn’t easy, but if you decide to listen to it and act on it to be better, you’ll dramatically improve your performance.

We’re not telling you here that you have to listen to and do everything everyone tells you to do. On the contrary, choose a couple of key people in your life. Ones that are good at what they do and, most importantly, have your best interests at heart. Use their feedback to mold yourself into the new and improved version you wish to […]

  • win big in life

The 5 Habits of People Who Win In Life

 Do you consider yourself to be a winner in life, or a loser? Contrary to popular perceptions winning has nothing to do with luck. Below are the 5 habits that separate winners from losers along with some practical techniques that will position you to win in life.

  (1) Learn to win without compromise

People who win in life never compromise their character for gain. From early on we develop a competitive nature to win big in everything we do. This inner drive is what compels us to reach higher, and push harder whether it’s in sports, having fun, or serious business. We all want to win, but how do we define true winners?  Is it standing in the spot light with a trophy, or standing behind your values without recognition even when it hurts.

When we have to compromise who we are to win we will lose everything in the end.  This is perhaps one of the greatest lessons to consider before putting these powerful techniques below into action.  Always stay true to yourself, and others regardless of the cost, and you will win more in life than you ever thought possible.

(2) Increase your win factor

There is a universal law that increases the win factor enormously. Most of us growing up were not taught to consider the law of probability. We were taught to think more in terms of alternatives. If you don’t do this you won’t get that.  Don’t eat your vegetables, and you will not get dessert. These concepts teach us to be responsible, and that there’s a reward at the end of the rainbow.

The problem is these same concepts carry over into habitual thinking patterns as adults, and put limitations on everything we do. We think in order to win in life we have to punish our-selves. The gold is always on the other side of the rainbow, and never on the journey along the way. These concepts are flawed at best, and very deceitful.

To increase your win factor realize that the probability is not about how lucky you are, or how much pain your willing to put yourself through to win. It’s about mastering the ability to think, act, and react to your daily circumstances. This is what puts the success factor in your favor.

(3) Use the law of probability

The law of probability takes a complete different approach than just alternatives. With probability winning becomes more of a science than luck, or sacrifice. You can master winning with precision using strategies where you’re most likely to come out ahead. This means that with all probability you can win in life by putting the odds in your favor.

There is a cause, and effect to every thought, and action we do, which creates both positive and negative results. This determines whether we lose or win in life. One of the most powerful ways to increase probability is through energy. Yes energy.

Our entire mental, physical, and spiritual state is all produced by energy. It takes […]

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How to Stop Procrastinating In 5 Minutes

Anyone with ambition to stop procrastinating has good intentions, but it wont be easy. Procrastination is one of the most destructive habits for productivity, or our life for that matter. And of course it’s a lot easier to do nothing, than to do something about it. If you’re a structured procrastinator you might want to change the 5 minutes on the blog title to about an hour or so. I’ll explain below.

At the end of the day we all know that without action nothing gets done in life. I’m going to attempt to help you stop procrastinating. This will be done using one minute segments, minus the amount of time it takes to read this blog. There are two types of procrastinators. The perfectionist who never gets a lot done, or the structured procrastinator who invents ways to get out of work. Neither one is worth bragging about so if you fall into one these categories pay attention.

The destructive path of procrastination

Every once in awhile I’m able to sneak in an article without my wife Natalee reading it. Hopefully this is one of them. After 30 years of marriage, both of us fit into two separate categories of procrastination. You’re probably wondering why I’m writing an article to help you stop procrastinating in 5 minutes if I can’t help my wife after 30 years of marriage.

See why I don’t want her to read this article! Anyway to make a long story short she’s a perfectionist, and for the first time ever I went through a season where I started to become a structured procrastinator. In my earlier years I was a 7 day a week full blown workaholic ( I don’t recommend this to anyone) but later in life I found myself a little richer, and older making excuses why things were not getting done.

One day it suddenly occurred to me that if I continued down this destructive path I would lose everything. Things I worked hard for throughout my life would begin to crumble including my marriage, and my wealth. It took me 5 minutes to make a decision to stop procrastinating, and from that day forward it’s never been back. If you find yourself procrastinating in life, and you want to stop “now” and start being productive keep reading below.

Stop procrastinating for perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the biggest reasons many people find it hard to stop procrastinating. The perfectionist tries to do things in perfect order, at a perfect time. Most people who are perfectionist find themselves frustrated, because they can’t find anything that works the way they think it should. They will avoid getting important things done to accomplish smaller tasks that in their mind have to be done first. This causes a habit of putting things off for insignificant things that don’t matter. If this is you take one minute on each of these points to consider if procrastinating is worth perfectionism.

1 min – People will not want to help you do anything, because they feel […]

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The Art of A Million Dollar Business Plan

One of the fastest ways to turn a small business into a multi million dollar business is with a culture of people who are united for the same cause. But how can you build such a business team? It takes a lot of money, time, and energy, not to mention experience right? That sounds logical, but you may be surprised at how many million dollar businesses started with very little investment.

As a business owner myself,  I have launched several low investment start-up businesses that have made me a fortune, and have lost money on businesses that cost more to run than worth. One big reason for my success or failure in any business is how well I build my business team.

It is a crucial part of ensuring success within the business framework, where all decisions, ideas, and other processes are formed and implemented. There are several steps that are necessary before you can build a million dollar business. Here are some tips & tricks to help build an unstoppable multi million dollar business that can make lots of money.

Building a million dollar business

million dollar businessThe idea business is to create value that customers are willing to pay for, and make lots of money in the process. Before you can build such a dynamic business you need a solid plan. This plan should include both short and long-term scenarios. For instance a map that details where you want to start, and where you see the company in the future. Here your vision is outlined to make the journey easier and more complete when it’s time to take action.

All this information will help decide how and what course your business needs in order to achieve the success intended. It also contributes to challenges you’ll most likely face along the way. The more detail the better. But don’t make things to complicating.

Keep it simple. Don’t get to caught up in the small stuff. You can eventually outsource, or hire people to do that for you. Think big, and always stay focused on what matters most, and you’ll be well on your way to building a multi million dollar business that can make you a ton of money.

 Having a solid plan

million dollar businessWhether you own several businesses, or never owned a business in your life, a solid business plan will increase your chances of success.  Before you invest your time, money, and energy into any business find out the basics. This can save you a lifetime of frustration simply by doing some math to see if it’s worth your efforts.

  • How profitable is the market? Stay away from a business that has little profitability.
  • How much money realistically to get started? If this is your first time going in business choose a business with low investment start-ups.
  • How much risk is involved? If you have to sell the farm to get started it’s probably way to risky.
  • Find […]
  • dreams into action

7 Ways to Put Your Dreams Into Action

Anyone who is willing to put their dreams into action with intensity, and consistency will experience success in whatever they set out to achieve. The problem is that many of us spend more time talking about them then acting upon them. After careful research I’ve realized a pattern between those that experience their dreams, and those that don’t. So I’ve decided to uncover some key principles that many successful people have used for centuries. Maybe your dreams seem unattainable because like many you’ve tried and failed at many things in your life. You’re not alone. Most highly successful people failed miserably before obtaining success. How bad do you really want your dreams to manifest in your life? The answer will likely determine your success in whatever you do. Here are seven tips & techniques below to put your dreams into action.

 1 – Define your dream

Those who never define a dream will not get very far. Not because they don’t have the talent, but because they don’t have the direction. It takes direction to get somewhere. If you drive a car in circles eventually you run out of gas. Without clarity it makes it much harder to develop the determination it takes to put your dreams into action. If you don’t have a dream then make it your passion to find one. Without a dream life becomes repetitious, boring, and meaningless.

This makes it easy to give up on yourself, others, and any hopes to achieve your dreams. In fact the power of a dream is only possible when it is so definite, so determined, that nothing can withstand it. Anything less is only fabricated wishful thinking. This means our will to do any certain dream, must overpower the will to do nothing.

When a dream is half-hearted, it becomes a sugar high emotion that can never become a reality. Wishful thinking only weakens your inner power potential to win. It is one of the leading factors for frustration, confusion, and  shallow dreams that can never sustain the determination to obtain positive results. Defining exactly what you want makes it much easier to put your dreams into action.

2 – Avoid negative people

When your exited about a dream don’t expect others to have the same enthusiasm. Have some wisdom, and avoid as much as possible negative influence. This means people, places, and things that cause you to feel emotionally drained.

If certain people drag you down make an effort to avoid them. Overall try to shift your activities and relationships so you spend more time with those you feel good around.

Prepare yourself mentally to ignore negative feedback from all types of people. Store your dreams in a safe place within your mind. This is a private place only you have access to. No one can open it or close it. Only you know the combination. One big reason many fail their dreams is because they listen to negative people going nowhere in life. Learn to protect your dreams like a Mama Bear […]

  • Destiny For Success

How to Shape Your Destiny For Success

The path of destiny has captured the imagination of philosophers, and great thinkers from every culture. We have discovered how to make observations and formulate fundamental principles to live healthier, happier and more successful. At least on the surface depending on how you define personal success.

Do you believe that you hold the power to shape your destiny, or is your fate signed, sealed, and delivered? The way we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us shapes our present life, and our future. In fact when you don’t shape your destiny it will be shaped by circumstances, and  people. We are literally shaping our life with every breathe we take.

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan.

Developing a destiny for success

Developing your destiny toward a successful life belongs to you alone. What does success look like to you? Maybe it’s to make more money, become a better parent, husband, or wife. Perhaps your success is a lifetime dream you want to accomplish, or something else entirely different. Whatever it is ….. are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen? Here’s a few tips below that may help.

Be conscientious of each moment: There are those who seem to succeed in whatever they do, while others seem destined to fail? Both success, and failure are never a final conclusion as each moment passes by. Every moment you have is another chance to do things right, and create the life that you desire.

Understand your thoughts:  Thoughts of courage, power, harmony, inspiration, can substitute thoughts of despair, limitation, lack, and failure. Any achievement we possess depends on our method of thinking. Diverting negative thought patterns into positive substitutes can shape a destiny of failure into life changing  success.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Napoleon Hill.

Shaping your mindset 

Developing a deliberate mind-set: Many highly successful people have a intentional mindset toward accomplishment. The law of probability systematically works in their favor: but the average Joe will explain away his misfortunes as random coincidences, bad luck, or mishaps. He never realizes that his thoughts are constantly shaping his destiny.

Start dream building:  Without a dream life becomes tasteless, repetitious, and meaningless. Do everything in your power to establish a dream then take action at once.  If you want to shape your destiny for success be deliberate in every action you take to move closer to your dreams.

Define your destiny  

Once a dream is established it needs a defined avenue toward success. When dreams are not defined they become wishful thinking, and never manifest into destiny. Make your mental image clear, distinct, and define: hold the thought firmly: the means will come: you will be led to do the right thing, at the right place, in the right time. Earnest desires with […]

  • positive attitude

How a Positive Attitude Changes Everything

They say a positive attitude determines how far we go in life, and everything else between. But does this apply when you’re in an environment where you feel unappreciated, detached, and misunderstood?

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. Wayne Dyer

Our attitude affects our relationships, happiness, lifestyle, and success. Developing a positive attitude changes everything despite our circumstances. Statistically half the people born are optimistic by nature, and the other half are pessimistic. Which means there’s a 50% chance that you see life through a negative lens.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Wayne Dyer

Even the optimist will find it hard at times to have a positive attitude due from life experiences, influence, and social conditioning. So whichever you are,,,, Today is a new day for new beginnings. Forget everything your attitude has made of your life, and start over. Fine-tune it. Sand the rough spots, and start developing a positive mindset that transforms you into the person you want to be. Here are some ways how, and where to start.

Developing a positive attitude

Developing a positive attitude should be our top priority for any accomplishment. First we need to examine what a positive attitude looks like, and how certain parts of our character reflect it. We also need to see why people perceive us in a certain way.

Remember others cannot read your mind, so they measure you through social standing, body language, and communication. If you find a majority of people ignoring you, or not liking you maybe your attitude is misrepresenting who you are. The way you see yourself reflects back to you from other people.

Why is this important? Because how we relate to others determines our success, or failure in everything we do. Your attitude is an expression to the outside world of who you are. It does not matter if you’re right or wrong. What matters is that you develop a positive attitude that connects with people in a way that gives you what you want.

At a glance this may seem like manipulation, but in reality it’s called people skills. And without them we won’t get very far. Here are some ways to develop a positive attitude.

Shape your attitude with gratitude: Without gratitude we become discouraged, bitter, and resentful. Make every effort to embrace a spirit of gratitude in every situation. Seek the most insignificant things to praise, and you’ll find magnificent things begin to happen all around you.

 It’s easy to have a positive attitude when everything’s perfect, but what about when it’s not? You can’t climb a high mountain on a smooth surface.. You need deep crevices to support your next step. The deep crevices are scars – painful challenges that have made you stronger, and more resilient. When faced with challenges our true character always comes out. If you can embrace a positive attitude during the moment of truth your accomplishments will become unstoppable.

Win Big: We all know the world is filled with winners, and losers, but […]

  • Maximize Productivity

How to Maximize Productivity & Stop Unproductive Habits

One of the most effective ways to develop a better lifestyle is to do things that maximize productivity. There are several reasons people work hard, but get little done. It is important to find the time-wasting habits in our lives, the little seemingly harmless activities that are eating up our productivity without us knowing. These same activities cause us to wonder at the end of the day, where the time has gone? The first step to correcting our time-wasting habits, like all bad habits, is to find where we have gone wrong? Everyone has only twenty-four hours in a day to get things done.

There is simply no exception. Why is it that some people manage to accomplish so much more in a day than others who wonder where it all went?Since there is no way to make a day last more than twenty-four hours, the next best thing is to develop habits that maximize productivity. Here are some habits that you can develop to maximize your daily productivity, so you can start focusing on what really matters in life.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

Learning to maximize productivity

The more we learn to maximize productivity with efficiency the more success we will experience. For example more time, and money to do the things we want. Without efficiency our productivity is dead in the water.  As the saying goes, “time is money”, and in fact, oftentimes, time is actually more important than money. You can certainly make use of time intelligently to make up for money or anything else you’ve lost. There is simply no way you can buy back lost time, but you can start making  it work in your favor. Here are some benefits below when we learn to maximize productivity.

  • Make more money:  Well, creating more money may actually be easier than it seems when your time is used wisely. To do this we must first learn to reorganize our thought process, and the way we handle and plan out our daily activities. Once you start developing  habits that maximize your time, it becomes a lot easier to find ways to make more money.
  • Have more time: This brings us to the topic of the importance of knowing how to create more time. Don’t we all wish to do that? Haven’t you always caught yourself thinking, “If only I had just one more hour every day to do what I want to do? Well, creating more money can put you in control of your time. More time to do what you love to do. How we plan out our daily activities, will determine how much time, and money we have. These are the building blocks to maximize efficiency, and productivity.

 Identify time killing habits

Before starting new habits that make life easier we should first identify the ones that are wasting our time. Look close at the way you do life, and you might be amazed at how much time you are actually wasting. Here are some […]

  • manifesting success

The Art of Manifesting Success

Manifesting success is becoming a lost art that many never master. It’s not taught in school, or universities which explains why many educators struggle financially. Information overload will never manifest anything but a headache. In fact a lot of information we gather is quite useless.

 There are two kinds of knowledge. One is governed by logic (the laws of physics) the other is a higher source of knowledge (spiritual) with no physical limitations. Both are needed. But many people mistakenly assume that if a person doesn’t go to college they’re not educated. Yet some of the most successful people the world has ever known had little to no education.

For example Henry Ford only had a third grade education, and took the world from horse buggies to automobiles. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb with almost no traditional education, and is considered one of the greatest inventors of all time. These are only a few examples of those who learned the secret of manifesting success with hardly any traditional education.

Manifesting success using higher knowledge

Another common misconception is that education is the key to manifesting success. The true meaning of the word “educate” in Latin is educo meaning to draw out, or develop from within. This actual translation of education is a higher source of knowledge that exists within us.

This is the place where imagination will manifest (draw out) physical reality. Simply put, our thoughts manifest things …. and these things transform into results every single day of our life. This framework is actually a formula that works every time when done properly.

The Latin word for Manifest is Appareo, Appareo is defined as: Obvious to the understanding,  apparent to the mind: clear, never obscure.  to become visible, appear, manifest.

Notice the sequence. Everything that exists from man is apparent, visible, and clear to the mind, before it manifests into existence. Every square inch of a bridge, sky riser, or house was created in the mind of man translated into a blueprint plan detailing to the builder each phase: where to start, what material to use, and what the final result should look like.

The end result is a manifestation of thought that originated in someone’s mind. Our thoughts manifests things the same way a seed produces a harvest. The seeds you plant determine the kind of harvest you’ll get in return.

Knowledge is only power when it is organized with a definite plan, and directed toward a definite end“. Napoleon Hill

How thoughts manifest things

Our thoughts, and ideas originate as unseen in the mind yet become evident in our daily life. The circumstances we face today are from yesterday’s thoughts. Ideas come and go switching directions like an underwater current. They shape our thought life the same way a current moves the direction of a ship.

One moment the ship might go one direction, and moments later another direction without navigation.  One moment you may be thinking one way, and a second later a another way. Once your thoughts, feelings and emotions become steady you have complete control over the […]

Starting Over In Life After Major Failures

Starting over in life happens to someone every second around the world. We often hear of how we need to take risks to get ahead, but seldom hear of the one’s who did and lost everything. Many of these people are labeled as failure, quitter or underachiever, but this is not even close to the truth.

Despite what others may say it’s never too late to recreate your life story, and start over with new beginnings.  Taking risks don’t always work out, in fact many have literally lost everything they’ve worked their entire life for from a risk.

Many of these people were motivated, smart, and made calculated preparations extensively before jeopardizing everything. Sometimes things happen in life that are not always in our control.

For example the economy, or the weather. Say you owned several agriculture stocks, and you lost almost your entire investment from an unexpected drought that year. It doesn’t matter how you lost money in many cases you will be labeled as a failure by others.

starting over

 On the other hand if there was no drought, (economy skyrocketed) and you make a lot of money people would consider you brilliant, and successful. Both  scenarios cause a perception of who you are based entirely on events completely out of your control. The moral of the story is to never allow what others say determine your personal success.

“Put your foot upon the neck of the fear of criticism by reaching a decision not to worry about what other people think, do, or say.” Napoleon Hill.

The economy, or weather do not determine who you are as a human being. Usually before any major breakthrough, or accomplishment, your character will always be tested. Many of us have had to face a choice in life to either start over, or continue down a dead end road that leads to nowhere

starting over

Starting over

For most of us starting over is unthinkable. Picking up the pieces after a failed marriage, business, or lost job is only a few of our worst nightmares. The good news is that it’s never to late for new beginnings. To start over with a fresh perspective on things.

What’s interesting is that many highly successful people have experienced major failure at some point in their lives. Most challenges we face are not what they seem on the surface. Sometimes our biggest failures are a blessing in disguise. When you have lost everything (or so it seems) because of poor decisions, and major failures you probably still have a lot more than you think.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure”. Napoleon Hill

People who are not willing to fail will never experience their dreams. When you’re not failing at something the chances are you’re not doing much. Failure is only practice, and practice makes those willing to fail much more likely to succeed. We […]

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7 Ways to Develop a Positive Extraordinary Life

We all know that living a positive life brings more happiness, and success. But how do you stay positive when everything around you is falling apart? They say we enter this world being an optimist, or pessimist from birth.

There was a Man who had two twin boys. One was an optimist, and the other a pessimist. On the boys birthday the man decided to play a joke. He bought a truckload of toys for the pessimistic son, and a pile of horse manure for the other.

When the boys came home from school he told them they each had presents waiting for them in their bedrooms. When he went to see their reaction he found the pessimistic son crying. The Man asked the boy …. How can you be so unhappy with all these new toys? The boy replied ….  Because if I play with these toys I’ll break them. The man walked out of the room scratching his head, and decided to go check on his optimistic son.

He found him jumping up and down on the bed filled with excitement. The man asked his son what he was so excited about? The boy replied … With all this horse manure around there’s got to be a pony somewhere around here.   😛  Ah Ha… Living a positive life is not about circumstances, but perception.

The way we see the outside world is an assortment of images, emotions, and feelings reflecting back to us who we are inwardly. Below are 7 ways to develop a positive life, and turn negative perceptions into hope, and happiness.

 # 1 – Change your perception

When you see a half filled glass of water is it half full, or empty? What’s your perception? How we see the world reflects how we see ourselves, and others. How we make decisions, and how we feel about those decisions at the end of the day. There are two worlds we operate in. One is the world inside us, and the other is the world around us. Our perception of these two worlds determine everything about our life. What we think …. What we believe…. And how we feel about those beliefs deep within us.

 “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Deyer.

We must change our perception to change our outlook. And to change our outlook we must change the way we see things. How do we do this? It’s a lot easier to see the negative in both worlds, but to see the positive takes a new thought process.

We must awaken, and become conscientious in the way we think, and perceive things. We can easily see the darkness in the storm clouds around us, but it takes effort to see the sliver lining of light around the perimeter. In order to live a positive life we must look for the good in people, and start changing our perception about ourselves, and the world around us.

 # 2 – Develop a […]

  • Achieve Your Goals

7 Effective Ways to Accomplish Your Goals

There is a real science to effectively achieve your goals, and once you learn the formula you can achieve them faster, and easier. Many of us have several goals, but how many of them actually become a reality? If you’re like most people they probably get put on the back burner for another time when things are more convenient.

Sometimes it’s good to ask yourself who’s in charge of your life … Are you being a victim of circumstance and blaming your surroundings on misfortunes? Once, you decide that you are in charge of whatever happens to you, then you can put your foot down and get over whatever negativity surrounds you. Here are 7 effective ways to achieve your goals, and put your dreams into action.

#1 – Map out a specific goal plan

Map out a detailed plan before you attempt to achieve  your goals. This will help keep you to stay focused, and organized. When you’re in a good mental, and emotional state of mind start brainstorming some ideas. Write all the goals you have quickly without any hesitation or criticism. You can make adjustments later. Be as creative as possible.

Here are a number of possible areas to develop your goal list: relationships, family, career, financial, home, friends, health, self-esteem, appearance, possessions, recreation, travel, spirituality, and personal growth.

This includes our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. When these are out of balance everything we do in life becomes a struggle. Once you have a list of goals start weeding them out until your left with one specific goal most important.

There is a reason that only specific goals actually work. The mind filters out any sensory input that’s not relevant. This allows us to only see things that our brain perceives as relevant. For example: when you bought your last car did you suddenly notice that same model everywhere? This same car was on the road before but you never noticed it. You noticed other cars but not that exact model.

Our brain blocks out what is not relevant. In order for your mind to process a commanded goal must be relevant. It is not enough to say 2 weeks, next month, or some time in the future. This only confuses the brain. Goals need exact increments like 3 pounds a month, or $75.00 dollars a week. The more detailed, and specific goals are the more the mind can work its power to manifest them into reality. 

#2 – Use visualization

There’s a growing amount of evidence that visualization can play an important role to achieve your goals. Visualization is the practice of focusing on something you plan to do in the future; and then mentally simulating everything as it plays out. The more you can see yourself achieving a certain goal, the more you increase the odds of it becoming a reality.

Train your mind to see, feel, touch, and smell an accomplished goal. Find out exactly what you want, then visualize yourself having it. This is the same strategy that Athletes, Musicians, Writers, and […]

  • Way to Success

How to Self-Talk Your Way to Success

Our self-talk either opens the way to success, or closes the door around every corner. Whether we know it or not we develop self-talk at an early age, and it affects everything around us, and within us. Basically our entire perception of who we are is done through self-talk.

What we say to ourselves come to us through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions every living moment. We are not here to suffer. We are here to make a difference in the world which goes beyond our ability to accumulate money, or indulge only in self gratification.

Success is a vague word in definition, and it means different things to different people. Whatever your definition is ….Your self-talk is either leading you toward your personal success, or pulling you further away. Most of us have had self-doubt at some point in our lives … feeling less important than others, or even fearful of certain situations. When you practice positive self- talk consistently it can actually help override these feelings of insecurity, and bring out the best in you.

 Using self talk to work in your favor

Start dividing what you want in your life, from what you don’t want. Here is how it works – Say you want more success … Say you’re tired of barely getting by from paycheck to paycheck, and you want a different lifestyle. Start internalizing a new self-talk language that describes what you want instead of what you don’t want. For example – As soon as your self-doubt starts telling you how broke you are … reverse it to how rich you are.

Try speaking these words below out loud three times a day and see what happens. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel within a few days. And when you feel better about yourself things begin to work in your favor.

  • I am successful.
  • I am successful in everything I do.
  • I am moving toward success every single day in my life.
  • I’m grateful for all the success coming my way.

For some of us this kind of self-talk is the complete opposite of what we’ve been telling ourselves for years. What you say to yourself determines your life.  When we learn to separate what we want from what you don’t want it puts things into perspective. If you don’t want anxiety, stress, and fear turn your focus toward love, happiness, joy, gratitude, and well-being.

You have the power to conquer, and divide what you want from what you don’t want. Why is this important? Because our thoughts are things, and these things manifest into reality. They are shaping our lives whether we know it, or not. Yesterday’s thoughts have brought us today’s circumstances. Developing a habit of positive self talk can work in your favor while increasing your probability toward success in whatever you do.

 Why self-talk can elevate your way to success

Your new self talk will elevate your attitude while increasing your level of confidence, and success. This puts you in a much favorable position for personal […]

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5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Self-Image

Our self-image is the one thing that impacts every area of our lives. In fact without it we can never experience a true sense of well-being, happiness, and belonging. There are two kinds of people from every culture in life. Both can be brought up with the same parents, beliefs, moral values, and education; yet one excels, and the other has constant struggles. Studies have shown that self image is a leading factor in accomplishing success.

“Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment”. Maxwell Maltz.

Developing your self-image

Here are 5 ways you can improve your self-image, and experience the life you’ve always wanted.

#1 – Understand yourself better:  When people don’t know who they are, or what they want in life it has a detrimental effect on their self-image. To gain some understandings look at what’s mentally draining you. It could be friends, relationship, insecurities, doubts, fear, or a career. Recognize what needs to go, and make some adjustments. Do whatever it takes to live a happy life now. You need to know what brings out the best in you, and ensure it’s always present. Understanding yourself is the first step to a healthy self image.

“The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image”. Brian Tracy.

#2 – Develop a positive attitude: Having a positive attitude shapes our mind, and brings happiness, gratification, and success into everything we do. It’s true that attitude will either make, or break any endeavor. This small characteristic separates a life of accomplishment, from a life of frustration, anxiety, and despair. Without a positive attitude our self- image becomes something we hate despise, and reject.

#3 -Prepare yourself for challenges:  With each challenge eliminated comes a degree of accomplishment. Every challenge you face will define your character, and develop your self-image. Prepare yourself for challenges, and recognize the power you have to overcome them all.

#4 – Speak positive words into your life: We all speak words into our life every single day. What are you telling yourself? Pay attention because they are powerful. Our self-talk can build, or destroy our self-image. The average person has 200 thousand thoughts a day with two thirds being negative, and completely useless. To break this cycle of doubt you need to speak positive affirmations into your mind to repair the damage from years of negative input. Your mind is a creative force with unimaginable potential. We have the ability to think, and speak positive words into every area of our life.

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success”. Joyce Brothers.

#5 – Move out of your comfort zone: As long as we stay comfortable we never grow as a person. Sometimes we need to step out, and take a chance of looking stupid. What’s the worst thing that can happen other than a squashed ego? The more we move out of our comfort zone the more interesting people, resources, and success we will have.

When we become cautious, reserved, and skeptical our self-image will never flourish. Make it a point […]

  • Successful Entrepreneur

3 Steps to Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs have a consistent track record of creative ideas, and new innovations that make lots of money. They see failure only as success in progress, as they develop, and grow from mistakes. When it comes to entrepreneurship we have to make positive changes in our life to get beyond our daily circumstance.The financial system today is broke, while high paying jobs are diminishing. People are starting to get worried, but remember some of the greatest fortunes have been made during hard times, and recession.

“Here we will look at three steps you will need to become a successful entrepreneur”.

The techniques below are essential for success in entrepreneurship. Take time to plan out your financial future for success. Have a long-term and short-term goal strategy that works. Read success stories of people who truly inspire you deeply, and try to duplicate their success only better.

#1- Make a choice for success

Many go through life without making a choice for success. The result is wondering years later what happened in life. Success is a choice not a luxury, and until… You Decide To Make It Happen…. the chances are next to none. When you study the life of many successful entrepreneurs you will discover that something happens in their life that causes a mental shift. Their thinking changes, and they find out what they want, and how to get it. The good news for anyone is it’s never to late to become a successful entrepreneur.

  • know what you want:  One of the hardest areas that most people struggle with is knowing what they want in life. Without knowing this one small detail nothing positive is going to happen to your bank account. This is key to your success. After reading these 3 principles you will have enough basic information to know if entrepreneurship is for you.

There’s work, kids, bills, and circumstances, so taking time-out to think about your financial future is not always convenient, but that’s exactly what’s needed for success. You have to make a choice to become successful before it ever happens. This is the starting point to become a successful entrepreneur.

# 2 – Find your talents

Many people have talents they don’t  realize they have. These are usually hidden in plain sight. You are unique and carry several talents that are just waiting to be expressed. Take a pen and paper and start writing every idea that comes to you. Once you discover things on paper, ask yourself if people need or want this. Are people willing to pay for this? Visualize yourself with this idea becoming successful.

Before any successful business ever opened it’s doors, someone opened their mind first, and created  the idea. The mind is where imagination, and innovation come together and create success. One great entrepreneurial skill is curiosity. How many ideas and opportunities do average people walk by every day without a thought or interest? It’s not a bad thing it’s just what average people do. So be unique, step out of your comfort zone and start looking for creative ideas […]

20 Famous People Who Succeeded Against All Odds

20 incredible success stories from some of the most famous people who turned their failures into extraordinary success against all odds. As you scroll down and read some of these stories, you’ll soon discover that success is possible for anyone despite challenges, circumstances, or age.

Famous people’s success against all odds

succeeded against all odds1 – Marilyn Monroe had a rough upbringing and was placed in several foster homes growing up. Later she was considered a failed model with little hopes for success. Her modeling agents told her she would never make it as a model, and that she should consider being a secretary. Despite being told she was a failure most her life she went on to pursue her dreams and became a national success. Marilyn Monroe’s character as a dumb blonde was an act, that overshadowed her real beauty inside.

She was a diamond in the rough. Underneath all the glamor was a little orphan girl who was lonely, smart, and full of life, that wanted to express who she really was under the makeup. In the end was a tragic death of a women who succeeded against all odds, and needed something money can’t buy. She needed to be loved for who she really was.

“Someone said to me, If fifty percent of the experts in Hollywood said you had no talent and should give up, what would you do? My answer was then and still is, If a hundred percent told me that, all one hundred percent would be wrong”. Marilyn Monroe.

How to become successful against all odds – The Art of Personal Development

Read More Personal Stories Below – Famous People Who Succeeded Against All Odds

  • Positive Habits

How to Develop Positive Habits Using Affirmations

We all know that positive habits create positive results, and it’s our mind that alters our habits. The mind is the battle field for every obstacle we face. So …  how do we overcome, or alter a bad habit when our conscious efforts seem powerless? Whenever we try to use willpower alone a bad habit will usually prevail. Why? Because when our mind is not in harmony with our conscious efforts it overpowers and manipulates us to give in to a habit we don’t want.

The subconscious mind holds the answer to every problem we face. Science has now proven that one of the most effective ways to balance, and harmonize the conscious, and subconscious mind is with positive affirmations.

If this is true than the opposite effect is also true! We can unintentionally become unbalanced thinkers when we allow negative thought patterns to penetrate the subconscious mind. This alone can form daily habits that sabotage our self-image, and any hopes for a successful life.

How positive habits form in the mind

There is a way to encourage our subconscious mind to form positive habits. As mentioned the mind is the battle field where the fights begins. The question is how do we win this fight, when it seems it’s a losing battle? positive affirmations are a great place to start.

positive habits

The person we are today did not happen overnight. Some of us have spent years speaking negative things into our life without even realizing the consequence.

Practicing affirmations to develop positive habits

Below are some affirmations that can help you develop positive habits when practiced properly. One effective way to create positive habits is to start speaking affirmations into our subconscious mind. Research has shown incredible results from people that use positive affirmations consistently on a daily basis. Many professional Athletes, Writers, Musicians, Actors, Entrepreneurs, and many other professionals have used them to enhance peak performance.

Try practicing some of these affirmations below before going to bed, and as soon as you wake up. After a few days you’ll begin to feel amazing. Instead of focusing on negative habits you don’t want, try to focus on new positive habits that inspire you.

Each day I’m creating new positive habits, that make my life easier.

My mind alters my thoughts, and my thoughts alter my habits.

Altering a habit is as simple as changing a thought.

I’m gaining more and more control over my habits everyday.

Each time I’m challenged with a habit, I feel a greater sense of control.

I am constantly doing what is best for my body

I no longer allow bad habits to influence my life.

I’m more positive about my life than ever before.

 Freeing yourself from past habits

I’m in complete control of my success.

It feels good to be free from past habits.

My life is filled with hope and abundance.

Every moment, I feel more in control over my mind, and my impulses.

I am completely committed to living a life free from bad habits.

My mind is being restored with infinite […]

How A Dream Changed My Destiny

Because of a supernatural dream my destiny was altered, and I’m now here to write about it. Without a doubt I would now be six feet under had it not been for this dream. Because of a warning in the dream, I didn’t go on a river trip with a friend and it saved my life. My friend Greg was about 7 years older than I was at the time. He had went to bible college a few years earlier, but turned back to his old life, and was popping pills like candy. We worked nights together at a grocery store in Indio California.

I was 18 at the time and already a border line alcoholic. During this time my mother was constantly asking me to come to church, but that was the last place I wanted to be. Finally I gave in and went one Sunday morning just to get her off my back. During the service a woman stood up and told the audience there was someone here who will not have another chance to come to God if they didn’t turn their life over to him now. Suddenly I had a rush of a powerful presence all over me vibrating every fiber of my being and I knew without a doubt I was that person.

I ran from God as fast as I could until 2 weeks later. I was at a party and was drunk as usual and decided to crash at these friends house. It was about 3 am when I woke from the most terrible dream. I was drenched in sweat, and my bones were literally trembling in fear. It sobered me up. As soon as my eyes opened I ran to the bathroom fell on my knees and began to cry out to God. In the dream I was in the passenger seat of a car going down a dark eerie road. Suddenly the car would not go as if it was out of gas, so we coasted off to the side of the road. Off to the left were miles of trees on the other side of the road. I then realized in the dream it was my cousin in the car with me. Then something strange began to happen.

My whole body became completely paralyzed and unimaginable fear came over me as I sat there hopelessly. It took everything in me just to take in one breath. I could see from the corner of my eye off to the left an image walking toward us out from the trees and whatever it was it was not human. It broke out the side window and pulled my cousin out of the car and dragged him toward the trees. I remember setting there completely helpless to save him and knowing that I was next. I could not even move a finger as I sat in the car paralyzed. This was when the fear was beyond description as I could see a shadow of […]