Starting Over In Life After Major Failures

Starting over in life happens to someone every second around the world. We often hear of how we need to take risks to get ahead, but seldom hear of the one’s who did and lost everything. Many of these people are labeled as failure, quitter or underachiever, but this is not even close to the truth.

Despite what others may say it’s never too late to recreate your life story, and start over with new beginnings.  Taking risks don’t always work out, in fact many have literally lost everything they’ve worked their entire life for from a risk.

Many of these people were motivated, smart, and made calculated preparations extensively before jeopardizing everything. Sometimes things happen in life that are not always in our control.

For example the economy, or the weather. Say you owned several agriculture stocks, and you lost almost your entire investment from an unexpected drought that year. It doesn’t matter how you lost money in many cases you will be labeled as a failure by others.

starting over

 On the other hand if there was no drought, (economy skyrocketed) and you make a lot of money people would consider you brilliant, and successful. Both  scenarios cause a perception of who you are based entirely on events completely out of your control. The moral of the story is to never allow what others say determine your personal success.

“Put your foot upon the neck of the fear of criticism by reaching a decision not to worry about what other people think, do, or say.” Napoleon Hill.

The economy, or weather do not determine who you are as a human being. Usually before any major breakthrough, or accomplishment, your character will always be tested. Many of us have had to face a choice in life to either start over, or continue down a dead end road that leads to nowhere

starting over

Starting over

For most of us starting over is unthinkable. Picking up the pieces after a failed marriage, business, or lost job is only a few of our worst nightmares. The good news is that it’s never to late for new beginnings. To start over with a fresh perspective on things.

What’s interesting is that many highly successful people have experienced major failure at some point in their lives. Most challenges we face are not what they seem on the surface. Sometimes our biggest failures are a blessing in disguise. When you have lost everything (or so it seems) because of poor decisions, and major failures you probably still have a lot more than you think.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure”. Napoleon Hill

People who are not willing to fail will never experience their dreams. When you’re not failing at something the chances are you’re not doing much. Failure is only practice, and practice makes those willing to fail much more likely to succeed. We become smarter, more efficient, and much stronger through failure than success. Failure is a great valuable teacher when we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

starting over

Through every failed action we do in life there’s a chance to start over, and do it right. To get a fresh perspective while gaining more self-confidence, and a sense of inner strength that wasn’t there before.

Make a comeback

Regardless of where you are it’s never too late to make a comeback, and shape your destiny for success. For example Henry Ford went bankrupt 5 times before the first Model T ever left the assembly line. His determination paid off, becoming one of the wealthiest most influential people of his day. Donald Trump was hundreds of millions in debt, but managed to make a comeback. He couldn’t even afford a taxi cab to a meeting with the banks he owed. That long walk in the rain to that meeting made Donald Trump a better Man. He learned from his mistakes, and became much more wealthier as a result.

These are only a few examples of people who had to start over in life. You’ve probably read stories of investors jumping out windows during the great depression. Most of them would have recovered their losses. Many others did, and got very rich. We should never focus on our failures as the final result. If you’re ambitious than you’ll make a comeback with better results than before.

“What’s so fascinating and frustrating and great about life is that you’re constantly starting over, all the time, and I love that”. Billy Crystal.

Realize how rich you are

Did you know that you are rich? As hard as it may seem to believe you are very rich. Compared to the rest of the world you’re living the dream life. The world is filled with people who have nothing. About 3 billion people live on less than two dollars a day worldwide. If you work at McDonald’s flipping hamburgers you make more than 75% of the world’s population.

No matter how much debt you’ve accumulated there are billions of people a lot less fortunate. You maybe drowning in so much debt that you don’t know what to do. But there is something you can do right now. You can start being grateful for everything you have. One of the best ways to change a bad situation is through a deep appreciation for everything you have. When you are grateful for small things big things begin to happen.

The opportunities are endless when starting over in life

Starting over in life is humiliating, and horrifying, but the opportunities are endless. I know because it happened to me. It was a choice I made to start over. The first few years were very difficult. I went from $60.000 per year to 12,000 the first few years.

Within 4 years I was making 4 times what I made initially at my old job.  I was determined to change my circumstance. I used every bit of my time to accelerate my life. Since then I’ve never looked back.

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One thing I noticed during this time was a deeper appreciation for small things. Small things matter when you’re broke. Your whole attitude has to change when you’re starting over in life.

“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over”. Guy Finley

Now days you don’t need a huge investment to make lots of money. Having a low risk business that generates a lot of money is not uncommon. For example network marketing, or an online website that generates unlimited passive income. This minimizes the risk factor. No space rent, No inventory, No employees, and no boss. You can literally make money while you sleep. This is a great opportunity for anyone starting over despite present circumstances.

About the Author:

Hello I’m Archie Manley Site Author. Even though I run this site it’s not about me, it’s about us, and our journey toward a better life. You can read my personal story on the about page.


  1. Shay May 1, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    This is fine and all, but anyone who considers money as everything is already set up for a massive fall. This person will never be happy if making money is the main goal in life.
    I don’t think Donald trump is a good example of the word ‘wealthy’.

    Rich or famous or whatever he is, (I’m really not too interested), what he does have is very poor character – on and off stage.
    I know we need money and have no problem with making tonnes of it, but there’s a huge difference between money being your master and being your servant.
    I have been both rich and poor, and am glad I learned early on that money not only does not make you happy, but it can be the very cause of your unhappiness.

    Also, just a piece of blunt advice with absolutely no offense intended – if you are going to write as a living, consider getting a proofreader or someone to check your grammar first?
    As soon as saw that you had used ‘your’ multiple times instead of ‘you’re’, I just could not take the article seriously.
    Maybe I’m different though, ignore the feedback if you wish.
    All the best.

  2. Archie Manley May 5, 2017 at 7:52 am

    Hey Shay thanks for the insights, but I don’t quite know where this article states that money is everything, or that money should be top priority in our lives. This is about starting over, and rebuilding your life after major failures from past experiences. Anyway I appreciate you pointing out my grammar error in two places that had “your” instead of “you’re” … and that you took the time to share your opinions. All the best.

  3. Kay May 15, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you Archie. I’m on a journey of starting all over again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article as motivation. I’m very hopeful and trusting in the magic of new beginnings and hard work!

    Thank you!

  4. Archie Manley May 17, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Hello Kay, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. The moment I decided to start over was when positive things began to happen in my life. That first step toward new beginnings was not easy, but afterwards the rewards far outweighed the efforts.

  5. ZacheryX July 13, 2017 at 2:24 am

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  6. Jeanne September 25, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    The people who would like to see me fail the most are my family. Of all the people that I have had to admit to myself are the least edifying they are them.

    Thank you for the article.

  7. xwolfj December 19, 2017 at 9:25 am

    Using Trump as an example undermines this whole article.

  8. Lama April 14, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    God bless u . I loved reading this . Very uplifting . Yes starting over is a blessing indeed . Thank you

  9. Sox October 5, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Archie thanks so much for these articles. I am starting over and your articles really add value. I loved the one on rising above mediocrity as well. I am a big fan. Since the decision to start over, I have realised the many options that I have and where I went wrong. Thanks for remind the otherwise obvious things in life.
    I wish you all the best. May your articles also talk to you as they are really deep

  10. apefa tamakloe January 23, 2019 at 3:37 am

    thank you very much for this article
    I really want to start over from a huge dept, unhappy marriage job less,and I feel stuck, my question is where do i start from, how do I even start again? I wake up everytime with the zeal to move forward make the beet out of my suitation but I just get stuck not knowing where to even tackle first

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