7 Effective Ways to Accomplish Your Goals

There is a real science to effectively achieve your goals, and once you learn the formula you can achieve them faster, and easier. Many of us have several goals, but how many of them actually become a reality? If you’re like most people they probably get put on the back burner for another time when things are more convenient.

Sometimes it’s good to ask yourself who’s in charge of your life … Are you being a victim of circumstance and blaming your surroundings on misfortunes? Once, you decide that you are in charge of whatever happens to you, then you can put your foot down and get over whatever negativity surrounds you. Here are 7 effective ways to achieve your goals, and put your dreams into action.

#1 – Map out a specific goal plan

Map out a detailed plan before you attempt to achieve  your goals. This will help keep you to stay focused, and organized. When you’re in a good mental, and emotional state of mind start brainstorming some ideas. Write all the goals you have quickly without any hesitation or criticism. You can make adjustments later. Be as creative as possible.

Here are a number of possible areas to develop your goal list: relationships, family, career, financial, home, friends, health, self-esteem, appearance, possessions, recreation, travel, spirituality, and personal growth.

This includes our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. When these are out of balance everything we do in life becomes a struggle. Once you have a list of goals start weeding them out until your left with one specific goal most important.

There is a reason that only specific goals actually work. The mind filters out any sensory input that’s not relevant. This allows us to only see things that our brain perceives as relevant. For example: when you bought your last car did you suddenly notice that same model everywhere? This same car was on the road before but you never noticed it. You noticed other cars but not that exact model.

Our brain blocks out what is not relevant. In order for your mind to process a commanded goal must be relevant. It is not enough to say 2 weeks, next month, or some time in the future. This only confuses the brain. Goals need exact increments like 3 pounds a month, or $75.00 dollars a week. The more detailed, and specific goals are the more the mind can work its power to manifest them into reality. 

#2 – Use visualization

There’s a growing amount of evidence that visualization can play an important role to achieve your goals. Visualization is the practice of focusing on something you plan to do in the future; and then mentally simulating everything as it plays out. The more you can see yourself achieving a certain goal, the more you increase the odds of it becoming a reality.

Train your mind to see, feel, touch, and smell an accomplished goal. Find out exactly what you want, then visualize yourself having it. This is the same strategy that Athletes, Musicians, Writers, and Actors have used for great success.

 #3 – Get motivated with intensity

The more intensity you have behind your goals the more motivated you’ll be to accomplish them. Weak intensity produces weak results. Knowing this is key to unlocking your inner potential, and motivating your inner drive to make any dream possible.

This kind of motivation is what positions your life to have your deepest desires regardless of opposition, or circumstance. The vital key elements to achieve your goals are determined by your motivation, determination, and the intensity to make them happen.

  #4 – Think positive 

Thinking positive shapes how we see the world, how we make decisions, and how we feel about those decisions at the end of the day. Thinking negative will drain your motivation, and make it much harder to put any dream into action.

Your mind has the potential to create the life you desire. When we start thinking negative our mind starts working against us. Negative thought patterns slowly eat away our character, personality, and who we are as a human being.

If you want to achieve great things then try to avoid negative people, and train yourself to always think on the positive side of things.

#5 – Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions as much as possible. Every loose-end left untied and every issue delayed indefinitely will leave you distracted. And these distractions can kill your motivation, leaving you uninterested and unable to visualize your success. For this reason, you should spend some time each day eliminating distractions.

Do you have emails to send and calls to make? Send the emails and make the calls now. By the end of the day, you’ll feel less distracted, and more motivated.

#6 – See failure as practice 

Failure is practice, and practice makes those willing to fail much more likely to succeed.  Some of the most influential people in history turned their greatest failures into success. Many people have a misconception of failure. They think failure is the end result, but failure is the beginning result of a life of excellence.

Every failure teaches us what to avoid so we can make smarter choices the next time around. Anything new takes practice whether it’s learning to walk, or accomplish certain goals.  Don’t beat yourself up because you stumbled taking your first steps to better yourself.

 #7 – Celebrate small achievements 

Make a habit of setting some small easy goals in motion, and then celebrating those achievements.  Throughout our lives, we repeatedly hear that hard work is the key to success. But sometimes, working harder and longer will not accomplish your goals any sooner. In fact it can move you further away, and sap your energy further.

Take some time to step away from your goal, and re-think it, then decide ways to define it, and make adjustments. And, better yet, take some time to think of other things, too.

If you let your goal completely dominate all aspects of your life, you may find yourself drained and unable to focus on other important things as well in life. So take time to smell the flowers, and celebrate small achievements along the way. 

  Final thoughts

Make sure your goals have a deadline attached. If your plan has no time element you will find yourself floating in life with no intention, direction, or expectation to accomplish anything. Without deadlines, your progress is basically dead in the water. You will find yourself putting things off and getting nowhere.

Remember the brain only responds to things that are relevant. So make sure when you set goals they have a deadline, then do your best to stick to it. This causes more urgency which is what it takes sometimes to get things done.

Enjoy your life and take things as they come. Never get discouraged if you don’t meet expectations at first. Most people never set goals so your already ahead of the pack. So hold on hard to your dreams, take control of your destiny for success, and achieve your goals.

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